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  1. Sorry for not looking back. One very rare CD is Power Source - "Cosmic Waves". The label, Melodia, has ceised to exist. Another one is Chi-A.D. - "Virtual Spirit".
  2. While I really like to "project astrally" sometimes, MFG's music is just like a message from god. I can't tell you how many MFG tracks I have been addicted to and listened to over and over again...."Alien's Land", "We are the Machines", "Hypnotized", "Illumination", "Journey to Another Planet" to name a few. Their melodies are just so amazing. I think I prefer "The Prophecy" and "New Kind of World" the most as they are the most old school-sounding. "Project Genesis" was darker but still very nice. At first I didn't like "The Message" so much but then I grew acustomed to it - I find it to be more minimal and that it has a more "mature" feel to it. "Smiling Faces" sure is good and I'm looking forward to hear new god-like material!
  3. I don't think "Smiling Faces" is very full-on. To me it sounds like a mixture between the melancholic The Message and the dark Project Genesis, with some new touches.
  4. I'm writing an article on Pleiadians for the Swedish Wikipedia community! If you have links to articles covering extensive information on Pleiadians, please give them to me! If you know any information worth mentioning from the top of your head, please mention it! One thing I'm wondering about is between what years Pleiadians were active. Seems like Etnica first used the name Pleiadians back in 1995, but when was the last time they produced something new under the name Pleiadians? Thanx in advance =)
  5. I would like to have some good advice on psytrance with lots of bass. I thought I should burn a CD. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  6. Psysex - Amphitamaniac
  7. Great job Moty! I also find your track dark and very nice. I like the somewhat mystical beginning, which I think reminds me a bit of MFG (my favourite group). The first scream and the more subtle ones that come after are good. I really like the twisted sounds from about 1 minute and on, I dunno, I think they remind me a bit of Ubar Tmar actually (another artist that has done great work ). Keep up the great work!
  8. Planet B.E.N. - Question Mark (when the song has been building and building, and all the craze is let out at the end) MFG - Rise & Fall (From when the voice says "fire!" and on) Pleiadians - Family of Light (From when that crazy melody sets in at 4:12 and on) Aeternum - Sunstorm (When the guitar sets in) Cosmosis & Shakta - Vistors (From when the voice says "Wait, where are you going, aren't you visitors? Come back!" and on) Shakta & Moonweed - Micronesia (When that subtle melody comes forth at the end) California Sunshine - Breaking Through (When all the melodies come forth at the end) Indoor - Sweet coming home (When those subtle tributes set in and tickle you in the stomach) Passenger - Reborn (From when the recurring melody sets in for the last time with heavier bass and on) Talamasca - Sinaï (From when the melody sets in for the last time at 5:49 and on) Astral Projection - Solid Electronics (When the melody plays back and forth at the same time) Psychaos - Intellect (Towards the end)
  9. This was kind of the reason to why I started a similar thread recently. I've actually thought about the same things, that there are certain kinds of music that have stayed the way they are for a very long time. Then I see no real reason to why goatrance couldn't stay the same, at the same time as newer genres are developing. One doesn't have to exclude the other, but so seems to be the case. I wish that different kinds of music would just evolve and then pile up on each other. That way we wouldn't lose anything.
  10. I would really be looking forward for that MFG comeback. Do you think it's gonna be oldschool sound?
  11. Fun topic! 1994 Astral Projection - Let there be Light 1995 Indoor - Shiva 1996 Ubar Tmar - Prophecy 1997 Subcouds - On Red 1998 MFG - Voices 1999 Pleiadians - Meter 2000 Cosmosis & Shakta - Visitors 2001 Infected Mushroom - Funchameleon 2002 Bamboo Forest - Melting Pot 2003 Ticon - Don't tell me I sing like a Robot 2004 Tikal - Equinox
  12. I've traded with Moty. The CD cases were very well covered in the package and the shipment was fast. Communication over MSN was great as well. I was very pleased with my deal with Moty. Most recommended
  13. I traded Pleiadians - I.F.O. for UX - Ultimate Exeprience with Quark. We decided to trade and after that the transaction of the CDs went very smooth in both directions. The CD was in very good condition when I received it. Good communication too. I am very pleased with this deal. Thank you Tore Nice doing business with you. Recommended.
  14. What was your impression of him as a person? Do you think he does drugs?
  15. I just bought this album and I could describe listening to it as my brain being the ball in an ultra-rapid ping-pong match between two Asians. The sounds are moving in and out, sometimes with a very exotic touch to them, suddenly making you feel like you're on a Caribbean island with a cocktail drink in your hand. Sometimes the sounds are very soft and peaceful, sometimes very intense and energetic. There are fragments of everything moving around at light velocity in your brain. This album makes me travel to other worlds, definitely. And when I stop listening to it, I am left with a very comfourtable, relaxed feeling. I don't think this sounds much like goa, but whatever it is it's damn good. You should definitely give this album a go if you haven't. Btw, perhaps this should have been in the reviews section? I wasn't sure
  16. Aeternum - Sunstorm!
  17. MFG's "We are the Machines" towards the end when all the machines attack you and take over your brain! Also: Talking Souls - Karma 209 Power Source - Goaway Sandman - Natural Born Killer And many more
  18. Anyone of you who has got Pleiadians - I.F.O. who would be willing to trade it for one of my CD's (see my collection) or sell it to me, is very welcome to make me an offer through PM. My collection: http://www.discogs.com/collection?user=Zewu
  19. And finally my third, "Hyperland": http://zewu.tripod.com/Hyperland.mp3 If it doesn't work to listen by simply clicking the link, copy and paste the URL and add it in your Winamp instead.
  20. Here's my second, "Psychoballs": http://zewu.tripod.com/Psychoballs.mp3
  21. This is the first track made by me, Zewu, and it is called "3 Mad Mins". Unfortunately, a part of the end got lost which I thought was the best, but the track sure is listenable anyway. Give me your reviews. http://zewu.tripod.com/Zewu_-_3_Mad_Mins.mp3
  22. I remember Richi M but I don't remember his music being anywhere near to psytrance. His music videos were broadcast on TV and his songs were played on the radio, and that's rather untypical for a true psytrance artists, isn't it? I liked his work though. I think he was Hungarian btw.
  23. I also noticed that "Chrystallis" contains samples from the same movie as "Journey beyond the Planet" by MFG. Anyone who happens to know what movie?
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