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  1. Wooooooooooooooooow



    this album is a masterpiece!!


    I already liked the other bluetech, but this feels more mature, super well worked out...


    I loved this, had some amazing moments listening to it yesterday for the first time..


    The ´themes´ in the tracks are so cool.. sometimes you feel underwater, other times in a jungle, or flying, or in a beach... and the melodies, and basslines... awesome


    a must-buy, definitely!

  2. well, alien, in my forst post i put a link, to saikosounds samples of VA - Pyrexia.

    that's the kind of sound i'm looking for.


    breakbeats that get spinned by djs in clubs is not so good to me ... cause it's more commercial, housey'er. some is even horrible. :P


    just heard the samples.. the ones I recommended are not like that...


    they seem to be a bit darker in this cd you linked... appart from the vocal samples, the andre absolut remix of 7th son has some similar aspects to some tracks in that cd, kinda more ´rough, heavy´ stuff... so check it out if you havent


    and the other two, they may be housier, yes, but no way in hell they are horrible.. I kill ya if you say this :lol:


    the Chable nubreed remix, for example, is one of my favourite releases this year, fking awesome track.. check it out anyway

  3. and umm i don't really pay attention to the music at that time  B)



    exactly.. I end up totally forgetting the outside world and totally get into my girl (no pun intended) and into the whole sexual thing...


    but I think many tracks are good for the start and also very much for the ´after´ mood..


    for example, the whole cd "Jack Johnson - on and on " is really perfect for the ´after´ mood.. just lying in bed, caressing your partner, smiling.. awwwww.. ok ok I know im cheesy :D



    and for the before I find some progressive house, and also some of Jamiroquai´s tracks to be excellent for setting in the mood..


    oh, and the master to set the ´before´ feeling: Marvin Gaye


    ´lets get it on´ is the master sex-feeling establisher :D

  4. new freq.. well, I would like to hear it.. but I hope he changed a bit more.. for example, set 6 in iboga is quite boring imo...


    in the 2004 summer he was great, one of the tops of the moment.. short but very good live in voov.. Then I bought his cd, digged it for sure.. Nice stuff, progressive party stormers... but then all the tracks in compilations started being exactly the same...


    but since his productions are very well made, he has the skills, I will always check out what he releases... hopefully he will change at least a bit his style, some inovations, unexpected moments in tracks, and then its good :)

  5. Drop candidates:

    Chable - who is this?

    Minilogue - like 2 tracks released?


    You can also unite Son Kite and Kooler since it's the same guy.



    disagree.. even if son kite, kooler and minilogue are the same guys, its definitely quite different styles and should be put separately...



    and Luke chable.. you dont know him? Check :


    Chable and Bonicci - ride

    chable and the dirty fours - tokyo

    son kite - colours - chable rmx

    fitalic - e-motion - chable rmx


    etc etc


    beautiful colourful crossover stuff... one of my fav producers

  6. They've got some tracks @ compilations... remixes.


    There is a hundred progg artists that released only 1-2 tracks @ V/A's. I think they should be mentioned becaused you can't judge them by a couple of tracks.


    yeah the 1-2 track artists shouldnt enter the poll..


    but imo dnox and beckers should definitely be in any prog poll... they have released many tracks and remixes already, enough to make a full cd... and they are very very influential, so many djs playing their stuff.. Go to any party where prog djs are playing and no doubt about it you will hear some of their tracks

  7. tech-trance = progressive in my books..


    how bout artists who have actually released some stuff? d-nox is a great dj and i know he's doing some collobration with beckers but it isn't out yet now is it?


    many many tracks out, but on vynils...


    on cds, a few have been released in compilations... but no full cds (but already more than enough tracks to fill a full cd)



    (and then again, chable and absolut also didnt release full cd yet, but I dont think thats their inclination.. much more vynil producers..)

  8. well imho it's not progressive to, the first are minimal psychedelic trance...


    and yotopia is fullon with progressive influences....


    exactly ;)








    Beat Bizarre


    Cujorious one






    Genetic Spin


    Highpersonic Whomen

    Human Blue





    Luna Spice




    Phony Orphans



    Reefer Degree






    Shiva Chandra

    Son Kite




    The Delta




    Added stuff yotopia dropped. Midimiliz is imo def progressive as is later x-dream stuff. Also I find The Delta progressive so it stays :P




    later x-dream stuff is not progressive... its tech-trance with electro influences or electro-trance (does that exist?) with techish influences...


    but whateva


    how bout dnox and beckers, thats way more progressive than xdream

  9. its a very nice track indeed.. heard it in quite a few parties already


    Its d-nox and beckers style, so you know its gonna be a party rocker....


    BUT, even though its very nice track, I think it lacks the ´finnesse´ that the original has... thats the best way I can describe it..





    ps: im very curious bout the other remixes too

  10. in that Chicken Shaker track...at like 4:25, when this funky sort of breakbeats come in with the voice, surprising and very nice...


    and in the ´in stereo´ track, at like 4:11, also surprising change... this is where I imagine the anti-clockwise floor-waxing/synth machines hahahah :lol:


    these kind of changes make this album somewhat different.. I like it :)

  11. Several listens later....


    I like it even more, if that was possible. :) There is only one song that I don't like ("In Stereo").  There are 4 tracks that make me completely mess my pants ("Kids of the '80s", "U Make Me Wanna Drink More", "Poem for Granny" and "Rip it Up").  The rest are still fucking excellent - at the very least.  Not exactly bad - 8 out of 9 tracks (not counting the Prologue) have me jumping around the apartment. :D


    I let my flatmate borrow it, and he's on the 2nd straight listen now.  Every 30 seconds, I keep hearing him start laughing maniacally or scream "What the hell was that?!"  I think he's actually ordering his own copy now. ;)

    The revolution will be live!!


    funny how tastes differ.. in stereo is my second fav I think.. So fking weird, sometimes seems the track is backwards or smt.. I hear this track and I imagine scratching vynils and huge mechanical waxing machines going anti-clockwise :lol: ..


    the only one that I find kinda average is ´in the dirt´, because it sounds kinda old, too straight bassline and stuff



    oh, and krelm... the last track.. Did you notice how it would mix perfectly with son kite - focus (shiloh rmx) ? similar style, perfect for a sunset or sunrise dj set :)

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