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  1. the 2 main trance festivals you should check out, as bad trip said, is Universo Paralello (www.universoparalello.art.br) and Solaris festival in february



    appart from trance festivals, in february there is the famous Carnival, happening all around brazil.. You probably seen images of it, the half naked women with some weird costumes, lots of beer, samba and other traditional music, etc...


    where in brazil do you plan on going? Universo Paralello in new year is in Bahia, north-east of brazil... Solaris is in sao paulo state, in the south east... and carnival is all around, from south to north



    and yes, OD, mardi grass is in new orleans usa, but it is in some aspects similar to brazillian carnival (costumes, the moving sound cars, alcohol, half naked women, etc)

  2. Am I the only one who really likes track 1?  Maybe it's because I've never heard it before but I love the way it develops.


    nope, I like track 1 too, for sure


    just that I already had it from va Playground... but its still defo good :)


    although my favourite is still track 3 and the amaaaaazing break :D

  3. listen to antix and then listen to astrix...


    and you'll know what fullon is... no doubt about it  ;)



    he means that if you listen to astrix, which is full on, you'll definitely hear the difference between antix, which is progressive trance (with some prog house influences)


    dont know if it was clear enough when he said it :)

  4. entheogenic track is very nice, good speed, not too chilled and not too fast, nice colours, good melodies..


    elysium is nice, but nothing speciall... it has this ´fat cyborg robotic´ sound in loop just before the vocals, and it doesnt fit the track..the track itself is calm and somehow tribal, not much my style, but its nice


    ishq - I really dont like in general beatless ambient tracks, but this track here (so as the other ishq tracks released) is brilliant! fking beautiful stuff, perfect to listen with closed eyes.. very colourfull, very visual, very beautiful... someday I´ll listen to this on acid for sure, must be great :)


    shulman (cbl rmx) is damn nice.. I just wish they would have given more emphasis to that really cool ´bass´ that appears later on... The mix between shulman´s original flutes and the rest of the track is ver good


    Jaia.. am I the only one that didnt like it at all? It doesnt decide what it is all about.. strange.. its as if its a track that wants to start but doesnt... ´skip´


    cell - its ok, some nice aspects, but the 4x4 and the speed makes me not enjoy it so much there..


    phasephour - very catchy melody, well done and kinda trippy...good track.. but the melody could have repeated a bit less times..


    elysium vs space cat - The parts that seem to have come from Elysium (bassline, the vocal samples, etc) are nice.. but the ´scratchy psychedelic´ sounds that seem to come from space cat really suck and make the track lose it´s magic overall...


    Altitude - its nice track, different.. but not so much my style...


    BPC - quite nice track, I liked it overall, funny and interesting..



    overall: flow is not bad, but I would have preffered something more linear..

    There are some strange and not good tracks, and there are some very nice tracks (entheogenic, ishq, shulman cbl rmx, bpc)...


    Nice compilation....

  5. Well of course tastes may differ, my friend.

    For me personally the was the worst part of their set ;)

    & as for crowd reaction as a token of quality: "I wish" skazi brutal rmx & Paranormal Attack's version of "Seek & Destroy" were making ppl go insane on any dancefloor they were played, but that doesn't make them great tracks imho.

    Sadly, many ppl like something just because they can sing it along from the 1st time they hear it :(


    The main thing for me is that there is a huge difference in taking a sample (be it vocal or not) from a wellknown mainstream song & creating something new with it, like "80's virus" by Dino Psaras


    just taking the whole song, slapping a psy-kick on it, adding a  (anti-)climax or 2 & letting the Isra-highschool-kids jump-for-joy like all mentioned above.


    The first involves creativity & making an effort, the second is just cashing in on what somebody else created & enjoying the ride.


    Still, to each their own, but if somebody hears stuff like that & tells me "Goa is for kids" then I can hardly disagree...



    I agree with you :)


    BUT, for the krueger and coyle case: Their music is very ironic and humorous, at least the way I see it... This is one of the nice things about their live, it´s kinda playfull... I thought that the ´hats are turning´ track fit well in this context, and I think it wasnt purely copying and putting a psy kick on it, but it was changed enough to make it interestnig and creative... do you disagree? I mean, Im not asking if you like the fact that they remixed the track, or if you like the original or the sample, but Im asking if you think that they just copied it and put a kick, and also if you think it was out of context in their live

  6. let me defend another criticised remix: krueger and coyle - hatz are turning (remix of beds are burning from midnight oil)


    its a very good track! and in the original version in the cd, there isnt any vocal sample, just the little melody, which works quite good... the vocal version they play in their lives is good anyway, works very well, like in voov 2004 :)

  7. I second anthony rother


    Martin H 's latest cd Another Download has quite a bit of some weird electro feeling.. Check out the track 'sounds reviving', very good :)


    Mylo, for electro house stuff


    check out releases from Hadshot recs like 'floorfiller dirty' and the 'chosen ' series.


    cant remember anymore, my memory is bad now hehe... If I remember I post some other time

  8. This album, is a kick ass stuff at least for me.


    Altho I know for fact that ppl that spent time in the house/electro scene wont find it that fresh ( my drummer wasnt as impressed as I was ) - for those that are psy prog trance fans it is a real candy. It has damn special sound, first when I heard this CD I asked myself - where is the bass? hehe then I played it on a big system and found it. Really innovative mix, big sounds and excellent progression throughout the tracks. The only drawback I might have is that its a little agressive for home listening due to this sound. Its the best proggy release for me up till now this year together with the Antix album, but those 2 are really hard to compare since they are totally different genres of music I guess for totally different purposes.


    And yeah BLT remix for Wonderground will stay in the drawer, but since it is UNR. KILLAAAAARGH also after 2 years I can play it hehe..


    what you said made me more excited about it :) Lately I've been listening quite a lot to house and electro, so from what you said I think (even if not new) I will like it :)

  9. I would probably (and maybe still would) make:


    1- dubby chill --- e.g. ott


    2- spacey atmospheric deep morning prog house/trance --- e.g. clubbervision, beckers and minilogue


    3- dark evil tech house with full percussions --- e.g. some of martin h and ty tek (stuff played by dj mau mau)


    4- powerful electro madness --- e.g. tiefschwarz, martin h and anthony rother


    I obviously wouldnt be stuck or following and coppying anybody, though..

    the examples are just to show what Im interested in, but definitely all in my own style and not limited to classifications :)


    maybe Im still going to do it.. just need some spare time, better equipment and some more time to propperly learn different instruments :)

  10. I just said 2 simple ways.. but there are many more things you can ´play with´ when mixing and different ways.. but I guess this cant really be taught so much, because it depends a lot on the person playing.. you can use loops, you can play with the ´jet´ thing, you can turn that round thing in the middle (forgot the name, but it makes the speed faster or slower momentarily) etc

  11. well..

    you gotta match the beats...




    no but really... you can use ´queue´ on the track you are going to mix, just before a beat... adjust their bpms so that they are similar (but dont change the ´key´ of the tracks or else they sound weird.. just change the speed.. on pioneer cdj´s, the button not to change the key but only the speed is ´master tempo´ I think)... then when you think that its time for you to start ´mixing´, start playing the second track just before the beat of the one that´s playing already starts, so that they both beat together...

    but do this with the ´channel ´ of the second track closed, so that only you on the headphones can hear it... and when you see that they are perfectly together, then start opening the channel to the speakers


    this is one of the ways...


    or you can count how many seconds it takes for the beat of one track to start, and then start playing the track when the same amount of seconds are missing for the other track to finish... but this depends on how the tracks are beginning and ending, if the intro and outro are compatible, etc...


    anyway, remember the queue button is always useful, remember to adjust the bpms but not change the ´keys´, and just try things out


    (im not an expert or real dj, and I dont know how normally people do it, but I´ve played a bit with it and got the hang somehow in my own way.. hope it helps)

  12. gms astrix full on are not psychedelic

    If you listen to last Droidlock album you can understand what i can call psychedelic


    I was kidding....


    and well, psychedelic is also not an objective term anyway..


    I did try listening to droidlock.. found it too noisy and fast.. couldnt get any 'mind trips' at all, except finding it annoying, sorry...



    and progressive can be VERY psychedelic and not boring AT ALL imo, if you get the good ones... Antix - Forever Changing is one of the most psychedelic and interesting and visual tracks I have heard, for example


    but then again, as long as we know its all about taste, its good :)

  13. Abakus - That Much Closer To The Sun (2004)

    Ishq - Magik Square of the Sun (2005)


    VA - Butterfly Dawn :wub:

    (DRAGONFLY`s release)


    yes I really like all of them too :) but I guess abakus and butterfly dawn have beat and stuff, and he wanted more beatless...


    ISHQ is the way to go, man...


    I recently got this ´quality relaxation´ cd, and maaan, ishq´s track is a masterpiece!! beautiful visuals.. ishq is actually one of the only beatless ambient I can really enjoy.. it never gets boring, and its so colourful and well done





    How can somebody recommend HUVA Network?  :huh:

    I'm just listening to it (giving it it's prob 5th chance)

    It's just boring all the way down ;<

    Nothing happens...I'd prob like it if it'd be beatless but no, it has beats and it's way too agressive... but the aggressivity isn't something that's made well... it's predictable, non-touching, repetitive... pretty much music with no soul :e


    sorry for off-topic


    I agree completely.. huva network is boring..


    who was it, who very perfectly described it as: Yawnbient


    haha perfect description.. at least imo (sorry for those who really like it)

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