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  1. oh, that's certainly for me! Joined: 29-October 01 50 posts (0.02 per day)
  2. http://life-festival.com/ it's not entirely a goa festival, but is somewhat different to the usual stuff...
  3. wow, thats nice So, are you going to combine wood and painting next? I think you were into painting with your bottlework, right?
  4. It's nice, and it's under Creative Commons, too! :clapping:
  5. lol!! they're their samian equivalents, equally shpongled
  6. I hope we can mention anything older than ten years, since Hallucinogen's Twisted album slips the decade. I now prefer Solstice from that cd, but I think that Shamanix is more representative of that age. Also Man With no Name - Teleport Transwave - Land of Freedom Pleiadians - Head Spin
  7. oooops! sorry about that, but the cd has no release date and it was distributed in my country for the very first time in '07, so I thought... thanks for clearing things out!
  8. Must be cleared out that haven't got much stuff this year... Haven't got the new Oxycanta, Asura, Eat Static and Transwave releases, which I expect to be good. So: 1. Younger Brother - The Last Days of Gravity (Twisted) What the f*ck! What the f*ck! What the f*ck! Blows your mind whatever 'genre' of music you prefer! (Especially if you prefer 'genreless' music, RUN to your local record shop.) 2. Solar Fields - Earthshine (Ultimae) Well, we were all expecting a unique ambient masterpiece, but it turned out to be... trance! And one of the finest ones, too! All together morning, psychedelic, progressive or just quality trance. 3. Kattoo - Hang on to a Dream (Hymen) The ambient masterpiece of the year, with great instrumental parts and vocals. Nice! 4. Xenomorph - Demagoguery of the Obscurants (Gnostic) This one has a really intruiging and interesting concept, either you like its music or not. Hope to see stuff like this more often! The last track is fabulous!!
  9. it's all photoshop and illustrator, really. pretty lucky we are, since the university licence allows use for personal-non commercial purposes. if we could also use flash... Thanks!!!
  10. http://evan5.deviantart.com/ well, sorry about some stuff being in greek... hope you like it - comments encouraged.
  11. steile sto e-mail mou giati o mailserver pou exoume to spectra ta paikse... icsd01028 (at) icsd.aegean.gr sorry gia to o,ti na nai...
  12. The first Spectraliquid event in Athens is here! Ambient, downtempo, noise sounds served... 03|01|07 @ Mikro Mousiko Theatro, Koukaki Doors open at 21:30 Entrance fee ? 5 Check: http://www.smallmusictheatre.gr/index2uk.htm http://www.spectraliquid.com
  13. http://www.spectraliquid.com/Art/index.html
  14. check www.spectraliquid.com the server is often down these days, but it will be corrected.
  15. one can tell the difference in asura music between the two albums is aes dana. more vocals and less mind teasing microsounds, but also very good.
  16. idm - industrialized psy-trance. not bad.
  17. Accelerator is by *far* their best release. One of electronica's true anthems. I find it better than any other of their works, which are also very good.
  18. Gyro Gyro had made the soundtrack for "Destroy All Brains". Destroy all Brains is the absolute sci fi B Movie by D. Emmanouiledis. Any idea where to find it? It was released together with the movie dvd. ET1 showed the movie last year late at night, so I watched it by pure luck...
  19. Labyrinth showed BIG steps of evolution, even though it had some elements of old, indeed. I find it the best album for 04, while Aes Dana's Memory Shell is way ahead from everything else in the ambient scene this year. Having to vote one, I decided to vote Labyrinth.
  20. I don't think there's more to say...
  21. Samos Art Team (Kallitexniki Lesxi) present: :: Aes Dana Live set :: Haris P. dj set :: Evans :: Noxy :: 16/05/05 at an open area at Vyrsodepsia district, Karlovassi, Samos island. :: Ships fron Piraeus port to Karlovassi in 16:00, 15/05/05, arrival at 04:00, 16/05/05. :: Free entrance (of course) + Juggling show + video art installations.
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