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  1. You're way too young to like progressive, it's an old man's form of electronic music.


    yeah maybe I have an old man subpersonality amongst others :P



    btw, that track is chill :)

  2. Not sure that's what he meant. Just that there are better psy chill artists out there. And he's right. OTT is better IMO as is Tripswitch and Puff Dragon.


    yep :)


    vibrasphere chill out is fantastic too


    np - vibrasphere - tierra azul .. wow!

  3. Shpongle was one of the first 'psy-chill' projects I heard. And it inspired me to go out and buy more - I think I have a lot more understanding now, but I still think Shpongle is one of the best projects here. And I know quite a bit about the genre.  :)


    Just because someone listens to Shpongle doesn't mean they are not into the genre much...


    yeah I know you do and I know you like chill... you are one of the ones I thought about when I talked about the ´exception ´ group :)

  4. I can´t understand why you´re registered here when you don´t listen nd like psytrance at all man, it would be the same as i would register to kvr but never saw a program with which i can make music at all, no problem that you are here but you can´t talk about him at all when you don´t like psy because he makes PSYchill and PSydub as shpongle and there is the posfordtouch in his projects which is psychedelic so you can´t say anything about him IMO


    I dont like psy trance, but I do like psychedelic chill.. Ott, for example, is a million times better than shpongle imo...


    as for why I registered.. back when I did, I used to like some psy music, but I dont anymore... Nowadays I like other styles of music (which I consider more psychedelic as I said.. thats just me..)


    Plus, I go to a lot of ´psy parties´, since some of the styles I like are played, when there are cross-over progressive djs like d-nox and such, so Im still connected to the ´scene´... :)


    and lastly: If you noticed, I am mostly in the offtopic anyways, which is about the people, not about what music they listen...


    (and hey did you ever take any psychedelic? Not to say your opinion is less valid if you didnt, because all opinions are just as true... but I honestly think it doesnt make sense for a person who never took a psychedelic to talk about ´psychedelic´ music)

  5. as I said before:


    I dont like goatrance so I obviously dislike his work as hallucinogen and stuff....


    as for chill, which I do like and listen a lot, I think his work as shpongle is very average, and that there are tons of better artists out there..


    and not to generalize, but I do think that many times people who like shpongle are those who dont know much in the chill/ambient genre, and only listen to a few ´psy-chill´ (and most already like simon p.. so its sort of biased already and they dont have much to compare with) ... and yeah I know there are exceptions, but still..



    I also think that there is a lot of better music out there, outside so-called ´psy´, and which I consider to be much more psychedelic....



    (not to say he´s a bad musician, not at all.... but far from what people consider him to be, imo)

  6. j viewz is nice for that purpouse, yeah, but only some tracks.... like ´when silent it speaks´ and such... but some of the vocals in other tracks I know some friends wouldnt stand (and of course would call me gay haha) ...



    appart from that, I found out that ott is generally accepted by all sorts of ppl..

  7. The most anticipated album for this year will probably be the full debut of Liquid Soul (on Iboga)


    most antecipated album for this year is for sure Trentemoller (imo)..


    but thats not prog trance.. more like.. damn, hard to define haha.. sometimes its laidback house, sometimes electro house, sometimes minimal electro, sometimes its more techish.. or smt .. but what matters is its fking good :)

  8. you have to like fast and aggressive sounds.. like, 155bpm or smt haha


    I dont like it, so I really really reaaaaaaally disliked the few mins I heard once... but some ppl love him, so.....

  9. I only heard dnox.. once outdoors and once in a club.. first time, many dancefloor blasters, big basslines...

    second time it was very ´stopped´ minimal electro during most of the time, which I like but not for too long... and then he moved to his typical dnox and beckers tracks..

    both very good.. his mixing skills are flawless too :)


    I am very curious about beckers alone.. I can imagine that he does play some more funky stuff... In terms of producing, I think he´s way ahead of dnox (though there is not so much from dnox alone to compare)..

    this last track from him, ´rythm junk´, is super good (the vocals are not so much my taste, but the rest of the track is perfect)




    but this july im gonna hear them both at least twice :D



    and hey goannes... good luck with the party (or parties).. always happy with prog around the world haha :D

  10. Hey, what's wrong with Avant.Garde ? I find it great, yes, there are few full on basslines but they are masterfully covered with other layers so you can't actually call it full on influenced...;)


    seraph.. this ´serious school´ you are studying at is not doing you good!


    im affraid im gonna have take you out and get you back to SLU (School of the Laughing Unsane)




    ps: :wub: yes I love you



  11. On a more serious note:


    Why did you make a pseudo full-on piece of crap such as Avant.Grade in between two really nice and enjoyable albums? Was it fame, money, women, drugs or did your hamster die and the infinite sadness about this terrible event clouded your sense of  good taste and made you turn into a 15 year old israeli teenager?


    genius question! :D

  12. nice :) I sort of understood where the ´goose´ came from, I think hehe


    I got a suggestion


    make some bigger change after the break or smt... change the pattern of the bassline, choose some different effects, I dont know.. make a different theme, you know? because, you obviously chose for the more ´full´ progressive, with more ´ripping sounds´... so since its not a more minimalistic approach, then for it not to get boring, you should really make some bigger changes in the flow of the track towards the middle or smt..


    thats what I think at least

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