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  1. Thanx again!!!

    I will probably try to find a guide,not a tourist one though,to see where is everything.

    I will also try to find some nice coffeshops and smartshops!

    smartshops are like coffeeshops ,they are all over the place,or are there very few of them?


    smartshops are not all over the place, though there are a few of them.. try to find some locations on the internet (but its still likely that if you´re walking around a lot you find a couple randomly)


    as for a guide, the best tourist guides (judging from all the ones I seen so far) are from lonely planet.. they are not at all the touristy types.... the inverse, they are actually really the traveler´s sort of guide, written by people like us, with good tips and maps and all...


    check it out at lonely planet .. they have city guides, like the amsterdam guide, and they also have country guides...


    If you´re gonna buy one, I really suggest this one... I didnt specifically check the amsterdam one, but the morroco and the berlin one I saw were really good

  2. :)


    Thanx for reassuring me man,i was a little paranoid a couple of weeks ago but i got over it now!


    i was just looking for anyone who could help me a bit with some technical details,like if there are going to be any buses,how much is the food,about cops etc!

    Fuse helped me a lot,but he was talking about earlier fullmoons,i hope it wontbe very different this time!


    Well about amsterdam,my worries are at a logical level,i would just like some info about what to visit,cool stuff to do, where NOT to waste my time,hints etc!




    as for fullmoon: havent been there, but im pretty sure its like most other german festivals: possibility of roadblocks on the way.. but inside the festi its cool..


    food? hmm, dont remember the prices.. was not cheap though.. what I suggest (and this is a good suggestion haha) is to buy some things in the supermarket... Little snacks and whatever that you can keep in the tent... Because if everytime you are a bit hungry you go buy smt, you´re gonna spend a lot of money.. but if you have just a couple of big meals a day, and the rest of snacks you already have bought for cheaper, then its gonna be ok...


    buses and stuff I dont know... try to research more on that or ask someone (if there is a fullmoon official forum, you could ask there), but in general its always ok, there is never really any problem... organizers wouldnt make a big festival like that in germany if there wasnt enough transport means to get there



    amsterdam: Walk a lot around (or bike), and have a map with you... you can always ask someone for directions to some main road if you are lost.. General ´famous´ coffeeshops like ´bulldog´ are tourist traps... I think I wrote some parks and places to go in that ´amsterdam´ thread... Dont stay only in coffeeshops smoking.. also go to parks, maybe some museum.. walk around without any aim...


    Near the central station, there may be a few pickpockets, so dont have your wallet or passport in the front pocket of your backpack, where someone can take it without you noticing... In the redlight districts there are some people that can try to lure you into going in to some prostitutes, or strip bars or whatever.. just dont follow these sleasy bastards... if someone ever comes to you demanding money or being too annoying, just ignore the person and go into some store or smt...


    as I said, amsterdam is quite safe.. I walked around at night, alone or with 1 friend, and didnt feel any fear at all... at most someone came to offer me cocaine, and I just said ´no´ and continued walking, or some weird dude came talking to me in the park and I said I had to go and went away...


    so its cool man.. you´re gonna have fun, for sure

  3. look man.. Im not going to full moon, im going to other festivals like voov and sonica... but just to tell you smt:


    europe is fking easy and safe... nothing to worry about, unless you´re very very stupid haha, which im sure you´re not...


    I mean, you´re obviously not going to leave your passport and money on top of your bed in an amsterdam hostel with 30 other people in the room, while you go smoking joints elsewhere...


    you just take minimum precautions that any person with an iq over 50 would, and nothing bad at all can happen to you...


    and sure its no prob to be with one friend.. first time I went to europe in 2004, half of my trip I was all alone, and it was super cool... its even better in some ways to travel with small group or alone because you get to meet much more people (who like you are also travelling and wanting to meet others)


    have fun :)

  4. And reminds me from Transit Festival 2004 in Spain

    Tetraktys was playing, opening the festival, and it was raining mad...and crash :)

    Aaah good festival times.


    I hope nobody got harmed this time either.


    sort of... tetraktys was playing and it was winding, the storm was just announcing itself.. was quite a cool scene, that blue smoke flying and wind and stuff... but the hardcore rain only started after him, I think....


    and then everybody to the chill out, haha...

  5. this cd is very very nice!!


    highly recommended.. not for 'mommy im scaaared, this is too housy!' kind of people :P


    very nice surprise.. was expecting something more normal, but it was much more up to my taste: full of trance-inducing details, visual effects, atmospheric soundscapes ...


    iboga rocking again :)

  6. sherlock, stop dissing Simon, it's ok to have an opinion, but to actually cheer for h8 is useless...:P


    hahaha dont worry I dont hate him.. I just like to be annoying sometimes :D



    You're getting as bad as Otto.


    Really, you should be bloody ashamed of yourself.



  7. even though slope is avalanche's sibling, you can still add that to the list


    looks like we also forgot moonflower, mutekki, mauritius, feed me, monobasic, 3beat, ovenready, ohral, millennium, p.o.r.n., scuba, adult music, eb, vertikal, choo choo, release, minimal records, mixmaster records, rpotraxx, hope recordings, platipus, additive, niche, sunkissed, slam, harlequin, silverplanet, nascent, xplosion


    i think manta is dead but they had 2 amazing releases


    I was thinking how far into ´prog´ I could go, when remembering names...


    now you have made it a bit more complicated.. some of those can for sure be included, but others are a bit too much ´on the other side´ I think hehe.. :D but its hard to make the dividing line




    ok anyways, still not going so far:




    great stuff recordings

    groove control

  8. Who can complete this list of progressive labels?

    They don't necesseraly need to be psy orientated. As long as it's deep progressive/house... and they have to be active. No old progressive labels.


    So far these labels spring to mind (I only know about psy oriented labels):



    -Sinn-Tec (?)

    -Dance 'n Dust (?)

    -Digital Structures


    -Tribal Vision



    -YSE (?)

    -Zillion Mental Arnarchic (?)

    -Spiral Tracks


    any more???



    Domo records and VP records (sublabel of domo)






    Plastic Park


    (these are the ones I remember for now.. maybe later I put some more)

  9. what is this prog that you have to be so enlightened to understand sherlock?

    i didnt know there was psyprog and "real prog" shit all these subgenres are so confusing some times :D


    I was kidding of course :D


    Everybody has their own taste and all that...


    but yeah in my taste, I am very sick of normal psyprog like xibalba, symphonix, vaishyias, etc etc.... sounds very generic, made to ´please greeks and troyans´...


    I prefer a more ´real´ prog (in the sense of not being in between prog and psy), like antix, beckers, chable, motion, etc...

  10. this time "psychedelic" is a code word for "boring, except vibrasphere's manzazilla" right?  :)


    I've so much tried prog... but there's just not anything in it that some other genre wouldn't give more. :)


    vibrasphere´s manzanilla is not prog.. duhhh.. its chill.... and yes, it rocks very much, just like all their other chill tracks


    as for prog vs other genres... good prog (as opposed to psy prog bullshit that ppl call prog) is the killa.. but you have to be super enlightened to understand it :lol:



    and shpongle pretty much sucks, so I can criticise simon p because I listen to more chill than I do to any other genre... cheesy and badly used samples.. there´s a billion other chill artists that are much better.. and with this, I am not kidding :P

  11. than better listen to the automated created kullargh fullon shit or whatever else, it´s a musician that at least effort for his music and every song sounds high quality, IMO fullon sucks big time and not to talk abou your progressive trance, Tiesto




    I wish you could see yourself from outside



    Yeah, but you listen to progressive so your opinion means very little.  :P


    yep, I listen to REAL psychedelic music :P:D

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