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  1. It's not about being a designer or not.

    The thing disturbing me at this thread is the lapidary statements

    to some of the work. Even when you people think the design

    or idea is stupid – than you should make a statement, which is

    contentfull and not only raving.

    Sorry if you feel attacked by the reply.





    if you want to read serious completely and always constructive posts, where there is never anything that could ever be considered remotely offensive even by the most oldschool religious dogmatic moralist grandmas, then maybe psynews is not the place for you..


    this thread is named ´stupid covers´.. its about having fun and making fun of covers we think sucks.. We are not trying to change the world of cover arts here, and be all impartial and politically correct... we just having some fun...


    so relax, be positive and post some stupid covers yourself :D

  2. lol alien, i knew he was gonna throw the line-up in your face. i knew it!

    hehe you guys are pretty funny :)

    luff u


    haha no problem, I didnt even think the line up was so special to tell you the truth... There isnt any prog act/dj there that I want to see and didnt see yet, except for maybe zombi from israel, but still nothing so special...


    I thought the last UP was much better... B)

  3. you didnt understand what I said


    last universo paralello had just as much progressive as this one...


    im talking about the moment of new year... not the whole party...


    I didnt ever go to the dancefloor when there was full on playing last year, except for the moment of ny, and even so I went a damn lot to the dancefloor hehe


    but at the moment when the new year begins, at 00:00, there will be the most killarghhhh full on you can imagine, I guarantee ;)

  4. btw traveller


    in new years hour in universo, expect the worse full on ever....


    thats what happened last time.. everybody drinking and taking mdma like crazy, and I was there sober.. stayed in the dancefloor just 10 seconds after new year hugging my friends and whatever, and then went straight to the chill out...


    really annoying full on I tell you, played by the 10 year old son of swarup (one of the organizers)

  5. because the point of bitching is not to change smt.. its just to make fun, to express your feelings... or in other words, just bitching for bitching :lol:


    Yeah I agree that sometimes it goes over the top and unnecessary.. but a little bitching doesnt hurt anybody and is even necessary somehow.. would be boring if all threads were completely educated neutral responses.. its cool to see some heat, as long as its not too much :)

  6. Do you know AT ALL how difficult it is to master songs? I think no!!! I have expensive waves mastering plugins on my computer and it is damn difficult to master the song as good as the oldschool artists have mastered it, so what you say is wrong and pure noncesense. sorry that i´am rude but i get sick if i must hear this bullshit, then search oldschool with good mastering, astral projection´s songs are very well mastered for example, the stuff during 97 and newer is well mastered alzo, get something from this time if you want good mastered music. If you don´t like oldschool this can´t be a reason cause most releases are well mastered, they are muchb etter mastered than any shit fullon that demages my speakers.


    yes I do know how hard it is to master songs, I have a friend that works for sony music and I tried making a bit of music myself so Im aware...


    and when did I ever say its not good mastering? I said its not good production.. you probably just dont understand the words in the same way.. Whenever I hear oldschool I dont hear the sounds so perfectly distinct and clear, I dont think it sounds clean and crispy, etc etc... and in these terms, the music I listen to in general I find much better..


    why get angry? its my opinion.. just because I think your favs simon p and others are bad music? Yes they are bad music.. IN MY OPINION :) .. I get so annoyed, almost with headaches when I hear it.. want me to call it good music? Of course not.. Its just that those sounds dont work with me, I enjoy other things when I hear music.. I´ve been listening to this music for quite a few years now, so I know that those sounds dont work for me...


    and as for the reasons I dont like goa, I already said how its many reasons put together:


    too fast (140 is already too fast for me.. I like on the 130´s... There´s a ticon track that is 136 and I find it too fast already)


    not clear enough sounds


    too many layers (when there are too many sounds, each sound is not so important.. when there are less sounds, each sound has to be more crisp and well made cause they will be responsible for the whole feeling)


    ´scratchy´ sounds (I really dislike those stomach-twirling, acid, ripping, scratching sounds that goa uses.. those are the worse for me)


    the melodies (I nearly always dislike the melodies that goa uses.. the feeling of the melodies that goa uses is totally different than the feeling of the melodies I normally like)


    etc etc


    it just doesnt work for me... I dont like it, I find it bad music for the reasons above, and I know bad is subjective.. ;)

  7. good music is good music is good music is good music is good :)


    I agree with you partially.. in one hand, if I understand your criticism, indeed music is too dynamic and undefinable to try to classify them im genres. There are many aspects that are too ´fine´ to be held by the classifications, just like if we try to grab water with our hands we cant, it´s too ´thin´... So good music is not limited to a particular genre because there isnt even such a thing as objectively defined genres at all...


    BUT, as long as we know that the menu is not the meal, I find no problem at all using the menu itself.. If we agree on this, then the next step in my argument is: Just like notes on music or water waves on the pool, certain ´frequencies´ add up harmoniously and certain dont add harmoniously... The thing is, we are also frequencies... Outside frequencies interphere with our personal frequencies, and at times it´s harmonious, at times its not.. These outside frequencies may come in the form of any of our senses, (and even in the form of ´animal magnetism´, but this is not for this post hehe).. So in this case, it´s music Im talking about.. Certain range of sounds simply dont work with certain people, even if they try to like it.. And even if these range of sounds are kinda fluid and not exactly fixed, still they have a certain constancy in some aspects.


    So my whole point is that sometimes these constants in the frequencies that dont work with us are quite similar to the constants of sounds that are used in a certain genre.


    So if we know that the genres is not an objective fixed true classification, but a subjective and limited one, then I find no problem in using them, and if certain sounds that simply dont work with us are the sounds that fit more or less a certain genre, then I also find no problem in saying that you dont like a genre or that a genre is bad or annoying (as long as you know its subjective and that your truth isnt more true than anybody else´s)






    and it sucks :P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i guess you understand that it was a joke :)




    Be affraid!!!





    hahahaha of course I dont mind, you can think it sucks, its taste anyways :)

  8. old school annoying?


    Are you into progressive?


    yes old school is very annoying imo... too fast, too many scratchy layers, noises noises and not good production..


    yeah im into prog, house and electro, but only good ones like antix, chable, absolut, clubbervision, trentemoller, martinez, etc


    not same-old psy prog like symphonix, xibalba, newer genetic spin, newer tegma, etc... these are just boring and attempt too much to please different crowds...


    also not bullshit commercial house and neither soul-less electro..



    but thats just my taste, just as true as anyone else´s.. ;)

  9. For me the term "FULL-ON" has basically lost its meaning.  Its used so loosely in this forum and abroad to describe such a wide variety of styles and sounds that it doesn't even describe anything anymore. Can anyone hear define "Full-on"?  I sure as hell can't.  It orginally used to mean a style of psytrance where all these different synths where going at once and the resonance and filters keep climbing until a point where everything is fully ON; hence, FULL-ON.  Then the genre kind of evovled into that psy with the trade mark "Full-on" bassline and climax of sounds style. 

        But now this terms' use is a free-for-all.  Anything with any kind of bassline released after 2004 will eventually get called "full-on" by someone, and then it will be inherently bashed by that full-on-hating collective, which by the way has a right to exist, Mr. Rain.  However I disagree entirely with their sentiments. 

        As a genre: Full-On is in my personal opinion a wealth of well-produced electronic music.  More loosely you can call this music psytrance and that is, after all, what we're all here to appreciate and talk about.

        Sometimes a good bashing is critcal on message boards, both for its comedic value and its abilty to sway would be listeners away from something aweful (Bamboo Forest - Revival, which I thoroughly bashed, for instance).  I agree that too much is TOO GODDAMN MUCH sometimes and those type of posts aren't fun to read.



    I dont know exactly how to define full on, but I sure know when there´s full on playing..


    I disagree, I think tt doesnt have any bassline released after 2004.. I listen to a lot of progressive where each track has very different bassline from each other, many new and older basslines... Some are ´skipping´, some are ´straight´, some are more ´fat and funky´, others ´continuous´...


    Full on, on the other hand, it all sounds a lot of the same.. The bassline is always that typical rolling bassline.. You know it will be about 145bpm... It´s very predictable most of the times, you know when there´s going to be a break, a drug/alien sample, when the low frequencies are going to be shut off and then come full power again, when the annoying synths will appear, etc...


    btw, yeah sure there are times when you cant really define properly what genre a certain track is.. but that happens with any genre, there are these crossover tracks which are not specifically following a certain genre´s pattern... but that doesnt mean that there isnt a ´stereotype´ of full on that fits quite many tracks and that when one talks about it, even if its hard to define perfectly (like any genre), the others wont know what the person is talking about..

  10. There are moments where a song goes full and delivers a nice, soothing and floaty sound. It has very nice atmosphere and I love those background seldom appearing samples and mellow soundscapes. Yet there are too many moments where like almost nothing is happening (or so I feel it). Also I have problems discerning the songs from each other. However, its a very good chill, my favourite tracks are Leaving Winter Behind, Airstream and Garland of Stars, these are definitely beautiful.


    When comparing to Ott, I meant his chillout remix works (for Shp, Entheo etc). It is kind of similar music. You are probably right, the approach is different. The comparison just occured to me somehow  ;)



    np.. its just taste hehe :)

  11. Well, if you can listen through all that without falling asleep, way to go!






    noobs :P






    yeah badtrip, you got a good selection there, I like it very much... good dancefloor material (but also good for home listening)

  12. I loved this cd... some of the melodies are incredible


    enter the lovely has this beach-at-night-time feeling, super nice


    in the ´condensation´ track, that melody that starts softly at about 1:45 and keeps getting louder, so funky.. very nice


    leaving winter behind, this one is so beautiful, but also somehow sad.. It´s like if a dolphin had died or smt, cause it also has this sea feeling hahaha.. excellent track




    the melody in ´airstream´ at 5:19, thats fking nice!!.. and this big monster-like irregular beat/sound that gives a special characteristic the track is very well made



    the track wilderness is excellent too... bluetech derived this funny melody which the bassline gives company too, sounds somehow like baloons floating... very nice.. and there is also this very nice ´hollow´ percussion


    all in all, beautiful cd.. definitely good chill material... amazing cover art too.. gotta buy this :)


    btw.. I find silly to compare this to ott or whoever else.. its very different approach to music...

  13. Not entirely true, there exists plenty of ambient that have a beat. Sometimes it can be very good as well. Listen to Peter Benisch - Waiting For Snow for example. The overall atmosphere is much calmer in ambient though than in downtempo/chillout music like Shpongle/Shulman/Entheogenic and the likes.


    thats why I said ´for me´... genres are in any case subjective... so to make things easier, I define ambient as mostly beatless... but like ishq, for examples, at times in some tracks it has soft beats, but still its in general beatless therefore generally ambient



  14. I also preffer the original and when I put this on it makes me want to put the original afterwards too haha


    but there are some nice aspects..


    le lascard (dnox and beckers) is a very good track... as I said somewhere else, its more booty than the finesse of the original track, but very good party track..


    Hiding Place with phony orphants is nicey... Some melody even reminds me of that ´sweet dreams are made of thiiiiis´ track hahahah .. they made the track a bit more pumping and dirty ... good but not the best


    Cold Nights freq remix is awesome! im sure you dont expect this from FREq... I was expecting a typical freq party stormer, with those big synth pads, straight pumping bassline.. but no way.. This is hollow, percussive, with ´skiping´ bassline.. It totally doesnt sound like freq.. If it was written ´vision and canedy´ it would make more sense haha... the best in the cd imo


    little honey fitalic remix is also nice.. percussions all the way like the other fitalic tracks, etc.. not impressiv but nice


    forever changing vibrasphere remix.. hmmm.. Has some trademarks ´lime structure-like´ sounds.. good stuff, bouncy bassline... the most intelligent thing they did here was to leave the break of the original track, which is one of my all-time favourites... I like it... but since I like the original of this track sooooo much, this one doesnt reach me like it could


    little honey scs remix... hmmm.. how can I define this? well it takes a bit of the ´sugar´ from antix out, and brings a bit more ´seriousness´ ... hahah thats the best I can define it... also good track


    le lascard ohrsten nors.. this one also surprised me... actually because I had no idea what to expect.. quite dark interpretation of the antix track... It´s a subterranean version of Le Lascard... I like it how that little ´female´ voice sound is put in loop..


    oh, I had forgotten about this one.. Fiord - Hybrid... it fights with freq remix for the ´best track in cd´ position.. This is just beautiful.. has some parts from different tracks of TCD, and also some new sounds... This time antix didnt try to be a crossover.. they accepted the prog house nature of the track, with that beautiful continuous bassline that only prog house can make... Its ´le creme´.. Beautiful track.. You can see the antix brothers have gotten in touch with their ´animas´ in this track haha.. It´s the kind of track my girlfriend would really like



    ok that was it for a weird spontaneous review..


    so overall I liked the cd, but it will not ever surpass the original.. Its a nice compliment.. I would certainly play in parties the freq remix and the hybrid, because they are very much in my style and very good tracks.. the others I gladly listen at home :)

  15. off-topic


    funny how this irresistible meltdown 4 is horrible imo... typical psy prog bullshit


    neelix I didnt even hear cause sinn tec usually releases exactly this type of psy prog that I dislike very much...


    meller sucks... blargh..



    ticon is the only one that saves itself in that list, good stuff, some excellent tracks.. (and insane creation is ok.. but not more)




    now back on topic: can you really measure from one chart? More charts would be necessary.. but also even so wouldnt say much.. what if prog people tend more to buy cds while most full on people dont buy cds? Not that I believe in this, but its an example why these charts still wouldnt really be an objective measurement about the number of listeners/fans in each genre..


    I guess the thing that shows more how full on is popular is the amount of full on parties, the number of people that go to the parties, the amount of full on artists, etc..

  16. And i bought a memorystick 256 mb for my new Sony Erricson K750i and put there Simon´s tracks, too :)


    isnt the quality of the music very shitty?


    I preffer not listening to my favourite music then listening in some shitty soundsystem.. its as if im wasting the music somehow





    np - Luke Chable & Danny Bonicci - Ride

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