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  1. so if you are somebody where people just can walk over ok I repsect that...





    dont you notice the 2 extremes? one is to just react too much over something.. the other is to let people walk over you ... just because I go against one extreme doesnt mean im saying the other extreme is the good one... the midpoint is what im talkin about


    if you didnt get my point so far, then lets leave it at that

  2. im not talking about radio604 , or to him..


    im talking to you.. Rain...



    regardless whether he is right or not, thats not the point... didnt you see what Im talking about in my post?


    im just saying that there´s no need to get overlyexcited about it... If you are complaining about someone being disrespectful because he does something, but then you are also disrespectful yourself in some other way, then you just lose your whole argument...



    It all depends on what´s your aim.. Is your aim to automatically react to an energy by devoting an equal "bad" energy back? Or is your aim to argument and show someone is wrong, or someone could change in some aspect, or smt like that?


    If your aim is to give a good argument, and show radio604 is wrong, then im sure If you come and say in a rational matter why you think what you think, people (and he) will listen to you and take more into consideration what you say, whereas if you act angrily and bash him saying how he doesnt know about music but you do, how he is blind, etc, then he and others most likely will not take into consideration what you say.. You should know by now that the way you present your words, even if its the same thing in the end that you´re saying, will affect people differently depending on how you put it...



    but if your argument is to automatically react to a stimulus, then I should just shut up :)


    oh, and you know.. this thing about being ´realistic´.. thats just subjective.. there´s no such thing as saying ´im being objectively realistic´... your reality is just as real as any other reality, even his, and even of the skazi lover (ok ok maybe not so much :lol: ) .. Maybe yours is consensually accepted, or is more true in relation to certain assumptions, but his is also more true in relation to certain other assumptions.. Logic depends on the assumptions, on the ´axioms´...

  3. you just don't think, you're blind !


    come on rain.. you are trying to get your point accross.. It´s normal to disagree and even to be a passionate about our ideas.. but such type of things you say are completely unnecessary.. if your post didnt have this it would have been 10000 of times better..


    You´re an intelligent guy but sometimes you get a bit too excited..


    we argument better if we try to stick more to the intellectual energy ;)

  4. true you have that idea but does that give people the right to post 20 times a day that fullon sucks ??????????????????????????????,


    was that aimed at me? cause you quoted me and then the other guy...


    I ask this because I dont post 20 times a day about it... actually I most of the times just ignore this genre ´fight´.. just decided to give my opinions in these threads...


    btw.. I think a little bashing is cool.. controversy is nice sometimes.. sucks to have only positive opinions.. but yeah sometimes it gets to be a bit too much I agree

  5. I dig. So you can't get progg at festivals and on small parties there is snobbish progg ppl. Thats just sad :/


    You are basically saying that you want progg to be as big as full on because then organizers would book them? I don't know but I thought progg was very popular. I've never been to a festival so I don't really know what I'm talking about ;)


    And you are saying there is good festival with better variation. So I guess those organizers are better for your liking So we are down to the organizers again.



    hehe im not trynig to prove you that full on is bad btw.. just that the extreme over-hypeness of it is bad... and its not just the organizers... its the people, the general mentality, the artists, the labels, the organizers, the drugs and whatever else you can think of ... its many factors put together..


    what I meant is that I wish it could be a bit more ´healthily´ divided... I dont mind if there is full on in a party because people like it.. but I mind this stupid extreme division, these ´groups, castes, races´...


    anyways, im gonna watch ´oldboy´ right now.. hope its good.. hehe

  6. It is 100%! ;)

    You can't get a progg-party packed with people?

    You don't have small non-full on parties?

    Do you wish progg was as popular as full on sherklock?

    What are you asking for? More progg parties or less full on parties? Just don't turn up at the full on parties, how hard can it be :)


    I live in Brazil.. for us to get big prog artists here, either its in a big festival (where most artists are full on), or in a commercial full on party where only the last or last 2 artists are prog...


    yeah sure I never even been to a full on-only party... but it sucks for me to have to pay full ticket prices just to show up in the end of a party and listen to 1 or 2 dj sets/live... or its a small private party with local prog djs and snobbish ´I have the best hash´ proggy people


    festivals are becoming a bit better in bringing different genres, they are dividing a bit better the time.. but still too much full on and not enough of other genres..


    what am I asking for? Im asking for better divided line ups, not only full on parties... Im asking for instead of only andre absolut at the end of a party that has the line up of skazi+astrix+infected mushroom+space cat+delirious+eskimo, maybe get make one or 2 less of these killargh super expensive full on artists and get another couple of prog artists, you know? and some good chill acts that never come and are much cheaper..


    know what I mean?


    Im talking mostly about the brazillian scene.. when I go to europe I only go to better divided festivals, like voov and stuff...

  7. blame the downloaders. :)


    small cd sales --> need for money from gigs --> need for more gigs --> more gigs --> need for dance floor music --> more full on.


    drugs may have some effect too somewhere there. :)



    I disagree very much but no patience for this discussion right now...

  8. Don't blame full on. Blame the party organizers instead.



    yeah to a certain extent you are very right.. I cant blame the genre specifically... but the fact that its more popular and a bit more ´easily digestible´ (controversial claim yeah), this means more people would go to a party that plays full on, which means more money to organizer, which means that if the organizer thinks mostly about money the easiest way is to make full on party


    so its not a separate thing, the factors are all involved there.. no?

  9. Yeah full on sucks... for me.


    and goa sucks too.. for me.



    I guess its just pretty obvious that all these things are about taste...


    The only thing that sucks more specially about full on than other genres is that it tends to take over too many parties... So many parties are full on-only, and sometimes like 1 prog act in the end of the party after many many hours of pure killar full on... this sucks very much..


    I think it should be a bit more balanced.. I dont like this extreme ´genre segregation´..



    As for the stereotypes in genres...


    prog people seem to be kinda snobish


    full on people seem to be kinda ecstasy ppl and/or noobs


    and goa people seem to be kinda ´we are the arian people, this is the only true genre´


    though of course, there are many exceptions... even in this very thread you will find many exceptions.. and also I have friends who are exceptions... but stereotypes many times have some sort of (not absolute) truth in them... hope I dont offend anybody

  10. Nah, boring shpongle copy w/ lousy sounds  :P


    shpongle is much worse imo... directionless boring music for people with 4 chill cds in their collection (as gnome very well defined)... and I find shulman to be quite different.. not masterpiece, but good stuff..




    yeah maybe get the ´in search of a meaningful..... ´... but before buying that you should definitely get Ott - Blumenkraft... THAT´s a masterpiece


    and also bluetech - sines and singularities...


    those 2 should be in your collection before shulman



    (though at 7 euro sale as rah said, good deal I guess)

  11. firstly, the poll is not well made... in these sort of polls it could be better dividing in:


    no full on is psychedelic

    a bit of full on is psychedelic

    some full on is psychedelic

    most full on is psychedelic

    full on is psychedelic


    (and ´I dont care´ option hehe)


    second: psychedelic is a very hard to define concept in these cases... Maybe because just like taste, its also subjective.. for some people a sound may bring you to a certain state of consciousness, and to someone else it may just annoy you...


    If I was to define psychedelic for me as: "music that works good and reminds me of psychedelic states of consciousness" or "music that seems to bring me into a certain state of consciousness.. " .. then I would say that, for me , full on is not psychedelic, because I feel really annoyed by full on.. I never heard any full on I ever liked... its possible that there could be one, but I find it hard because the speed already ´turns me off ´, and I really dislike the whole track structure, sounds and rolling basslines that full on uses..


    I find much more psychedelic music in chill out, prog house and a bit of prog trance too (though not the usual ´psy prog´ like xibalba and co, which is also annoying to me.. psychedelic prog to me is more like antix, ticon...)

  12. never heard about it


    btw.. prog music?

    it says on the site:


    "DIVINORUM produces big, lush, full-on trance & electronica"


    doesnt seem like prog music description hehe...


    and the streaming track when you enter the site is 100% not prog

  13. the feelings that I get with music depends on each track...


    I listen to the music and many times see 'visuals' in what im hearing, imagine situations, stories, animals and beings, places, etc..


    the latest bluetech, for example, it's great how sometimes you really feel like you are in a jungle, full of ticks and bugs, and then another track you feel underwater, and another you feel you are flying with some baloons...


    or some antix track, where I can really 'see' the full story that the track tells, starting from simple sounds and ending in amazing atmospheres, huge blue mountain-sized effects, etc..


    or that ooze track, meeting with strange species.. the name says perfectly.. it really feels like you are in some different planet, seeing some weird metalic birds, some strange-headed fishes... very nice


    or the track ticon - six years after ... such a sunrise happy smile feeling.. its like 'the smiling baby has just woken up' or smt hahaha


    so each track brings different feelings, different images.. and these feelings and images range on all levels.. from dark evil to good happy music, from fiery sounds to watery effects, etc etc

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