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  1. Hi BoM! So sorry for my delayed reply, I didn't realise one had been made. Many thanks for your detailed reply to my original query--I'll follow up those leads and hopefully find something! Every time I listen to the TIP Blue album I get a craving for the other tracks on that 'DJ Paul' mix, it really was (is) incredible. Cheers, Tom
  2. Hi guys, thanks for your replies! The Chaos Unlimited tapes look great so will explore them anyway, and I'll look into Paul Taylor too just in case he is the elusive DJ Paul. It's definitely not Oakenfold (!), though his Dragonfly 'A Voyage Into Trance' mix is still a firm fave of mine today. In terms of 'Organic Illusions' I'm not expert enough to know if it's 'true Goa'; the tracks I can remember listed above are similar I guess but I'd say aren't strictly exactly the same genre as one another, so there's probably a mix of sub-genres oscillating around the central theme. What would be classed as true Goa, just so I know for future ref? If anyone by the way can link me to the Z to A 'Next Stop Oblivion' track without the vocal that'd be amazing; the vocal version seems to be everyone's favourite judging by YouTube but to me, having heard the instrumental (which also has a slightly different arrangement), the vocal destroys a masterpiece. Cheers!
  3. Hi all A two-pronged request for all you Goa aficionados: 1) I'm trying to identify a track for which I know only the vocal sample used in the breakdown, it says: "All creations desire love... It's the engine that drives humanity... It'll change your life." And it sounds a bit like Jeff Goldblum saying it, but I'm not sure it is. It'd be from 1994 or 1995 and it was on a mixtape I had but lost a long time ago. Which brings me too: 2) The mixtape itself: This one will be nigh-on impossible to identify I'm sure but we'll give it a go just in case! It was bought in early 1995 I think from a London street stall and was called 'Organic Illusions'. It was by a 'DJ Paul' and was the greatest Goa/psych mix I've ever heard. The tracks I know names for which were also included in the mix are: Track 1: Astral Projection - Enlightened Evolution Track 2: Z to A - Next Stop Oblivion (a mix without the vocal, which IMO is far superior to the vocal version, and never been able to track it down since) And other tracks I cannot quite remember the order of but which include: Doof - Star Above Parvati Laughing Buddha - Infinite Depths Laughing Buddha - Andromeda Green Nuns - Magellanic Cloud Hallucinogen - Shamanix (remix) ECO - Toxic Recall Something on Matsuri with a repeated sample that sounds like "Sound I am blind", or something like that! ...And a few others I've never been able to identify. If you have or know of this mixtape and can link me to another copy somehow, truly you will be a hero. If anyone can help on any of the above I will be eternally grateful! Many thanks, Tom
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