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  1. You must seriously be joking, Sherlockalien. Anybody who reads your post can easily see that you are straying from the issues at hand. I do not have the time, patience or inclination to be sucked into debate of what is law and justice with you.


    Instead, let me answer your justice and legal questions as follows: you should pay for the music that you enjoy for two simple reasons (1) it is the legal thing to do and (2) more importantly, it is the RIGHT thing to do.


    I am sorry (and disappointed) if you feel different.


    As for your other questions:


    a- CDs costing EUR 50: I do not where you are ordering these CDs from, but I have just did several 'test' orders with Saikosounds.com and chaosunlimited.co.uk and the costs are nothing like that. For example in Saikosounds, airmail shipping costs for 5CDs to Brazil from Hong Kong is only USD 12.50 for all five CDs. That is USD 2.50 (just under EUR 3) per CD. Even by special courier, it only costs USD 38 (USD 7.5 each). Furthermore, I have purchased trance CDs in Brazil (made in Brazil) and they also did not cost me USD 50. Are you being dishonest?


    b - Poor people and music: poor people do not have the right to steal music. I can understand the economic incentives to do so, but it also is not right. Poverty can be an explanation why sometimes it happens, not a justification.


    c - I realise Mp3 trading will always continue. I have mentioned this SEVERAL times already. All I am doing is asking people, particularly those in these forums, to please support the artists that we respect.


    I do hope this settles the matter. This debate is now getting a bit boring, I have made my points (which are hardly controversial or indeed particularly amazing) and I regret that I shall not be responding to any further e-mails from you, Sherlockalien, in this thread.


    Unlike you I have no wish to make thousands of posts in these forums.







    cds cost the same here as if it would cost 50e there, simply because:


    - Devaluated money (the price of a cd here is about the cost of 3 meals.. the cost of a cd for you guys is barely enough for one meal)

    - we have to pay 60% taxes for every imported cd


    so it would be the equivalent of you guys paying 50e per cd





    as for supporting the artists: I do believe in it too...I mean, if artists never got any incentive, why would they release the music? If there was no incentive I wouldnt have had the possibility of listening to that marvelous antix cd :lol:

    dont mistake me for a 14 year old killaaaaargh 80gb music downloader... I think there are different kinds of downloadings and different ´rights or wrongs´.. Its not all the same.. A person who buys their favourite cds, goes to parties, etc, but downloads once in a while some music, I find that highly different than a person who downloads all the unreleased killarghs he can get his hand on just to show his friends, and never leaves his bedroom and doesnt support artists in any other way, or I think its different if a person buys his cd but cant buy at that specific moment because of money, and if a person just blindly downloads... or if a person has lots of money but chooses not to buys cd, as opposed to a person who just doesnt have money but is addicted to the genre :)


    but I dont believe supporting the artists through buying cds is the only way we support them.. Organizing parties, making new people know the genre, going to parties, AND buying music are ways of supporting the artists


    I feel its important to support the artists through buying cds too, yes.. I never said the inverse... I have my fav cds for example.. But unlike you, I dont think we have to ALWAYS buy the cds or if we cant buy the cds we shouldnt listen.. as I said, there are different cases, and its not just ´buying is right´...


    hope you get me a bit clearer now


    and anyways, im travelling now, gonna spend my new years in the mountains far away from civilization... Happy new year to you and everybody.. enjoy, and peace.. dont be a grumpy old long-bearded man, pedro, life is good :P:lol:


    till next year everybody

  2. Oh, I see. It is the Brazilian postal service. That is an interesting excuse.



    you didnt answer my questions.. seems you are the one deflecting from the main points ;)



    let me make it straighforward for you:


    do you think anything illegal is inherently bad and should be punished, independent on who came up with the law, when it was brought up, who does it benefit and what is the context ? If yes, then:


    are you against djs, since they ARE doing illegal act when they play other people´s music at parties and when they upload dj mixes?



    if not, then:


    who will say when the laws can be broken and when not? are you the one who judges that?



    and second round of questions hehe:


    would you or would you not buy cds if they costed 50 euro minimum each?


    Do you think a poor person has no right to listen to music just because he/she cannot afford it?


    do you think artists, labels and listeners should fight against mp3s, even if mp3 trading will always exist? Dont you think since it already exists and there´s no way around it, maybe its better to use the money, energy and time in making ways to diminish the losses for those who feel they are loosing with it?

  3. well let's see... when you break the law, the courts generally see it in black and white, you broke the law, it is wrong, kapish?


    yes, in a way.. but I dont blindly follow the rules, I follow them only when they are to my personal advantage.. and sometimes I dont follow the rules if I feel breaking will be best for me or for someone near me ;)



    now you can say morals are different for each person, no if you have ever studied morals, they are actually what society thinks, not the individual.  Moral value is a judgement based on what your culture, you society and what you family have taught you.  Not something you decided upon in the spur of the moment coz you don;t have a spare $13.95US in your wallet...


    hmm.. yes and no.. Yeah sure the ´super ego´ is learned from outside, but I believe in an inner Conscience, which is not what society feels but what an individual feels with it´s awakened mind :)



    so if I believe wht you have just spurted out in a moment of ridiculous anger over and online debate, if I dj, play Elysiums track from Quality Relaxtion that I have downloaded ILLEGALLY or my best mate sent me a burnt copy, and the cops or lawyers serve me a writ to go to the court, I'll just tell 'em my moral values are different so you can't sue right?


    nope, I never said that... Dont know how you came to that conclusion.. And the connection of moral values and the laws, lol.. where did you come up with that?


    ps I paid for my copy a coupla weeks ago elysiums and PKS, just an example :D


    yes I payed for my copy of quality relaxation too... but before buying it I illegally downloaded it ;)

  4. Sherlockalien, your explanation of 'going with the flow' made me laugh ("acting according to the situation and not having blind ideas that can not be reached...").


    glad I could make your day fun ;)


    I have read and re-read your comments and it is mostly mindless drivel. In all of it, you have failed to make a single valid, sensible explanation of why you should steal other people's music.


    if you think my posts are to explain why I should steal, seems you didnt at all get my point.. Im not justifying anything, im just showing how thigns are not so black and white.. Do you think djs are also stealing when they play other people´s music in parties? do you think djs are also stealing when they put online mixes? well, its against the law, and they are making money out of breaking the law.. at least im not making money with it ;)


    so back to what I said: its not blind ´downloading music is bad´.. Im saying it has advantages and disadvantaegs, and IT EXISTS, regardless if you want it or not.. so if you feel you loose by it, then ACT IN A WAY THAT DIMINISHES YOUR LOSTS..



    Do not let what DJs should or should not do keep you from not supporting the music you love. And just because other people trade and download illegally (and it will always continue), it does not follow that you should do so as well.


    And who says I dont? I go to a shitload of parties, have organized parties before and buy my fav records .. not to mention advertise and made many friends who had never heard about trance start liking and going to parties too ;)


    Whether trance artists can or can not live from their music (and whether they should expect to do so) are interesting topics for discussion. And certainly the world does not owe a living to every artist who deems himself the next great entertainer. But I fail to see why we should not pay for his or her music if we download it.


    would you buy all cds if they were worth 50e each minimum, and if there was a big chance of the post loosing your orders? thats what we have to face here in brazil...


    Do what is right, Sherlockalien, and stop obfuscating the issue and deflecting your responsibility to pay for the music.



    and once again a person that things he knows whats ´right´.. lol.. I wonder when will people get the OBVIOUS fact that there is no such thing as right or wrong, it all depends on the games you´re playing ;)


    and what is the issue, and how am I obfuscating it? I think im getting to the point I want pretty clearly


    PS I hope you at least purchased the Antix CD you keep raving about. Please, at least that one.





  5. I'm not talking about making a copy... I"m talking about the law.  Making the copy, or downloading a copyrighted piece of work is illegal.  Pretty simple no?  and a photo of a paintig is completely different to owning the original version, whereas making a copy of a cd is making an exact copy of theoriginal no? i mean, sure you don;t get the artwork etc of the cd, but that is usually by somebody else anyway.  Look, I've had enuff, obviously, as I stated earlier, tho who enjoy downloading ILLEGAL mp3's or making illegal copies for friends will pull any excuse out to justify what they are doing, as they have already damaged their morals and can no longer understand what is right or wrong... ;)


    looks like you didnt get my whole point... black and white thinking...


    btw.. THERE IS NO OBJECTIVE RIGHT OR WRONG... That should be quite obvious.. What is moral for one person or culture is imoral for another..


    dont inflate your ego thinking your moral is any better than anyone else´s, ok my friend? I respect you with your opinion, so please respect me, instead of saying I got no morals and saying I cant understand whats right or wrong.. Right or wrong only depends on what is your AIM, on what game you´re playing.. Im not a fool that just blindly downloads all things without ever supporting the artists in anyway, I do things consciously, I think about what I do.. ;)

  6. if all these artists are touing the globe making thousands of euro, how come they always bitch about not being able to live off their music? What a silly statement, please give me confirmed statistics, not dreamed up facts... secondly, breaking copyright is stealing.  If you have read copyright law, that is 100% what it is there for... and yes, when I do not have the money,  do not eat, or I have to borrow the money to get food.  This is not a problem now as I have a full time job, but it was when I was studying. But music is nothing like food, so I made a bad example as well... let us say if I was into paintings, and I did not have the money, I cannot just go and steal a painting from an art gallery, so you should not steal music.  there have many many many cd's I have wanted and havemissed out on because I do not have the cash.  I accept this as a simple fact of life ;)


    first of all, who says you HAVE to live off music? im not saying you cant, but thats an assumption that is not an absolute truth.. if you start making psy and come with this assumption, you´re likely to be dissapointed.. I know that solely having a psychology degree may not be enough, and maybe I cant live with just that, and need secondary jobs, or more diplomas, or smt..


    or also people who go to movie universities would love to make their independent 1000-dollar budget movies and get their living with it, but most of them know maybe that doesnt happen because they are hardly payed enough to buy their breakfast... so artists may well want to live with music, but its not an obligation of the world to support them.. it may happen, but it may also not.. and if its not, dont go blaming mp3s only, because there are thousands of other reasons why its hard to make a living off this genre..


    as for breaking the law, I already said, if you´re gonna follow the law blindly, then start complaining about djs.. their whole job is illegal.. Read the copyrights of any cd, it says that public vehiculation of that cd is not allowed... or go complain with djs that post mp3 dj sets on the net.. its also not allowed...


    but are we really going to be blind about the laws, or are we going to accept that there are different contexts and each case is different, its not like: ´oh, you have mp3, you´re evil ´



    as for the art galery, once again you´re giving a wrong example because THE ARTIST IS NOT LOSING ANYTHING when I download it, its a COPY..

    A better example would be if I go to an art gallery and TAKE A PICTURE (without flash, because it doesnt damage the original hehe) ..... ;)

  7. Presumably this is what you meant by 'going with the flow'. I am not sure since you did not answer my question directly. I am sorry, Basilisk, but you tend to be a bit vague with your statements and it is sometimes hard for me to see what you are driving at.


    Abandoning the 'going with the flow' thing for a moment, I am interested if you could kindly tell us how you would 'alter the system' and convince those who do not want to pay for music in any circumstances and make them pay. Is it through boosting paid downloading services? I am sure some artists and labels could find it interesting if your suggestions are constructive.



    maybe his whole point is that you cant change things completely, and thats what ´going with the flow´ means, or in other words, acting according to the situation, and not having blind ideas that cannot be reached...


    at least thats my view.. mp3 will not ever be stopped, but its very possible to minimize the disadvantages by many ways (sell lossless and mp3 files, labels getting together to make better deals with distributors, labels getting together to have their own stores instead of having to follow the prices of the normal stores, decreasing cd prices, making better cd covers, better advertisement and a million other things you can think about)

  8. I dont get many gigs even though i make lots of music. I hope I get gigs after I release my new CD. So I can go out and see people's reaction to my music.  But i can assure you i have not had one person contacting me saying "we like you to play because we heard your mp3".  Actuall most artists I know had way more gigs when they sold many CD's and vinyls.  It's a very little handful of artists that play a lot in our scene.    90% of the, in my opinion quality, artists that release their music might get a gig every 2nd or 3rd month if they are lucky.  So the tale about artists making good money from gigs because the mp3's promote them is in my opinion a BIG TIME hoax and a very weak excuse to justify people's ripping and downloading mania.


    I know it's a lost cause and that artists have lost the "battle".  But it would be nice if people would at least respect the artists enough to not flush it in their faces..


    I am not talking about you mate... Just in general.


    of course nobody would say ´we like you to play because we heard your mp3´... Its a much more indirect thing.. People listening to mp3s, asking party organizers to bring these people, going more to parties where these people that they heard the mp3s from play, etc... Take for example, brazil.. there wouldnt even be a ´scene´ here if it wasnt for mp3.. all the artists that ever played here in these big parties should definitely be thankful to some extent to the mp3s.. So no, its not just bullshit that the mp3s get more gig, its a fact (though its not an absolute thing that works for all artists and all gigs, obviously... but it does happen a lot, for example, in all the existence of brazil´s scene)


    mp3s is not ´oh so good´ either, I know.. like everything, it has its disadvantages and low points... But imo, the problem is not with the mp3s themselves, and neither with trading, but with the attitude that people have of only doing whatever is good for themselves (labels that pay very little to artists, stores that charge too expensive, people that just want the biggest collection of unreleased mp3s to show off to their friends, etc etc)


    and as for people comparing mp3 downloading with stealing, thats a quite off comparison because as it has been said already, if I download a track, you are not loosing anything, since im copying, not taking it out from you.. And if you released a track, you are already expecting that lots of people will hear it anyways, its not like it was some secret project you were hiding from the world...


    I dont justify mp3 download and neither the inverse, because for me it depends a lot on the context... For example, if we´re going to be talking strictly about laws, then yes, it can be illegal to download, but just the same as its illegal for artists to play other people´s music in parties, and online mixes are also illegal, etc etc..

    but since we´re probably not talking in blind legal terms, then we have to agree that it depends on the context.. and thats what some artists fail to realize.. they think all mp3 is bad bad bad.. but it depends so much on many factors..


    (another thing to think about is that a lot of people that download a lot buy a lot too.. I for example know that I wouldnt be the buyer I am today if it wasnt for downloading)


    back to the brazil thing, what we pay for cds here is as if you guys would pay 50e per cd.. thats ridiculous, dont you agree? I bet most of you wouldnt buy any cds if they all costed minimum 50e there...


    so I find it aweful when people come and say: oh, so if you cant buy, then you shouldnt listen ... thats black and white thinking imo... just as bad and extreme as saying ´let me download it all, I give a fuck about everybody´...


    and anyways, I think this discussion is really non-practical.. who cares about bitching bitching (im also not directed anything at you specifically ep..), it will lead nowhere.. There are so many things that labels and artists can do to improve their situations, but all they seem to do is bitch and actually dont change anything.. fact is, mp3s are there, and trading will never stop.. so if thats a fact, then act according to it, do what you can to get the most out of it, and thats it




    but blabla, this subject is so much talked about

  9. They may get more money from gigs, but you still have to pay for the music. They may get free promotion from mp3, but they still deserve to be paid for the music that you have.


    It is that simple.



    my point was just that for the artists maybe its not ´oh so bad´ as people tend to portray it...


    Im not here to say why I do it or why I dont do it.. just showing a bit how things are not so black and white, for neither of the two sides in this discussion, as many people seem to think

  10. So I was listening to bluetech´s mix hosted on chaishop, and at minute 29 this amazing track comes in, with such a beautiful melody, I was blown away


    so I asked in isratrance whats the name of the track, and they said its Secede - Leraine


    I saw that they just released an album, available on saikosounds, called Secede - Tryshasla ..


    The samples sound amazing, sort of like ishq, but with a bigger speed, more things happening somehow...


    I suggest you guys check it out, if you like ishq, or just chill/ambient in general.... and check this track im talking about, Leraine.. The sample starts really slow, and this melody im talking about only starts at about min 1:20, 1:30, so wait till it really starts..


    what do you guys think of the samples?


    anybody knew it already ?

  11. I always find so hard to make these top lists.. but here it goes, in no particular order (for sure I could make another list with other tracks which I equaly find good, but these are the first ones that pop in my mind)




    antix - forever changing

    antix - le lascard

    antix - little honey

    ticon - in stereo

    ticon - make me wanna drink more

    beckers - switch

    chable and the dirty fours - tokyo (nubreed rmx)

    freeform five - no more conversations (mylo mix)

    the egg - walking away (tocadisco rmx)

    subsky - rainman

    (one more hehe) sonic cube - cloudbuster (andre absolut rmx)




    kaya project - 65 percent

    kaya project - ghasa ram blues

    kaya project - elixir

    ishq - en soph

    bluetech - leaving winter behind

    bluetech - airstream

    entheogenic - ground luminosity (ott´s new yoghurt loom mix)

    shulman - the unexpected visitor ( CBL carbonator rmx)

    entheogenic - walk on air

    tripswitch - silver (robot baby mix)

  12. Posted Image



    Posted Image




    and ladies and gentlemem I give you the worst cover in Psy-Trance history!!!


    Posted Image


    actually only the first one is really crap imo...


    not that I specifically like the last one, but its not so bad...


    as for the antix one.. I dont know exactly because I dont have this, but the antix - tcd cover is quite kickass and it seems similar to this.. its the kind, though, that you need it in your hand to see better

  13. do you think that lower prices will really lead to increase in quanity sold?

    unlikely, not by much anyways (my opinion)

    also, it does matter that the online shops monitor the prices of cd's sold on labels. some shops have a rule that they sell the cds of label X at a certain fixed percentage of the price the label is selling the cd's for.

    lowering the price would only make the online store lower their price too

    if you have the money, try to buy from labels directly, it will support the labels, who in turn support artists (no matter how much) more.



    yes im pretty sure that lowering the prices will increase quite a lot the quantity sold.. why? mostly because most of the people who already buy will be able to buy more with the same money, (say a person buys 3 cds a month, but instead starts buying 4.. thats a considerable increase.. I know it would be like that for me) but also a bit because some people who dont buy or buy very little would start buying


    as for the store and label, thats where I think the labels should get together and make their own stores, make joint deals with distributors, etc (and sell lossless downloads too)... but seems everybody is only after themselves, so it never works as well as it could imo..

  14. because the stores/distributors want to stay competitive and monitor labels' prices


    so what that the stores want to stay competitive? its the label that is selling, not the stores (in my example in the previous post).. they should make smaller prices, which for sure would increase the buys, and by increasing the buys they can make better deals with the distributors which would then make the prices drop even more :D


    Labels should get together to make deals together with distributors, make their own stores, decrease prices... AND sell fking downloadable lossless formats





  15. I heard once that the biggest cost is what the stores/distributors charge...


    but then why when a label sells cds directly by themselves, is the price still the same?


    or is there something im not getting right?

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