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Found 4 results

  1. Beat Bizarre Maunder Minimum Iboga Records Tracklist: 1. Abrikosmos 2. Alternative Realitys 3. Aphrodite's Drop 4. Connect The Dots 5. Cultural Dumping 6. Headroom 7. Infobesity 8. Kalopsia 9. Midas Touch 10. Myokymia 11. Ouroboros 12. Pinnacle Island 13. Pure 14. Sjykadelikum 15. Terra Incognita 16. Tomgods 17. Undrumm 18. Unknown Unknowns 19. VeloCity 20. Wharf "I have made this album during winter time in Denmark and everyone that knows the danish winters knows that it can feel like a little ice age, which is exactly what Maunder Minimum was." - Martin Spanner Zimmerman, Beat Bizarre Martin's own question at the end of that quote was, "Maybe you can even feel some of the cold in the music?!" Maybe, but not too likely. Maunder Minimum is some pretty warm and optimistic music. Beat Bizarre has always been a very fine purveyor of techno, making his take on the genre a bit more creative than most others, with results that come across as much smoother and classier than his peers. Maunder Minimum, however, takes the Beat Bizarre classiness, the Beat Bizarre smoothness, and raises his art to a whole new level of elegance. By combining relaxed and grooving techno with relaxed and grooving afternoon progressive psy the results are lovely and very much on the order of Minilogue and Son Kite. As with those techno and progressive psy legends, Beat Bizarre melts the borders of genre classification and comes up with a monstrous twenty tracks worth of material, with results that are sometimes techno, sometimes progressive, sometimes not so easily defined, but definitely of the utmost quality. When asked, Martin says, "I really don´t want to put myself in a genre box. I make the type of music that I feel like and that can change from day to day. Even if I had to choose a genre, I wouldn´t know which one that´ll suit me best. I mean, this new album streches over at least four different genres and even then I find a similarity in the tracks. For me it´s about making the music you love and not so much about following today's trends." The beginning of this lengthy trip contains some fine gems, such as "Alternative Realitys," the techno-heavy "Connect The Dots," the sunny bounce of "Cultural Dumping" and the uber-groovy trippiness of "Infobesity." Late in the album, quite pleasingly, not a single filler track is to be found as more smooth and classy productions, such as, "Terra Incognita," "VeloCity" and the excellent "Wharf," await. The strengths of Maunder Minimum are very dependent on the time of day when they are heard. The earlier, the better, when one's personal hustle-and-bustle cannot interfere with the intricacies of the music, where the subtle energetic sounds of this Beat Bizarre master work are not forced to compete with any stressful outside influences. There is magic aplenty in this collection but not allowing the tracks their own time and place only serves an injustice to them. When asked if twenty tracks, easily two albums worth of material, was too much and if he was concerned with running out of ideas, Martin said, "It could have been longer, but I saved some tracks for another time. I´m more concerned that I will miss some of my ideas in the making. The inspiration can come to me from almost anything and anywhere. Even when you least think it, an idea just pops up in your head and you need to capture it somehow. That can be quite a challenge. But mostly the ideas come when I sit in the studio and just have fun playing around with all types of sounds and music genres. I don´t think that twenty tracks is too much for one album, if the twenty tracks don´t all sound the same. "I really very seldom listen to the type of music I make myself but I have to mention a few electronic names that have inspired me for this album. They would be Son Kite/Minilogue, James Monro, Extrawelt, Pan-Pot, Atmos." Credit him then for accomplishing a very lengthy piece of magic, at twenty tracks long, that never feels like it is sticking around much longer than it should be. Also, with that impressive list of influences, not a single track in this album sounds like a copy-cat but instead stand as very much equals to much of the sounds, moods and creativity within the canon of any of those artists. As with many of those mentioned artists, Beat Bizarre and, especially, Maunder Minimum is something quite special. Beatport Beat Bizarre @ Facebook
  2. RTP

    Atmos - 604

    Atmos - 604 Label: Iboga Records Catalog: IBOGACD83 Released: Nov 2012 This is a 2CD release. CD1: 1. Resign Riot 2. Soundglider 3. Began as another 4. South will rise again 5. Ensemble of the Eclipse Bunker 6. Where do I belong 7. Only for you 8. Horizon of the pickled coffin 9. One you need 10. Twin Reaction (So Italo mix) CD2: 11. Only for you (Phaxe rmx) 12. Horizon of the pickled coffin (S-Range rmx) 13. South will rise again (Phony Orphants rmx) 14. Transport Another (Yotopia rmx) 15. South will rise again (Gaudium rmx) 16. Human Element - Subsequent Connection (Atmos rmx) 17. A whores divorce (Dominic Thomas rmx) 18. One you need (Dominic Thomas rmx) 19. Soundglider (Human Element rmx) 20. Where do I belong (Martin Roth rmx) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is a clear sign that I am working too much when I start missing an Atmos release. Such almost had been the case this time. Well, fortunately it didn't come to that... Me being a big fan of Atmos should not need too much introduction (keywords "Bad 2 The Bone" for "46daz" (actually "46@daz", my bad, but let's leave it at that) anyone?). In fact, I am such great a fan that I didn't buy the 2nd Brigade album and also kept myself off listening too much to anything of it yet because I want to keep it as a last escape when I can't take it without Atmos anymore ... then I'll have that piece. Hope that's enough said now. So you can imagine how happy I was when I saw that the newest installment is actually a 2CD release. I think I actually lost some screw caps of my chair in the process... Anyway. Atmos (aka Tomasz Balicki) should need no introduction. He was making his own style progressive trance from beginnings such as Klein Aber Doctor over the albums Headcleaner, 2nd Brigade and Tour De Trance and is "in business" since many years. And especially the last album got me totally hooked. So now there is another one -- and it's a 2CD release. What does it bring us? Well, first it has to be said that only the first CD is containing tracks from Atmos himself (the actual album, so to say). The second CD, as you can see above, contains remixes of many tracks from the first which were done by many other artists ... and also some new stuff, some even by Atmos (or his alias "Dominic Thomas") too. But that doesn't make it bad in any way. Let's go through the tracks: It starts off with "Resign Riot", with a beginning like coming from the intro for a news show on TV. Okay, maybe not exactly, but I could well picture this being in something like that. If I had a news show (Psynews show ), I'd pick this intro. Apart from the fact that it maybe puts you into the action a tad bit too quick (I'd have a more gradually building intro song in mind, like on the last album...) there's not anything I'd want to change. It's good. And also apart from the intro it's a nice tune. The atmosphere is clear, open, a bit shiny and generally motivating for what's to come. Well then, on with it. And it continues with ... hey, isn't that something familiar? Well, it is -- "Soundglider", from the equally named EP. Indeed, the same track. While the track is not bad (it actually even is quite good), it still leaves a bit of an impression of things that already were. But that's exactly what it is. Anyway, it's good, a well-paced and groovy construct with some dragging synth effects giving a bit of a "gliding" ("Soundglider", duh) impression, where the short break in the middle doesn't interfere with the structure. Fine. Up next is "Began as Another", which also recalls some familar-ness in the sound. And indeed -- remember "Transport to Another"? It's the same sound, same bass, same effect. But this time it's not just plainly the same song. Well, it is in some way, but what we have here is a rearranged and enhanced remix ("Re-Processed", sorta ... hehe). What I find good, is the woman's voice and the mastering of the song in correspondence to that voice that gives it a very interesting atmosphere altogether (at least on my stereo -- but I don't know if it's just the murky sound processing I have). And that really makes it more than the sum of its parts, worth to dive in thoroughly also if you own the Transport to Another track already. And then it comes. "South Will Rise Again". This is a bit of a strange tune, concerning the title. I remember this almost same track (differences in bassline and difference presence of the lead melody effects (probably different mastering and synth settings)) under a different name, which used to be "Defending Team". What's up with that? Well, basically it's "Defending Team". And I personally love this song so much I can't find anything bad in it. This is a damn fine tune, best to run to in northern landscapes. A very addictive acidic synth loop is present in large parts of the track. I remember listening to the original "Defending Team" as I was going over Lofoten Island and just as this incredible pinching effect of that main melody comes in again after the speech sample, we were at the very top of a bridge with a view on the land around us -- there was no damn finer place to be in the world at that moment. This perfect timing has practically embossed the tune into my brain, giving me the urge to proclaim an instant like at the fact that it is released again practically under a new title. Oh yeah, "Defending Team", be prepared -- "South Will Rise Again"... After that it's time for the "Ensemble of the Eclipse Bunker". A pushing track with a bassline that comes across quite hard and decent. And that's what it makes the whole track. Very progressing, very strong. In the middle the melody comes in a vibratingly chopped manner, enhancing the drive, then breaking it up and and later embedding into it. An interestingly progressing track, very nice, but it should be said that it was released by Twisted Records in November 2012 aswell. The next one, "Where Do I Belong" is a great track. Nevermind the beforehand release on the Transoprt to Another EP, I like it. I like the samples and the rhythm. This has great structure. There is always something going. Be it one of the absolutely addictive voice samples or a nice synth bleep or what seems to be a rhythmic breath, all engulfed into a synthetic atmosphere of modern soundscapes. I like it a lot. Then there comes "Only For You", which interestingly differs from the Atmos track with the same name that I already knew. The difference is only minor though and seems to consist in a what seems to be a wobbling bassline. It's a song to shake your booty to, but don't get over excited or your belly fat will start to wobble like the bassline. There is no need to get over excited though. The track is known already and although the melody gets nice with a very original touch to it, it doesn't really let one take off because of excitement. But the track is actually quite nice. Only question is whether it is exciting for you or not when you know the original already. And then there is ... the "Horizon of the Pickled Coffin". Wait a second. This track is actually a new one! Nothing is known before (unless you listened Atmos' previews on Soundcloud, but let's make these not count). Yeah, this is nice, giving the fan something new in beteween. It's not bad. The song is good the progression is there and I like the synth effect that is present there, it is a cool sound and a deep one. The song lives quite good off the progression and what's there alone, but to make a really good piece there's a bit too little beef. Still, thanks for the unreleased track. It's a fine thing to have an unreleased and previously unknown one on an album every now and then (cough). Of course, the unreleased track has strained our listening capacity, so we get now again something we already know. It's "One You Need". A slower piece with the characteristic being that the melody itself consists only of one main synth tone. It's not even bad, better than it sounds, as the tone serves as melody and rhythm giver and I am actually a fan of that where you actually can't distinguish between the two. But to really deliver it would need some more... Up last is "Twin Reaction (So Italo Mix)". It's an open and trancy mix of Twin Reaction, a tune that's also known. An open and almost calm piece, nice and quite smooth, with distinct-ness in the melody. The latter is not unknown, but least the piece is listed as a remix now. Anyway, very nice closer of this first CD. So, the overall resume of the album until now would be that it is a nice accumulatuion of tunes, but people who already own some or all of the numerous EPs released by Atmos on Iboga should check if they don't buy too much stuff they already have. It's a bit of a pity because I expected more unknown stuff and that's a bit of a downer, but I don't take it too hard. The music is good and it's nice to have this collection of tracks at home in physical form -- and there is also another good, if not great reason: the second CD! The second CD is actually better than the first. I am not wanting to discuss it track by track ... but it already starts off with the Phaxe remix. This one is awesome. Much better than the original in my opinion, great progression and better integration of the playful melody things. It doesn't twinkle and glitter as it appears in Atmos own piece, it has more structure and progression here. And then you have S-Range himself delivering a mix for the Horizon of The Pickled Coffin -- and even though I like the original better in that case, I find that fine. And then there's two remixes of my beloved "South Will Rise Again" -- one by Phony Orphants and one by Gaudium! That's plain damn awesome, you know. Phony Orphants bring the main melody and the whole thing altogether first in a totally different focus before then going back to its roots, Gaudium overdrives it into the other direction then, showing what intensity this monster actually hides. Also, Yotopia kicks it with Tranceport to Another in between the two ... making the tune an altogether better one in my opinion, using the classic formula "wait before the melody comes in the last third" -- in this case it's effective. The three tracks that follow where Atmos himself does the remix follow, nice work. Interestingly, "A Whore's Divorce" almost reminds of more classic Atmos style (especially in the main part concerning the repetitive and "deep" trance characteristic) despite it's a remix by the alias Dominic T. The "One You Need" remix was part of the EP too by the way. Afterwards, Human Element and Martin Roth then both round off the release with their contributions aswell. Overall? Well, I like CD 2 better, mostly because it doesn't contain a heap of tracks I already own, but only one. Other then that, the three "South Will Rise Again" tracks really contribute to why I do like the release quite a lot despite containing a heap of tracks I already know. I do hope that this style of re-releaseing stuff doesn't continue though. To fans can be said, if you own the Atmos EPs that were already release on Iboga, I doubt that the piece is worth so much. Better go into the store and buy what you don't have in digital form. Hope this was of help to you Atmos freaks out there
  3. Hello my fellow trancers… …for those of you who haven’t heard it yet, please check out my latest release Sunrider, released by Iboga Records! Also featuring on the compilation are top notch producers Astrix, Ace Ventura, Lish, Flowjob and many many more… ;-) http://www.beatport.com/track/sunrider-original/4358761 https://soundcloud.com/macouniverse/sunrider Hope you like it, and feel free to share… ;-) For more tracks drop by @ http://www.soundcloud.com/macouniverse
  4. IBOGA RECORDS PRESENTS: EVERLASTING Selected and mixed by GAUDI Iboga Records kicks off 2012, with ‘Everlasting’ – a compilation selected and mixed by Gaudi of exclusive new and unreleased tracks from an international group of artists who have defined, not only a genre but an era in electronic music – a who’s who’s of the movers and shakers including The Orb, System 7, Eat Static, Trentemoller and Lulu Rouge. Put simply over 2 hours of immaculately produced and sonically stimulation deep moody electro. Iboga’s aim, through this compilation, was to set a milestone in the extensive landscape of electronic music; to present an original and timeless collection of tracks from some of the most talented artists the scene has to offer. Sonic freethinker Gaudi steps up to the mark, once again proving his credentials as a skilled man of music and has, most importantly, properly addressed the two major keystones of a successful compilation without compromising one or the other - the names and the vision of the listening experience. Collectively the influence of the artists in this compilation have spanned the last 40 years of electronic music and it is nothing if not testament to their skills that they are still leading the field! The Orb who forever changed the face of electronic dance music and System 7, pioneers of early experimental electronica, both instrumental in the birth of electronic chill out, sit alongside Gaudi the musical chameleon - who’s been kicking down the genre walls for the last 30 years. Psychedelic pioneers Eat static and Shpongle who have grown a cult following around their distinctive brands of psychedelic journeying feature well with fellow compatriot Tripswitch - king of the well sculpted psychedelic smooth-groove. In collaboration with Shpongle is The Alan Parson’s Project - bringing long established and highly respected production skills to the table. The inclusion of Dub legend and the maverick in the pack Mad Professor adds an elegantly placed other dimension to the collection as well as an important nod of respect to the genre of Dub to which Electro-chill owes so much. Tipper, a man responsible for expanding sound with his trademark exquisite production and emotive sonic mastery and Pete Namlook - highly acclaimed and ever prolific ambient producer feature with Lamb who's loyal and almost cult following has seen them weather the storms over the last 15 years in the evolution of their sound. One of New Zealands most notable musical exports Pitch Black add their distinctive dubbed out bass vibes to the pot along with Athenian bass-man and protagonist of all things dub and electro Vlastur. Screen (a side project of the Orb’s Alex Paterson, Gaudi & veteran UK ‘scenester’ Chester) stamp their mark with their well honed yet reassuringly edgy sound and fly the flag for London alongside enigmatic production duo and relentless frequency foragers Vacuum Science and Capes - with his deftly delivered spacious raga infused dubstep. An always innovative and distinctively atmospheric Scandinavian sound is extremely well represented in the hands of Denmark’s Lulu Rouge. Trentemøller - the man with a sonic vision and a particular skill in delivering it sits alongside Sweden’s Krusseldorf - who’s incredibly diverse works range from industrial experimental ambient to classical. Funsui (the new project from Paolo Polcari) also appears and leaves us with no question as to why his is known as a king of the cinematic sound. Variant Field, the US collaborative project between Amani (of Desert Dwellers) and Alex DeYoung, open this epic journey with ‘Fields Of Variance’. Also from the US is fellow sound evolutionary Bird of Prey adding a solid punch with his spacious electro-dub vibes. Gaudi has also added a special extra depth dimension of his own in the form of two of his new remixes (done especially for the comp) of two great heavyweights - The Orb and Trentemøller - neither need introduction and the impressive tracks also speak for themselves! It is a long and impressive list but Everlasting is much, much more than that ..it is an inspiring, engaging and first-rate listen. More info: http://www.iboga.dk/ http://www.facebook.com/ibogarecords https://twitter.com/IbogaRecords http://www.gaudimusic.com/ http://www.facebook.com/gaudimusic https://twitter.com/gaudi_music EVERLASTING – TRACKLIST CD1 1. Variant Field – Fields Of Variance (Spacious Mix) - Unreleased 2. The Orb – Meandering Through The Emerald Turf (Gaudi Remix) - Unreleased 3. Tripswitch – Squeeze Theorem - Unreleased 4. Tipper – Cuckoo 5. System 7 – Masato Eternity 6. Eat Static – Superior Technology Dub 7. Bird Of Prey – Atrium 8. Screen – Smokescreen (Psy-Dub Mix) - Unreleased 9. Gaudi – Filling The Void - Unreleased 10. Vacuum Science – Higher Force - Unreleased 11. Mad Professor – Tribal Ground – Unreleased CD2 1. Pete Namlook & Gaudi - The 7Th Spirit 2. Pitch Black - Harmonia (Deep Seed Mix) - Unreleased 3. Lulu Rouge - Thinking Of You 4. Trentemoller - Always Something Better (Gaudi Remix) - Unreleased 5. Shpongle & Alan Parson"s Project - Antarctica 6. Funsui - Rescue - Unreleased 7. Lamb - Butterfly Effect (Everlasting Mix) - Unreleased 8. Krusseldorf - Ear Buds 9. Vlastur - Ganja Man (Everlasting Mix) - Unreleased 10. Capes - Better Know - Unreleased
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