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  1. Other forums would have you banned - I merely gave a warning. Even so, this is still one of the most relaxed forums I have been a member of.

    you are comparing to the wrong thing.. doesnt matter if in the NASA forum they dont allow you to post smilies, but here ppl always did, so if you suddenly warn someone for posting a smilie, it is not right... what matters is the inconsistency here..


    and the fact that many different ppl here are complaining should at least make you think instead of arguing

  2. man, nemo, fuck off hahaha


    seriously, just listening to your set 1 now, and after all of them, I can say basically you seem to like the exact same tracks as I do....


    so right now I hire you as my personal dj set maker... I´ll be paying you with cookies and milk, and expect at least a set every week


    you can start now! :D

  3. Posted Image


    best quality sound for dj'ing i've ever heard in a pair of headphones (the bass is boosted slightly). very well built, i had my last pair for nearly 4 years and they went all over the world with me in my backpack when travelling.


    anyway, i liked them so much i bought the same again when my last pair died.


    the only disadvantage, as snaphino said about the technics, is they are not built for prolonged, continuous listening and get uncomfortable if worn for a long time.


    i wouldn't touch sennheisers with a 10 meter pole after having these, as they sound soooo tinny in comparison.


    I have a pair of Sony MDR-V700's. They are pretty good. They retail for about £90/£100.


    Ive had them for a year now and they are still mint.


    Posted Image


    I also have this one too, for bit over a year


    They are nice, do their job ok, but I have 2 problems with it.. first, after a while my ears start hurting... and second, their sound doesnt sound too... hmmm.. how can I describe it.. organic? It sounds a bit plasticky.. can´t describe it better..


    but since I have no money right now for smt else, Im happy with them... its not like im a music professional anyways.. :)

  4. so everyone here probably loved the music or the presence of some artist/personality in the scene, that for various reasons will not be around anymore...


    so who are these people you wish would go back to making music/parties etc?



    for me, 2 big recent losses have been antaro quiting voov (though it is understandable, and im sure he´s gonna be making something kickass in thailand), and andre absolut stopping to make this kind of music ...


    for sure maaaany others, but I´ll just write these 2 to start with

  5. I wonder if there are any members who don't report people?

    I dont.. already expressed more than enough about how I feel about all this...


    I mean, before, I thought warning each other in internet forums was something that only frustrated pre-teens did...

  6. Well I did pass a 3 years maths degree without studying & killing my brain with acid & mescaline :lol: How smart am I?

    Depends on the point of view :lol:





    a pretty ugly cover right here (but at least not ´ridiculous´ ugly as some other ones posted)


    Posted Image

  7. tips....



    careful with eating fruit salad in chapora.. the passing cows might eat it while you´re distracted packing the chillum :D


    use the bike´s horn every time you overtake, stop, start, pass a moving or stopped person, dog, cat, pig, cow, pie or kid taking a shit in the middle of the street :lol:


    more to come

  8. Does anyone know if Trancendance is on this year? If so, is the website up yet? Are there any other festivals that people know of in Brazil, Peru, etc.? Really want to do a south american party....




    hey man


    I doubt trancendence will ever happen again, at least in the same place..


    last edition in 2005 was pure disaster with the police.. The media was talking too much about young people and drugs during the time, and they had to find a ´scape goat´, so they made an operation in the party which was very fucked up... So many ppl got searched, humiliated, arrested.. So different than other years which was total peace and nature union


    If you plan on going to festivals in brazil, the safest choice is universo paralello in bahia, in the new years... or a few others... I got to go now, ask if you want to know smt more

  9. a friend of mine saw magda playing recently in Brazil and said it was the best dj set he ever heard :D


    Im totally out of tune with new music right now, but if you find some nice minimal techno, recommend here and I check them out hehe



    btw seraph, I love how you are an oldschool trance etc kind of person, but have a wide knowledgeable range of tastes.. For sure cool to talk to you about music.. It sucks when I try having conversation about music to someone who only listens to one style all day for years :rolleyes:

  10. you always have the same argument sherlock, and we always give you the same answer.... :( dont take it personal though, you know I love you anyways! :)


    so you think I was unreasonable and/or simply repetitive, and there´s not much for you to question yourself about the things I said?


    Im sorry for that... I really thought it was quite reasonable, and not just being against for the sake of it..


    but thats life.. Im not even in the forum so much anymore.. but I honestly thought it could be better for everybody, with small changes...



    and dont worry, im not taking this personal at all.. As I mentioned before, I also dont mean my criticism towards you all personally, but more towards the role and the behavior..


    anyways, I wont repeat myself again, dont worry..


    only one more thing I want to say is a criticism towards this view of ´either accept it totally or get out totally´. I find that awefully black and white, and doesnt allow for the multiple possibilities of the system, and changes that could come both from the participants and from the ´controllers´.. Reminds me of those ´either you´re with us or against us´ sort of speeches.. Why does one that criticise have to be called a rebel and be asked to conform or to leave? Isnt it possible to make reasonable criticisms (which dont necessarily have to be accepted, of course, but at least considered, imo) ? ... Seems a bit too rigid, and once again, not in the psynews ´soul´ that got me into enjoying this place..


    Nemo.. one last thing.. When I suggest these things, I dont want you to suddenly change and say ´yes you are right, we will make psynews the way you want´.. I just hope you think a bit about it, and maybe in some particular moment, you think twice before doing something through those special buttons that you must have there with the admin priviledges.. know what I mean? ok I guess I am repeating myself now..


    so thats it.. sorry to bother you all


    good night :)

  11. Dear Alien,


    Let me explain the search function to you. When you search a forum, and you can specify the PART of the forum that you want to search, you will keep the performance to a maximum at all times. Meaning, if you search the WHOLE forum for "CPU Broken" it will take up more memory, than if you search the "Tech Talk" forum for "CPU Broken".


    So, what the AIM was to do, is to create a forum where ALL the techie talk could be. In order to find it better, and keep the searching of the forum from slowing down the experience for the OTHER users that are reading.


    Now, I was MOVING threads that were computer related into that forum, and I dont have TIME to read each and every thread. By mistake the thread was moved, which then my friend Reznik pointed out. It was then MOVED back to offtopic, and the matter ended there.


    Now, YOU make an Elephant out of a FLY :D


    You know, we made an effort to sort all the reviews, moving all the old reviews etc etc, into the years they belong, and so on and so forth. This is ALSO for YOUR convenience, and for the server NOT to take such a beating when being searched.


    Now, did I explain that clearly enough?


    Hope you dont find my answer very degrading or offending, as I merly try to explain how the world of php and mysql works on a server..... etc etc. :)


    Now, have a nice evening.




    yes, thank you for explaining :)


    now I hope this doesnt prevent you from thinking about the essence of what my whole argument was about :rolleyes:

  12. I think the whole moderation deal is wrong from the start of it.. (and I dont mean that it shouldnt exist at all.. but not in the way it is today)


    now let me see if I can express myself properly why..



    I think it starts with your look.. with how you browse the forum, what´s your initial attitude


    It seems to me that, instead of looking at a forum as a dynamic talk medium, which has creative possibilities, it seems you are all looking at it by it´s ´possibility of going wrong´


    so what happens? you look at words with a little ´energy´ on the back of your minds that is always looking for problems, for what goes out of your idea of order...


    now what is the problem with that? The problem is that it is... hmmmm.. hard to describe... maybe I could define it as a ´neurotic trap´ (not trying to be offensive.. I really think it´s a good definition)


    let me try to explain more about it. Say, for example, when a person at some point of their life had a trauma, like their father embarassed them greatly by being drunk in public when they were kids. (im making a very charicatural example, bare with me) So this kid might later become very rigid and controlling person, as a flawed attempt to compensate for the lack of control at some other point of life.. This is a trap, because the person ends up not only controlling and diminishing the dangers, but also the pleasures and advantages


    I think a similar think happens here. You guys are going to an extreme, that cuts down on something that is the key of psynews, which is the randomness, the creativeness, the freedom...


    Instead of enjoying, talking as normal people, many times you guys immediately dress the ´moderator´ robe to complain


    Its incredible how it seems, at least to me, that you guys dont ever question yourselves how comes psynews was so great ´back in the days´ and it didnt have moderation?


    I have an exercise for you guys... Look at the threads from those days please... and think honestly about how many of them you would be moderating, if it were today..


    I have a strong feeling that many of them would be moderated by you guys... but imagine that.. thanks god it was how it was, back then, or else I probably wouldnt have stayed enough to have met tashira.. It was great, and I doubt anyone today who was active then will disagree...


    the only time I remember something like banning was in the bruce case of course, but only on his later times...


    Take, for example, topic locking.. It´s so annoying, I dont know how you cant see.. It totally cuts down on the possibility of further creation.. It´s like "ok thats it, it ends here, because I dont like it, so I dont allow you guys to continue"



    As for this, I think you must consider the ´offtopicness´ of off topic.. Take any long thread from a couple of years ago.. You will see how much they change.. some become pure genious, after a few pages... some not, of course..




    Let me give 5 examples of bad moderations imo..


    1 - The way moni acts sometimes, putting the red text and all that


    why? because it seems there is a need to show her moderating status, because it unnecessarily threatens people using this status in the style "if this doesnt go what I want, you know what I´ll do", instead of just being like "hey, dont you think maybe this is not nice for such and such reason?", like any normal person would..


    I think that creates unnecessary tension. The solution could come from a horizontal approach, from honest talk from person to person, as opposed to the vertical orders that only create resentment, struggle, and end up with useless and damaging purpouseful rebellion (i.e. more random topics)


    Being honest, I think in moni´s case it is even more reinforced because guys here are horny bastards (no offense), so this makes it even less likely that they go against a girl, like moni, for example.. Without the negative feedback, behavior increases..


    2 - Nemo moving reznik´s topic


    I know this wasnt a consciously negative thing, nemo, dont worry, and you even appologized (I think).. BUT, it shows what I meant with the ´initial attitude´. Instead of, for example, changing something because it needed to be changed functionally when it is seen, it seems you came with the idea that something had to be changed in the first place, therefore filtering topics that in your mind should be changed... So, instead of doing something for the need, you did something for the necessity of topics to fit your own model


    3 - Tatsu merging freestyle topics


    That was simply chaotic and unnecessary.. Many things to be asked and said about this, but im in the middle of a class here and this post already became too long... But one question for now: If you are ´allowing´ freestyle in one thread (which would clog up the initial page of offtopic since it would always be on top), why not simply opening up again the freestyle thread, which will clean things up naturally?



    4 - Pavel and Cinos bannings


    Firstly, the time... 1 month, 1 year, whatever ... ?! I mean.. think about it.. Just because the way they talk and act is different from what you guys think.. Yes they may have been confrontful or controversial, but isnt that whats so great about them? Think about it a bit more objectively, if possible.. Are they people who are systematically trying to mine the forum, go against the rules on purpouse, try to disrupt the general well being and the place would be better off without them ? If the answer isnt yes (and for me it obviously isnt), then it was a big mistake... Only if the answer is yes, then I think banning should be considered (bruce and jacob were the only ones who ever, imo, deserved such banning, and only in their later phases)


    5 - over use of warn function


    This warn function has been popularized lately.. But there are many problems associated with it.. Now instead of only moderators going with the ´initial attitude´ that looks for problems, this passes on to the users... Like foucault´s microphysics of power, where the citizen watches each other, so the same happens here in the forum, reinforced by these ´tools´... It creates a division, a space, a distance, between users... Like cars in a traffic jam, this reflects the attitude of each one being wrapped in a ´cocoon´ while using some instruments (like the honk or car lights) to communicate with the outside world.. But have you noticed that with cars, if you want to make a turn, people will noticeably be more friendly and let you turn if you look at them and/or put your hand out the window pointing, than if you have your window closed and just use those blinking turning lights?


    Of course Im charicaturizing this a bit, but to show the point better.. With the warning function, instead of people talking to themselves, solving the problems directly, they distance themselves and use the ´moderating power´ to force their ideas...


    its not a problem in itself, but its being overused and I think something should be done about it..




    So what do I suggest in the end? I think maybe you all understood already


    stop banning unnecessarily


    talk to people as people, and not through the moderating role




    open the freestyle section


    stop being so strict, and locking topics.. let more space for conflicts and resolution of conflicts (unless it passes an obvious line) .. its important in life just like here..




    I sincerely hope you guys dont immediately think that ´oh, once again, he is blindly complaining about moderation, lets ignore him´.. I really try to be reasonable and calm, and not just complain for the sake of it


    I am sure you guys are very nice people, make no mistake... but I dont appreciate certain roles that are played, and I honestly think the forum would be better without it (but still with you of course)


    I hope you guys think about what I said, and maybe it changes just a tiny little bit your attitude.. that would be great...


    have a good weekend

  13. =

    greed - promises (d-nox & beckers rmx)





    Quivver ft. Nikki Mack - Not Givin Up (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)


    another couple I know but cant remember right now, sorry.. some other time I try to remember :)

  14. hi people, Toni here!! im new to this forum, and just surfing around to find some news before boom! me and my bestfriend are travellin from norway to lisboa 3.8, and didn't get the chance to order boom bus tickets! 1 day to late! :(:(


    How do we get from Lisboa to Boom? does anybody have room in their car for 2 nice girls? xx toni


    hello :)


    we are also in the same situation as you. we´re arriving the 3rd early morning in lisbon airport, and we have no bus shuttle.. but I saw somewhere that there will be a boom bus stand in the airport, so we will ask them if there is still places in the bus.. if not, for sure there will be others in our situations, so either we get a normal bus or a train to castelo branco (the nearest town to idanha-a-nova, which is the town of the festival), and from there another bus or taxi or whatever...


    dont worry, you wont be alone :)


    Ahhh mulato! I wish I was able to go.. :)


    So... PAY ATTENTION TO DJ MATERA's set if you're not into the full-on trend!!! ;)


    haha for sure :D

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