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  1. Ordered these, i expect them any time soon Alien Mental - Mind Hack Principles Of Flight - Chaos Opera Psykovsky - Da Budet
  2. Hot damn i'm so envious of you guys making it to aurorae ;( and what a program! I would cut of my left toe just to be there one night. I will however be there in 2 years for now, its only me & overcrowded german festivals. Nice Photos Cray and damn again. It almost hurts not being there. Who knows if there ever gonna be this many cool artists playing again? With the drugs that many of the dj's are taking, the lifespand isn't the longest ones, so a silent prayer... Let them surivive for at least 2 years. hmpph..
  3. Wagamama is this fancyish japanese restaurant in Tivoli (although not too expensive) its quite a good place- I like it. but, i've heard about the japanese. I was in Germany (Rostock) and ordered a vegetarian sandwhich they put meat in it. I tried to tell them that vegetarian means no meat- they looked at me as i was crazy. Than the locals tried to tell them but they didn't understand. I think they were thai and have never actually learned the language-(german) but i'm not ready to kick off the habit of vegetarianism yet. everytime at Christmas i get diarrhoea because there is served duck xD (i eat meat once a year) But what about the language. I'd guess they don't really understand english that well. Or is it just my imagination?
  4. I'll keep in mind if i ever go to Japan its a strange place, but the food must've been godly. I remember eating tang (four different kinds)at wagamama at tivoli this summer and some soup. Don't really like sake a lot, but that's probably because i'm not accustomed to it yet. and i must lay off the vegetarianism before visiting xD Unless theres alot of veggie food down there.
  5. yeah, but it was the first version i listened more to. I kinda prefer that one. for some reason. but again, any artists doing it like the style your track is in? m'escuser my bad grammar. I'm in a hurry
  6. I just Read Geomancer for the second time. William Gibson is a genius I prefer him better than Phillip k. Dick although i've only read two books by Dick. I'm in the midst of reading Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy which i feel has a very distinct charm, i love how Douglas Adams? / Adam Douglas? writes, it has his humour and i feel that you're feeling the thoughts of the protagonist. I love it. it's a very alternative way to view your world, accepting that species can hold an intelligence greater than yours and still wont be able to determine an outcome better than those with less, if you catch my drift?
  7. I think I've listened far too much for my own good. my media player says its been played 28 times so far. Much praise and respect ps. Any artists doing it like this track?
  8. you don't dance, you wobble. And you can dance to this, it isn't that hard.
  9. I'm always more in favor of the chilled dubstep mixes I remember OD Linking to the Phaeleh chilled mix June or something. It was sublime, really loved it! If i gotta listen to dubstep with the hard beats i prefer it live. I remember seeing it live. It was really an experience to recall. the bass kicking you in the stomach almost felt as my intestines danced around. Not live as in live but somewhere you can play it loud and with some good speakers. Something i gotta try again, but i doubt benga will come and play for a time now. but i reccomend you download "]this free release its splendid, its chilled and got some good rythms.
  10. Animals is a must, i love the sound but especially the style. Its very charming. My cousins love the music videos and dig the music. I'm slowly indoctrinating them in the electronic music genre. - i'll let them listen to some kindzadza next or perhaps Aphex Twin. I don't like the extrawelt album, I bought it just before i went to fusion. It was my first album with extrawelt and only did it to prepare myself for the madness of the festival. But tell me what you think of them
  11. Great Photos Now i really wanna go to japan, but thats gonna be many years from now unfortunately Looked like you had a brill time, especially with the poledancers xD What was the original ocassion for going to japan?
  12. +1 sorry. I believe that the Goa Revolution is on its way back to the music scene, I've heard much of its influence in the newer britney spears albums.
  13. Must.. Rip all the music... Your music collection would be worth going all the way to japan to see. Think i just had a small orgasm of some sort.
  14. i like it. If only we could pump more life into people. Its like we still need the off-topic :)

  15. Well i haven't found any of my friend circles who actually liked ambient so well imo i still counts. else, i really like this new guy called agneton. Not many know him.
  16. Oh, that. Yeah, upgrade to the latest forum program version. It's still ugly. :

  17. What do you mean? I don't see anything different?

  18. Is amazed over how much PN has changed.

  19. I've recently wandered into the dimensions of danish ambient music to find some decent listenable music when i was suprised of all the good stuff made by danes. (national pride) I love Dub Tractor and Mike Sheridan. especially Dub Tractor has caught my attention with the album Hideout. I'd reccomend it to you all http://www.myspace.com/dubtractor Alot of Upcoming minimal and experimental artists making a name for themselves as well. I really like Katzenjammer as well. They're some norwegian folk band whom i heard live at the badeschiff in berlin this summer. Such amazing voices and cheerful girls as well.
  20. Hey man, no prob at all! I love doing stuff like that and it's cool to know that you'll have it forever. When the day arrives that you want your tree design, let me know 'cause trees are my specialty.

  21. Yup' ill get to it, as i said before i just moved, although i got all my albums here, i haven't put them on the wall. the tapestry is different at this place so the albums keep falling down. I can only get my stickers and other stuff to stick on the side of my closet, i need to find a better system to showcase my cds. But i think i got an old photo from my old apartment laying around somewhere, i may have to raid my computer at my mothers place :-/ i'd love to show it sometime - so for now i'm gonna shutup.
  22. When i buy music i actually rate the covers as a big part of why i buy it. to me music is an art and the covers that follow is art as well. i've got a fetish for putting my albums on display so i have a whole wall filled with the covers of my albums, can't say that many of the covers match the quality of the music but like all things everything is an gamble and even if the music sucks i still get a prized piece to display. I mean, i even bought "Felix Da Housecat - Devin Dazzle & The neon fever; simply because i liked the art, it's happened with other albums as well. E: The way the Wall System Works right now is by double sticky tape to the wall, not very effective
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