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  1. Two sticks + juggling + party = the best that comes to mind is that the guy wants to know how devil sticks or flower sticks are called.
  2. And worst of them is the Darshan mix...
  3. Yeah, Mutant Message is great. From all Labyrinth tracks I prefer Zwara. I also think that the best Juno work is the Shango Live Tour - Tokyo 2002 DVD. It doesn't have only Shango tracks, but also older stuff. From their albums - not live - I believe that Labyrinth is the best so far; the gothic touch they give is not too much + the production is perfect.
  4. It says kyrie eleison also in the original m.l. overdrive in the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack. There it is not so obvious, because the male chorus singing it "cuts" the spelling.
  5. But Adobe Illustrator, of course!
  6. I totally agree!! I hardly thought I would find someone with the same opinion, as all my friends are so enthusiastic about this album.
  7. Really nice ambient stuff is released for at least the past 4 years by the Ultimae crew. All Asura, Aes Dana, Carbon Based Lifeforms, H.U.V.A Network & Solar Fields are much more than amazing. The guys re-invented ambient music. DEFINITELY check it out...
  8. Yeah, it was Greg for me too, but in Life FM back in 95-96. Prana - Primal Orbit...
  9. Psyburbia, of course, back from the Matsuri days and still going...
  10. The Muses Rapt - Spiritual Healing Chi A.D. - Purity
  11. I grew up in Thiva, now living in Samos. Kabamaru, does your cube have anything to do with cellular automata?
  12. Oh my God, I saw all these stupid reviews about this "rockish" album...Doesn't ANYONE know ANYTHING about Killing Joke? Killing Joke is (was???) a pure rock group that started during the 80's. Two of their members were Youth-founder and owner of Dragonfly (playing bass-guitar), and Zodiac Mindwarp (Zodiac Youth). Wardance was a pure rock release, having nothing to do with trance. Youth however, started releasing music at the early 90's with Dr. Alex Patterson under the historical name of Orb. This is how Butterfly Studios in London started gathering all these "strange" people like Simon Posford, Ollie Wisdom, Ofer Dikovsky, Avi Algranati, Paul Jackson, Martin Freeland, Pete Martin and so on. In 1995 all these people started the Dragonfly project, created by Youth, a project which created the whole psy-trance scene as it is known today. The biggest kicks were the early 90's Dragonfly parties throughout Britain and, of course, the Order Odonata compilations... Regarding to this very album, it is a remixed version of the original rock album viewed in a psy-trance aspect by these artists who were there from the beginning... Regardless to what you think of guitar-trance it is a really good album and deserves, above all, MAXIMUM RESPECT
  13. Evans

    V/A - Dragonfly Classix 2

    A really good compilation with music from the past.The second CD was more like Psy-Techno or something but really powerfull! 9/10 in general and comparing to vol.1 which was super!!!Spiritual Healing,Darshan Mix?I don't think so!The worst track I've ever heard from Darshan and, in general, Dragonfly...
  14. It is a really good compilation, according to today standards. The vibe is the same as 4 years ago, and I say it as a compliment! Congratulations for a compilation that proves that good music still exists. It is also remarkable that there is a roster from almost every part of the world! I have to admit that Parasense's Kopeika was too monotonous for my ears...If you like the old school pure Goa sound BUY IT NOW!!!
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