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  1. Well, again, I'm not seeking for acidic music. But for the clean, may say spiritual drive. Which is by correct understanding of the word 'psychedelic' trance should be. But if you say it is fast, thanks, I may give it a try once more. It was really long time ago since I was listening to it the last time. And please, do not post youtube links. Just the track names. I can listen to the samples at junodownload.com where all of his releases are available now. And I hope you listened to originals. PS. As of looking to your discogs collection, seems like you own all of his releases. But st
  2. Thanks for the pure infromation. Some Mindfielld's tracks were already suggested to me in the local "psy forum" of my country. Will be considering them now.
  3. I'm not sure if you are serious with this, but this remix ruined the original song (which original version, as you most likely noticed, is 1 of the only 3 tracks in the 1st class) completely!! In my opinion and feeling the "full-on" bass-line totally destructed the pure driving energy put into track, not talking about the other "effects". I stopped listening to this at 3:22
  4. Not really. There were mostly new psy trance albums as of "psy" part of my died mp3 collection (there were also many legal mp3s from netlabels). I can add just a few tracks from my memory, but wont add them because I dont own the releases. The idea of this topic is to get the help of what would be the best for me to buy now. PS. And why havent you highlighted this part: I see I might need to advise you to heal yourself from paranoia, as Elysium already noticed.
  5. Well.. some years ago in 2006 once finally appeared in my own apartment, with unlimited Internet and the speakers with sub-woofer connected to my pc, I turned on the music in the shuffle mode having about 24,000 of songs in playlist. I then opened the window and lightened up the cigarette, symbolically to feel and celebrate the freedom. Right after I took the first inhale, the Russian band called 0 (zero) started playing with their song "Walking, Smoking..." It was the only song I was having from them and the most of the tracks were international electronic music of many sorts.. I th
  6. Ok, lets leave o** topic on the previous page. Its just you said they are "guaranteed acidic", but I am not seeking for that, but rather for "guaranteed turbo driven". Have you listened all of these tracks from the legal source at least once? Trilithon - Trance Dance - Thanks, I am already curious about this track and its release at least because its member's Huib Schippers under TMM project Cmos-K track is already in my 1st class list! Doof - Double Dragons - Used to be one of my loveliest tracks of mp3 era. 5 years ago. But now I wont consider it as "turbo GOA" styled.
  7. Thanks! I hope you listened to this at least once from the legal source. And this is already on my target, its now available through digital distribution, but I'm not hurrying with it as its too obvious choice. Seeking for something more, if it does exist.
  8. I would say this is less on the taste side but more on the technical side of the track. The most important here is the bass-line. It should sound really "turbulistic", like a real, powerful motor. The best example is Aqualite - Wavemaker. BPC and Cybernaut tracks have also very representative bass line. As well as Elysium's Master Of The Rainforest in its original version. I would love to mention here only 1st class track having the described above bass-line. But I do not know/own them. The next by Importance is the speed. I would also love to list in the first class tracks with
  9. Message: Reply: *** Message: Reply: *** Message: Reply: *** Message: Reply:
  10. TURBO GOA TRANCE * Since 07.01.2010 goes international! (Originally started at 04.12.2008 at Ukraine's PsyShine) ** Original design by TM Let the name and the picture would speak for themselves for this sub-genre of GOA-trance music (defined by me): - music that represents motion by itself in the whole track with the mood of power, strength, happiness, pleasure and love - on the picture left-vertical part it says (in Russian): "HERE'S THE TURBOJET TRAIN IS RUNNING FAST..."; on the right: "ON EARTH, IN HEAVEN AND ON THE SEA Turbojet: [pic] Airplante, [pic] Boat, [pic] Train", "Technic
  11. I would say that 'synchronicity' is a part of 'harmony' as in the first case the acts are not necessary to intersect, while 'harmony' implies exactly the 'agreement' part - the one which you can see on the images.
  12. Thx for letting know about the way you obtained the music!
  13. Is Ouroboros - Dreamer (VA - Kalila) your creation? I was just listening to this compil and realized that this track is somewhat more creative and complete sounding than the previous ones and the artist's name was looking similar to the starter of the topic I was having being opened.. Most likely its not, as its too glitchy, so never mind then.
  14. And how about Cybernetika (Nanospheric) and Deja Vu Fabrique (aka Zolod) ? I wanted to start a thread myself for "driving and melodic 'darkpsy' similar to Deja Vu Fabrique"... ..Also maybe Suria ..And Uforica (aka Oberon) might be matching too
  15. 3 weeks ago I was waiting for the Chinese/Tibetian ethnic music to be delivered to my home by a local media distributor (to have it replaced with proper quality as the one I've got initially was having reading troubles). Having couple of hours before the assigned time, I decided to get a ride to a vegetarian shop. I put the clothes on and inserted this CD (VA - Lime Light, Tribal Vision rec.) into the player. I then entered a taxi bus and took my place... some time ago the track #6 (Holm & Andersen - Cityrain) started playing. And JUST at the moment when the audio sample "I want you
  16. Hi! I guess the best word to describe what I've posted above is "feedback" instead of "review". I already suggested to the administration of this web site to use this word more dominant to make it more alive! But they refused - keeping it traditional no matter what. Ok, thanks, now I see everything. More to come then. And I forgot to add that THIS is going to be my Christmas gift! Merry Christmas to you as well dXc
  17. ...I don't really know which word is better to begin with. REGENERATED! Though your new web site does not have the album with that name available for download (yet), but only "Celestial Sounds & Tribal Beats", this word does describe my feeling and the reason the best! The site itself also posseses very warm feelings. At first I was disappointed that only "Tribal" album is available, I was expecting for some GOA trance, like the first EP, but still decided to give it a try! I thought its going to be too dry, too abstract, too dark, too cold.. what tribal means to me. But
  18. I didnt want to start offtopic by mentioning exactly Ekoplex's release, but now its here already!
  19. That this way of presenting the release kills within me any desire to go for it and that I expected suntrip records to be free form things like "madness" and "insanity".
  20. Awesome! Supposed to got some really fast GOA trance. Looking for it myself.
  21. The topic has been cleaned up and polished for you to have no doubts on what I am seeking for. Thx for attention.
  22. I was intentionally looking for music where "psy-trance meets cyberpunk sci-fi" and appeared at ektoplazm's Cybernetika - Neural Network Expansion - 2007 page. Of course, the album was having the strong sci-fi influence, but still sounded way to "common" for me, too "fullonish" or "darkish". Except the track "No communication", but I was searching for some uplifting and inspiring music. Decided to know more about the artist and possibly discover more tracks, I appeared on his homepage cybernetika.de where there were many more tracks and albums (!) for free download. I downloaded them
  23. Wow! Just went to this http://www.discogs.com/Mindsphere-Inner-Cyclone/release/1155616 page and found the next review for this track: This is an example of the answer I wanted to get from someone here. I dont care about the "heavy Israeli Goa bank tones." of course. By a coincidence, I already mentioned Section X myself here, but what are the other tracks (preferably in GOA trance) and especially the roots of this "continuous rising climax"?
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