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  1. It's Superb!

    Must be nothingless than mindblowing if you've never heard proper electro before, otherwise it's just pretty awesome.



    yeah its a very nice cd.. some tracks, though, like ´in the dirt´ dont stand out, are a bit average (too straight bassline, like old prog).. so its not a 100% perfect cd... but some tracks stand out a lot, like ´in stereo´ and ´you make me wanna drink more´ and a couple of others I forgot...




    So summing up: I would def buy it if I had money and if my orders wouldnt get lost all the fking time :)



    and the 2 tracks I mentioned, in stereo and make me wanna drink more, both passed the ´acid test´, and with merit haha ;)

  2. as for freq cd.. It was very nice at the time it came out.. has nice productions, well made, good for dancefloor.. but freq started releasing too much of the same, and thats why I got bored with it...



    cant see why people like progressive so much? i think its really boring..


    I cant see why people like full on and oldschool so much.. I think its really annoying..


    so I guess its just taste ;)



    maybe i've heard the wrong stuff? (freq, ticon, lish, tegma, i know its newschool)


    best prog for me is antix, beckers, phony orphants, chable, etc...

  3. are any of those albums mentioned here downtempo/ambient music? the only one on mine is the Canartic CD, but I want to discover more of this music.




    kaya project - elixir


    is downtempo...

  4. so I heard the new ticon.. what can I say, its veeeery nice


    some tracks stand out very much.. 2 or so are nothing so special


    2 tracks that simply kick major ass, top killarghs of the moment are


    'in stereo' (very different track, sometimes sounds as if it was 'backwards' or something... awesome)


    and 'you make me wanna drink more' (perfect party stormer, full powaaaa, a la dnox and beckers)


    and others which I didnt have much time to check out and remember the name yet hehe...


    but its a very nice cd for sure :)

  5. well, Antix- Hiding Place off of Twin Coast Discovery is one....


    yes and its a beautiful one




    I was really looking forward to the new antix album, then someone told me it was ridden with vocals, and so I didn't buy it, knowing that I'd hate it....just doesn't work for me.  :mellow:


    what?! u nuts.. hahah no really, there are only 2 (maybe 3, counting track 5, but not really) tracks with vocals, and only one track (hiding place) uses the vocal in a major way...


    check the cd out please, and then you decide if you like or not :)


    That begs the question - is Antix "psytrance"?


    One of the bros played Hiding Place in his DJ set while he was in Toronto last friday... people were into it. One of my friends had even said he came out specifically to hear that track.


    I dont really care what definition it gets.. its very psychedelic imo, very visual, very atmospheric, great music, and works well with the 'psy' crowd that are a bit more open to the progressive side


    Somebody mentioned the new Sub 6 remixes that were released on VP.  For me, that is another example of really poorly-treated vocals.  They sound like somebody doing a really bad impression of Björk.  The Ticon remix is fantastic, musically, but the way the vocal is used *almost* makes me not want to play it.  Almost..... ;)


    Somebody mentioned Xibalba - for me, they are a wonderful example of how I like to hear vocals done in prog/psy.  More a part of the track rather than trying to soar over & beyond the music. 




    As for sub6 remixes... I think the remixes (specially andre absolut and ticon) made the track shine very much.. I think those are great tracks.. as for the vocals, well, I would say they are pretty 'catchy'.. I dont think they are awesomely beautiful at all, but they are quite 'catchy' and work good...


    as for xibalba, well, Im sick of prog psy in their style so I guess i would be kinda biased to talk about them



    and yeah, there are some house producers that really know how to make vocals... but there are some really bad ones too..


    later I will gather some names and write here

  6. I guess you also have to wait for the more 'official' poll on Isratrance that i host every year :)


    that poll is total crap imo.. basically only killarghs, which is understandable since we're talking about isratrance... not to mention the fact that in the end all results get deleted and only the 'most voted' are there.. which sucks because the good thing about these tops is that you see some artists you like in someone's list, and you see other artists you dont know about in the same list, and sometimes it happens that you really like these other names you didnt know... and if only the 'pop tops' are available, its bullshit...



    yip. i do. its a crap cd. too many low points.


    yes, shpongle cd is crap.. there are many other chill cds that are much better


    well no 1 so far is kaya project - elixir


    rest i have to think of,, theres billion chill collections with few great tracks and rest totally meaningles in from other ear out from other leving nothing behind example va - albedo, va - portal of perception, va - soul vibration, va - quality relaxation, va - earth octave lounge 2, va - dissolving clouds, va - chill on this, va - chill on that etc etc ,, maybe my taste on chill has became too selective but thats how i see it


    I agree, towelie, that many chill cds have some very nice tracks and some really meaningless crappy tracks, so the cds do not stand out...


    so my top cds for this year for now is


    Antix - tcd

    Kaya Project - elixir

  7. alien, you haven't listened to it yet?


    I dont want to stream, shitty speakers in the computer (and my headphones are packed, travelling in a couple of hours)... waste of music hehe


    gonna dwnload it so I can listen elsewhere...


    ticon always rocked... they are one of the very few artists that can make fast music that I enjoy...

  8. it still remains: you cant have a psychedelic state without psychedelics... you may gain a bigger level of understanding, you may learn more about yourself, you may be in a hypnotique deep trance state, but YOU DO NOT KNOW PSYCHEDELIC STATES WITHOUT PSYCHEDELICS


    as I said, it doesnt mean its a bad thing, and neither a good thing.. thats subjective and relative..



    and the understanding issue as I said just depends on your concept of understanding.. tell me whats understanding first...

  9. not everyone has to take drugs to "understand" the music


    obviously it depends on your concept of understanding... if understanding for someone means: ´the ability to perceive and compare with psychedelic states´ or whatever thing like that, then you cant understand.. if understand means ´enjoy, etc etc´, then you can understand.. firstly we need to define whats psychedelic or not


    bullshit, amigo

    can and have, extremely deep and trancy

    would it have happened to me had i not experienced psychedelics beforehand? no idea, maybe not

    do i believe ppl have gone much further w/o psychedelics than i have with? absolutely


    you misunderstood me.. i didnt say you CANT get into a deep and trancy state without psychedelics.. I say its definitely not in the same way, in the same level, with the same characteristics and same levels of perception, etc..


    Look, the states are in you already, the drugs just allow easy access - it's possible to reach them through conventional practice - which in turn is much more rewarding.


    not really... you are making many assumptions here.. you disregard many possibilities, like the fact that the subjective states of perception, like under the influence of psychedelics, can be deeply connected with certain specific functions of substances in the brain.. and without these substances there isnt even the potential of arriving at that same state, only the potential of arriving at other states... dont know if you get what I mean

  10. if you dont take psychedelics, you will not have perceived the music (or the world) with that certain state of consciousness.. that is a fact.. no, dont say you will get the same thing whether you have taken psychedelics or not...


    the question is: Is the understanding after or during the effect of psychedelics better or more true than the normal sober state?





    and reger...


    "but it doesnt mean that deep states of trance and consciousness cant be reached without drugs " nope, sorry, you cannot reach the same deep states of trance and consciousness without psychedelics... anyone who has taken it will realize how different it is from any experience you might have had normally..

    with hard work on yourself, certain combined stimulus, etc,etc, you may even increase reach different levels of understanding... but these are definitely not the same as with psychedelics...


    again, Im not saying that it means those who have not taken it are worst or anything like that.. values such as 'worst or better' are subjective and relative.. but its definitely not the same.

  11. praising... that would mean putting something or someone in a god-like position ?


    then I dont praise anything...


    but if you mean: ´enjoying very very very very very very much´ , then I would say the same names I said in the ´your fav artists still making music today´... chable, antix, beckers, kaya project, vibrasphere and ott

  12. fking hard to pick all time favourite... sorry but at least the psy is gonna have to be the favourite in the moment


    trance - antix - forever changing


    other - .... bob marley - dreamland (I almost chose some jimmy hendrix one, but...)

  13. Absolute gem. People that don't appreciate it should be laughed upon.

    This is not Psy, this is not House. This is fucking brilliant music.


    I second that :)


    and it works on all situations.. home, party, stoned, straight, tripping, before sex, after sex, during sex, with friends, alone, whatever

  14. oh no, not 220v please.... I kill myself if I hear that :lol: and one of the guys there has such an attitude of ´I know whats up with trance, i´ve been to europe´ that I almost puke to death



    wrecked machines? well, their tracks are nice until 0:47... then it goes downhill, mount everest speed :lol:


    (ok ok I gotta stop criticising so much... the evil Critical Alien is taking over me today)

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