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  1. Just Received Juno Reactor's - Gods & Monsters by mail Haven't heard it before - at least it would be as good as labyrinth, no? And i must say that im deeply dissapointed by the content.. i had no idea it would be this... lousy... Where is the hypnotic grooves? Where are the enchanting tunes?
  2. Until I actually have money enough to buy my own dj gear.. I'm gonna settle with this program
  3. I Use Virtual Dj, And My Advice is... Just Brake, Fade, FlippinDouble. Auto Bpm Matching Is Nice Too Works everytime
  4. Share Plx I want to hear What kind Of Genre - Give Example of Similar Artist/track
  5. Just Recived Juno Reactor's Gods & Monsters.. Being The Great Juno Reactor fan that i am, i've made a terrible mistake. I've accidently bought Gods & Monsters Without Listening to the Samples/songs first... I am really dissapointed... it doesnt have the grooves as some of the earlier albums had :'(
  6. Space - Klaas Club Mix Although i still prefer Max Romeo's original "Chase The Devil" track
  7. I havent had coffee ever since I got fired from work!! Thanx to you I'm on the substance again ^^

  8. Have That One As Well, Actually Listening to it right now Got it Off Ektoplazm a few weeks back, great album Gotta love free releases ^^
  9. The jews are very pissed! Beer Sheva is with one "e"!!!1

  10. 50 Cent - Pen0r in face lol Nah Shiva Chandra - change of Air
  11. I'm from Iraq and live in Sweden. The Beer Sheeva thing is just to piss off the Jews around here.

  12. jungle wa itsumo hare nochi guu, yotsuba & the other one is purely random :]

  13. you prefer purple perhaps? ,)

  14. Soon.. very soon i will be the king of this forum, and you can't stop me... i'm sad... i need a hug... *runs of crying

  15. I could recomend alot of great artists, Well since you've listened to infected mushroom i would recomend listening to juno reactor, he has alot of diversity and if you listen carefully you can hear where infected mushroom gets their inspiration from. well go oldskool and listen to some Koxbox/Electric Universe, Or try something new... Rinkadink for a change perhaps
  16. Thanks! seems theres som kind of mistake.. i only have 7 tracks in my album! :S I must have done something wrong when i ripped it :'( Edit: well i did it right! you are the who fails! There are only 7 tracks in that album! ;D just saw the link just now
  17. I have that album as well!! I find the 6th song the best.. dunno which who plays it.. cuz i didnt have internet when i ripped it from the cd in my computer!
  18. I've been listening to the same song for 2 hours... its stuck in my brain.. just looping it over and over again.. Oforia Return Of The Machines (Echotek remix) - Goa Sound System vol. 8
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