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  1. I've never been a Gaudium fan but, due to the excellent reviews, I'll give it a try
  2. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Impressive mixing and catchy development
  3. Perhaps you should try with Flyh, it's kinda Sensientish
  4. Sven is in the wrong way since some years ago, and Hawtin is sadly following his steps... Both of them used to be one of the best techno mixers in the world but nowadays they just play hype music mostly in their live sets. Sven's last gig in my city was ridiculous, sad but true. He was really wasted, hardly beatmatching the end of the tracks. Jumping to the crowd from stage and dancing like an asshole while the tracks where running the whole time. Embarrasing show, much more than Skazi or Raja... There are many dj's better than the Ibiza electrocla$h/ketaminimal troupe, but some of them deserve my respect for their previous works. For example, like rino said, Laurent Garnier is far away from this guys: flawless dance music mixing and unbeatable selection. The Sound of The Third Season is my favourite
  5. I love this track and Ticon's is one of the few remixes better than the original for my taste
  6. Awesome track selection, specially the first half of the set for my taste Some transitions are sweet, keep it up!! Congrats
  7. Agree 100% with Lepton. I can’t mix really really tight with cdj100 but i’m not sure if it’s a matter of a lack of practise or something like that… I would like to try with cdj200 to check if it’s way better in this aspect
  8. Wich Georgio samples? i didn't link any... He's a misunderstood genius
  9. God bless Italo!! This freaky music is crazy Master Girogio Moroder, tracks like ''The Chase'' are all time classics And about those ultra freak videoclips?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnPH8nnkmQc...related&search= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55GYucGQiCQ
  10. Buses from Badajoz to Elvas (just 9 km) at: 6:30 am 10:30 am 13:15 pm 15:15 pm 20:30 pm Buses from Elvas to Castelo Branco at 8:30 am and 13:00 pm. Couldn't find any train from Elvas to Castelo Branco or from Marvao to Castelo Branco (this would be even greater for me since i have direct connection from Madrid)
  11. Gemini, it's seems there are no buses from Caceres to Castelo Branco or Idanha, still looking for alternative public transport Wiz Kaz, all the best to your gf mate!!
  12. Yes, there are several options. If you don't want to go to Lisbon and go backwards to Boom from there possibly the best option it's going to Caceres from Sevilla, wich is the nearest spanish city (about 115 km far from Idanha a Nova). There must be buses and train from Sevilla, not expensive. From Caceres there should be buses to Castelo Branco at least, i'm not sure if there are to Idanha a Nova (this would be awesome). I must check it because i need this info in order to get back to Madrid, so i'll post it as soon as possible. Anyway, Serguei is the man so i hope he can give us better info Take a walk at Sevilla if you can, very nice city.
  13. Cocktail meeting and drunken twister meeting, sounds great!!! The second one could be an interesting hangover/wasting competition Ready to go?
  14. Hey, Boom Line Up (test?) copy paste from isratrance forum where is divided in lives and dj sets (boom webpage is mixed) despite it seems there are wrong procedence countries LiveActs: Yotopia (Flow Rec, Israel) Z-Man (Ajuca Rec, Sweden) Ghreg On Earth (Wirikuta Rec, USA) Penta (Auraquake Rec, Russia) Broken Toy (Alchemy Rec, USA) Double R.E.L. (Doof Rec, Israel) LDB (Oreadesprod, France) Grapes Of Wrath (Parvati Rec, Sweden) AMD (Nano Records, England) Biotonic (Solstice Music, France) Sensient (Zenon Rec, Australia) Andromeda (YSE, Sweden) Vaishiyas (Spintwist Rec, Germany) Electric Universe (Electric Universe Rec, Germany) Quasar (Mistress of Evil Rec, USA) Beat Bizzare (Iboga Rec, Denmark) Tryambaka (Spectral / Bhooteshwara Recs / Swing, Portugal) Derango (Impsyde Media, Sweden) Psynema (Basti and Geko); (Germany / Austria) C.O.S.M. (New Zealand) ZIK (Insomnia Rec, Greece) Ace Ventura (Iboga Rec, Israel) Cosmosis (Holofonic Rec, England) Kemic-Al (Butterfly Rec, Malta) Kino Oko (Horns & Hoofs Rec, Poland) Freakulizer (Alchemy Records, Switzerland) Yab Yum (Peak Rec, Switzerland) Fungus Funk (Acidance Rec, Russia) Hilight Tribe (Kosmic Hoboes, France) True To Nature (Tropical Beats, Denmark) Lish (Com.Pact Rec., Israel) The Commercial Hippies (Nano Rec, South Africa) Liquid Soul (Iboga Rec, Switzerland) Trold (Glowing Flame Rec, Norway) DJs: Celli (Earthling / Spun Rec, Spain) DJ Pena (Flow Rec, Portugal) Teko (Wajanga Rec, Brasil) Marko (Glowing Flame Rec, Macedonia) DJ Tajmahal (Electrik / Vapour Vent Rec, France) DJ Ilse (Noise Poison Rec, Germany) DJ Thomas (Daime Tribe, Brasil) DJ Anestetic (Swing Music A, Portugal) DJ SBK/ Sebastian Krueger (Avalanche Rec, Germany) Dj Amanda (Mistress Of Evil Rec, USA) DJ Anar (Cosmic Theatre / Vertigo Rec, Finland) DJ Mapusa Mapusa (Plusquam Rec, Germany) DJ Sally Doolally (Plastik Park, England) DJ Leptit (Hadra Rec/ Shotu, France) DJ Yo-El (Liquid Sky Spaceship, Belgium) DJ So (Plusquam Rec, Japan) Mafaiza (Masti Music, India) Dick Trevor (Phantasm Rec / Nano Rec, England) Paul Taylor (Spun Rec, England) DJ Matera (Tropical Beats / Flow Rec, Brasil) P_Mac (Ketuh Rec, Portugal) DJ Freeaathmah (Foot Stompin' Rec / Mechanik Rec, India) Christof (Absolum / 3D Vision Rec, France) DJ Shawnodese (Mind Funk Music, Holland) DJ Banel (Iboga Rec, Denmark) DJ Natan (Inpsyde Media / Wirikuta, Italy) DJ Iguana (Naked Tourist / Parvati Rec, Germany) Tsuyoshi Suzuky (Feedback Recordings, Japan) Fluxo (Quest4Goa, Portugal) From me it's ok, i've never seen almost any and there are lot of interesting names. It's better than 2 years ago but i still miss something, maybe a bit less dark and more all time psy What about performing psynewers and World Music stage?????
  15. I’ve never met any of you, it would be great for sure Unfortunately i’m not sure if I’ll be there on Thursday or Friday so in case I don’t get to the cocktail meeting I’ll be looking for pienews flags or any sign of psynewers activity Naked Tourist!! i'm so scared
  16. I'll be there for sure The line up seems to be pretty much promissing than 2 years ago but i still miss more variety Anyway, i'm sure we're gonna have a good time
  17. What about In'R'Voice? maybe it's not fullonish dark nor random tiwsted noisy stuff but it's the best psytrance with dark atmospheres i've listened lately. Tracks like ''Infused with the spiral'' or ''In R Reality'' are awesome.
  18. Nice work Tox I was there, you brought me good memories Best regards
  19. Awesome track Cybernetika, what a blast!! Headbanging psytrance, hell yeah Keep it up
  20. Hi there I was listening to D-Nox@Voov 2003 and there's a track i'm looking for, with Black Sabbath's ''Paranoid'' samples. I heard it's a bootleg but i'm not sure, do you know where can i find it? Thanks
  21. Well, there's another meaning for such expression wich is very common in slang Very funny album title indeed
  22. Great album In'r'Reality and Infused are awesome. Love this kind of sound, tekky but still psychedelic. Don't know anything similiar nowadays
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