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  1. Electric Universe - The Prayer I remember when I first heard this on DI.fm's goa/psy channel in a mix and loved it, but didn't know who the artist was, and now I do what a tuneeeeeeeeeee
  2. I always look for a time when nobody is home so I could use the speakers, but then again, I don't like to disturb the neighbors. I just wish I could sometimes use the speakers to their fullest extent. With that said, I use my headphones, Koss Sportapro headphones, quality is pretty good but they're quite noisy.
  3. SynSUN - Laser Show The 2nd CD of Unstoppable is absolutely fantastic
  4. Damn, that's sad to hear. Ah well, I guess I can wait.
  5. Really depends, if it's an album I've been waiting, I usually take the time with it(For example, Juno Reactor - Gods And Monsters, and oh boy, was that an awesome journey) so I could get in the music. Usually I just put something new to play on the background and if I like it A LOT, I might give it the time(For example, Artifakt - Magus). Without any drugs etc. of course.
  6. Artifakt - Psylocibin Too true. :]
  7. Does anyone know if psyshop is getting a re-stock of some "older" stuff anytime? It seems to be the only e-shop where I could order psy-albums, because they allow Visa Electron, and when I found out that I could buy from there, of course both of Filteria's albums were sold out(And Opus Iridium, I want those so bad).
  8. I'm having hard time coming up with a sensible reply since you, Jannis, are my favourite music artist of all time, you completely revamped my music taste with your music. This news is absolutely fantastic to get, only a confirmation of a new album coming soon would have made my pants wet, but the thing I won't do, is to spoil the fun of a new album by hearing a few of the tracks on Myspace. I rather get the CD and listen to that non-stop, without hearing anything beforehand and have a time of my life with it! I will take a listen to the Birds Lingva Franca remix, though.
  9. High quality mp3/Flac, I would love flac even more, but my comp is old as hell and it lags a couple of times during a song : ( CD's, I hardly play them, I only buy them if I really want to support the artists, or if I can even find some. That reminds me of, Psyshop(The only one that takes Visa Electron) still hasn't gotten new copies of Heliopolis, Sky Input and Opus Iridium, I would definitely buy those 3, but jebus, it looks like I'll never get the chance ;[
  10. Edit: waittt The one that works fine has the IPB icon and the other has the P(psynews) icon, looks like I'll just need to bookmark the IBP version. Still, that was really weird.
  11. Jesus christ, what the hell did I do to you? I'm just saying that this is the first board I've ever seen where you have to manually fetch the link. Every single other board I've used has unique links ABOVE, you know, the rectangle box on the top, where you type in an url. It's just so much easier to copy a link from there.
  12. I've been wondering why doesn't the psynews.org link ever change? It's impossible to link to threads from here, having unique links would be good. It's really weird too, never seen it before, except in those flash sites.
  13. It was somewhat of a dissapointment, but the Full album itself isn't a dissapointment up to track 7, it's still very good, I just don't listen the tracks outside the album. The last two tracks, after 7, aren't Juno Reactor, they're Ben Watkins. Even Watkins himself stated that he was pondering a lot if he should include those two tracks or not. Though, Perfect Crime isn't that bad, but Pretty Girl, oh boy, that was just a waste of space on the album. But still, neither of those songs should have been included. Now those who want a bit more Juno Reactor itself, should look up the Dime
  14. I'm honestly pretty out of this whole live psy/goa thingy. The first time I saw a video of a live psy performance I went like "What the f...?" because I really had no idea of the culture and had a different kind of a view on how is it like. Now I'm a bit more enlightened, thanks to a handful of youtube videos, but I'm still wondering, is there a lot of sober people in the festivals? I'm pretty much what you guys call a "straight edge", I don't do anything, I don't care for that sort of stuff, so basically going to a festival like konemetsä kinda frightens me a little in that sense that it co
  15. Give Filteria - Sky Input a whirl, beautiful, very melodic, goa-trance! It changed my life.
  16. I still remember when I heard Enlightened Evolution the first time, what a thrill :posford: Didn't even know they were making a new album, so yeah, now I'm a little bit excited.
  17. Grr, always when someone mentions her I remember this "incident". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1up1IEPxkW4
  18. 1. Waiting all the time M SPHERE 2. 1987 TICON 3. The world is changed PHAXE 4. Good Old Shibuya SUNTREE, RITMO 5. Cybersun MUMMERAH 6. Mystical Experience IX LAM AT 7. Exosphere 2007 (rmx) JAJA 8. Sex and Champagne EXPECT 9. Human Beings GALACTIKA, ALEXANDER LIGOWSKI 10. Thinking about you PROSPER 11. Party de Luxe HUMAN BLUE 12. We will rise again ATMA 13. Remote TULK 14. Thats what its all about HYPERION 15. Terra Soul PTX 16. Arcadia (rmx) OFORIA 17. Gin And Tonic TECHTONIC
  19. I just came here to say that Icarus One is goddamn magic if you've seen Sunshine, it has the perfect atmosphere for the samples! :clapping:
  20. I was getting a bit worried here but there ultimately was a reply with it, and it's also my answer. :clapping:
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