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  1. atmospheric housy detailed story-telling music...


    or powerful bass-ridden tech-house style


    or that dirty electro feeling ...


    or aerial melodic ´baby has woken up and sun is rising´ prog house or breakbeat


    or dubby chill


    or mid eastern islamic vibes



    or or :)

  2. Watch out for the new Atmos album "Deluxe" on Spiral Trax

    & the new Freq on Iboga "Gosub 20", pretty sure they will set some new standards :)

    Liquid Soul's debut will only be released àfter the summer (bummer  <_< )


    after hearing atmos live recently, I wouldnt say it will set new standards, unfortunately... nice well done music, but doenst stand out and make me go like ´wooooooooow wtf I want this!´


    I hope im wrong and he just wasnt inspired in his live and didnt play the best or smt

  3. lots of things have been mentioned already..


    though nobody mentioned the antix cds (actually Lull was mentioned.. but also check out ´twin coast discovery´.. )



    but anyways, the best proggy music is many times released on vynils only..

  4. apparently it's sufi related....

    I saw some derwish dancers like a month ago in my town

    they just kept on twirling and twirling...while the live band behind them played some cool ethnic tunes...

    ....really interesting mystic religion....


    im very interested by sufism and the dervishes... (quote in my signature is from a sufi).. There is definitely a lot of very deep knowledge to be found there...


    I will check the music you posted :)


    as for more mid eastern music, in the psy chill area there is angel tears, which are israeli, but they do lots of mid-eastern sounding music.. kaya project, as mentioned.. and some others that I cant remember right now..


    but specially check out Omar Faruk Tekbilek .. veeeeeeery good music (not psy chill though, very ´real´ mid eastern sufi music.. actually now that I remember, some of his songs did get remixed into chill tracks, like in VA - Natural Born Chillers )

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  5. yes its a nice album...


    its been a while since I listened to it though.. it might be that it grows old fast, but I think its more because im in one of those phases where I just listen to upbeat music, and probably after this summer I will go back to chill or smt :)

  6. yes, when ppl talk about progressive psytrance, they talk about what you described..


    except in essence, ´progressive´ means innovative, so following that formula which you describe is not really progressive...



    and there´s also the fact that there are many unfixed borders.. sometimes ´progressive psytrance´ goes over to progressive house, like beckers, for example... but it´s still more or less ´in the scene´, since most progressive psytrance djs will a few beckers tracks :)

  7. I can certainly see why phutureprimitive attracts so many people. Catchy sounds and india influences.. but behind all that lies very generic chill. Sounds very dated IMO.


    says the shpongle lover :lol:

  8. so yesterday I heard his live set... I cant say i was dissapointed because I wasnt expecting anything...


    It was sort of.... hmm... boring...


    I mean, the music itself wasnt bad.. it was well worked, quite nice ´round´ tracks, using a lot of lower frequencies... BUT... it didnt stand out at any point.. There was no moment where I got goosebumps, or when I thought ´damn I really want this track´ or anything... was quite normal..


    also, no stage presence at all..


    I wouldnt expect much from his new album.. maybe its nice for home listening, since it was well constructed tracks, but nothing groundbreaking



    later in the party played thomas penton... which was also nice.. he started with a few of his tracks, and then moved on to some of that style which nearly everybody is playing (beckers, luke dzierzek, etc).. his mixing skills were good, and choice of tracks were good too, but nothing mindblowing.. no stage presence either


    and then came a couple of local djs, which were much better imo than atmos and penton..


    one of them is playing in boom.. his dj name is Matera.. so check him out if you are there..





    i hate who destroyed psychedelic goa trance :angry:



  9. I feel like making another top ten, not like anyone cares, but still, here we go:

    1. Elektrochemie - Don't Go - Get Physical

    Probably one of the best tracks released this year, I love how it creeps up from below and and takes you away. Hypnotic, pumping and just plain cool. Even better than Pleasure Seeker, methinks. The combination of Elektrochemie and Get Physical is like a match made in heaven, everything he has released on that label is absolute Gold!


    2. Minilogue - Leopard/Seconds - Traum

    Minilogue at its best, I dont know which track I prefer, but if there is such a thing as a  "velvet audion cushion", Leopard would be it. Like a synaestetic sound picture symphony, or something like that.


    3. Robert Babicz - Cloud Painter - Out of Orbit

    Robert Babicz aka Rob Acid has been releasing some phenomal stuff lately, especially the unique analogueish thick grooves add a distinct flavour to his tracks, this one goes a little bit trancier than the rest. Like everything on Out of Orbit, amazing!! the other tracks on the EP kick-ass as well, especially Little Moon.


    4. Wighnomy Brothers - Moppal Kiff - Freude am Tanzen

    Typical Wighnomy grooves, dry yet pumping, cool use of drums and drumrolls to create general weirdness, and a scorching siren sound to top it all off. The B-side Dukktus is awesome as well, if not better.


    5. Lo Soul - Cut So Sweet - Playhouse

    At first it bored me to death, but then after listening to it "while doing stuff", it really got to me. So inncent and simple, but somehow beautiful and touching. Afterhour music deluxe!


    6. Freq - Avatar - Labyrinth Comp.

    My fav. Freq track, its only in the Labyrinth compilation (mixed unfortunately). 100% Freq, enough said. Prog. Psy done to utmost perfection.


    7. Oxia - Domino - Speicher

    Even though this track is acomplete Rip-Off from "Chardronnet-Eve by Day", i like it better than the "original". I love the weird skipping beat, it sounds so wiggly and weird, its very hard to describe it. The euphoric key changes do the rest.


    8. Sasse - Soul Sounds (Dirt Crew Mix)

    This is old, I dont even know the label, but Fluffy has it on Vynil and I downloaded it. I guess most people recognize this track, it was a real big hit here in Germany, with the laser-like orchestra hits etc... Great track.


    9. Dettmann & Klock - Dawning - Ostgut Tonträger

    Another very subtle one that grew on me, imagine aliens landing in a quiet forest with elves dancing around the UFO. I actually heard it being played out at parties, and there it somehow develops amazing energy in the crowds. One of these tracks that if dropped at just right time, will blow everything apart.


    10. Johannes Heil - Aquarius - Klang

    Under water music, literally. Listen to it on headphones, and you'll feel like you are diving in a deep dark ocean. Not really music to dance to, but muscle relaxers and valium come to mind. As usual Mr. Heils sound production is top notch unbeatably amazing.

    As a Bonus, GSH's favorite Album right now:


    SCSI 9 - The Line of Nine - Kompakt


    The perfect Home Listening Album, slow yet groovy, somewhat trancey in a way, works on the couch as well as on the floor methinks. I listen to it a lot when I read or go to sleep, always makes me happy.


    If you want you can post your own top ten, or maybe not.


    Over and Out.



    I should check all of those out :)

  10. If all goes well, I'll be checking my first Atmos-dj set this weekend in Germany, but only if the wheather allows openair-partying :)



    He plays here tonight. Couldn't care less though. After his amazing debut his recent output was really dull.

    My favorite is of course the first tune of the debut, still gives me the chills when i hear it.



    wow so he´s a travelling man heh? belgium, israel, and next weekend he comes to brazil !


    gonna hear him and thomas penton.. hope its nice


    atmos´ live in voov 2004 was sort of boring, but I generally like his releases.... so lets see whats up next weekend


    and if he doesnt do anything good, there will still be chance for him to show us in sonica :D

  11. I went to Sonica festival last year and although the staff and service disgusted me, the music was awesome, I decided to return this year because the lineup is something out of a dream.

    In keeping with last years tradition, the ticket purchase system is confusing and doesnt make much sense to people who are not italian (likewise for the so-called "how to get there" directions). Appearently once you ordered the ticket you get a very vague email and a barcode. I was confused and replied asking kindly whether actual tickets would be mailed to me later. Here's what the friendly and service-minded italian sonica people replied:


    "hallo! wake up!!


    you won't receive any ticket!!

    You just have the bar code you have to show at the entrance gate together

    with your ID...


    thank you!!"




    I was laughing so hard. Appearently the Sonica customers are stupid for asking questions! It seems that Sonica has decided to uphold its tradition of rude staff and common italian concept of "customerservice". One asks a very legitimate question and a sour italian with what looks to be excessive stomach acid and a drug problem responds in this childish manner :rolleyes:


    Although amusing I am not discouraged by it. Im definetely going for the music but I will not support Sonica festival by purchasing their bad, expensive food from their lazy staff. Just goes to show you how Italian customerservice works. Cya at sonica but don't expect to be treated well.

    Forza Italia  :D


    that sucks man!


    I hate these type of organizers


    and yeah I thought the ticket buying system was very confusing too


    im also goign there, and hopefully wont have a problem with them

  12. I like blumenkraft better, but yeah hallucinogen in dub is very nice....


    amazing producer! (you did check out ott´s remixes of the entheogenic tracks right?)


    as for other psydub...


    I sugest you check all of vibrasphere´s chill tracks (for ex: ´tierra azul´, ´manzanilla´, ´san pedro´)


    check out things by Abakus and by Nada too...


    compilations such as ´Wider Horizons´ and ´Butterfly Dawn´...


    Kaya Project is very good if you like some more ´eastern vibes...


    definitely listen to the cd Puff Dragon - Sazanami



    these are the ones I remember for now but for sure there are many others

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