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  1. start listening beyond psytrance.
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    Same here, i listen to alot of different genre's... but there are people who don't, and what about the parties... ive been to quite a few parties the last (lets say) 2 years, and I really enjoyed them in the beginning, lots of dancing, lots of fun... If i visit a party now, i won't even move a bit, it's always the same stuff, same people, same music
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    ..to listen to psytrance all day long and visit parties for years and years and years without getting even a BIT bored by it. Damn at this moment i really really really had it with the whole genre, the parties etcetera, luckily i enjoy alot more genres and also visit gigs and stuff like that. But anyway, how do ya all do it!?..
  4. Orla Wren - Weir very relaxing glitchy ambient/idm
  5. yes, looking forward to it... drinking beers, enjoying the noise, dance at the dancable parts, get fucked in the head at the fucked up parts... oh yea!
  6. NT


    Here's a small list with some great net-labels who release(d), quality and free IDM/Glitch/ambient/indie stuff: - Monotonik * http://www.mono211.com/content/news.html - Milk (very old page though, lots of modules (XM/IT) and some mp3's, definantly still worth to check out!) * http://milk.scene.org/index4.html - Sutemos * http://www.sutemos.net/ i'll update it later.
  7. i like it, at least it isn't cheesy full-on... and it's still recognizable koxbox (psychopod) style.. just the first seconds of the first track alone , nice hard bassdrums as well at times...
  8. Glad to hear you like it, bear in mind that every album by these guys is completely different, from ultra raw black metal to ambient to post/prog rock and avantgarde..
  9. Not trance, but ambient/glitch/whatever Ulver - Lyckantropen themes Samples + Info: http://www.jester-records.com/releases_sub.php?ID=27
  10. Ouija - Brainshower YEARS ago, i only heard one track of it on (VA Chakra Green) and I thought it was a very nice track, so i decided to buy the album without any pre-listen... Anyway, turned out that this particular track on Chakra Green was some sort of spaced-out outro track of the "Brainshower" album, and the rest of the album was pure and horrible typical '99 styled minimal shite!
  11. still waiting for the new Gii-wa release...
  12. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAARGHHHHHHHH!... Ive got 4 CC albums, that's about enough.. most of the albums sound exactly the same, but it's still fun music though hehe
  13. It's "S. POSFORD MAN!" don't you get it? Anyway, nah I can enjoy some sphongle tunes but it certainly doesn't live up to the hype imo... but maybe because it ain't really my type/kind of music... so i actually should back the fuck up The flute could as well have been some VST though.. hehe
  14. shpongle is = "OMG S POSFORD" overrated shit anyway!, but same goes for Entheogenic and OTT.. commercially successful though! Better start listening to real ambient. [/pointless bashmode]
  15. hard time killing floor blues
  16. So, the acoustic pieces i posted aren't good? but the guy looks good instead? meh! Anyway, i know it are uplifting tunes instead of 'depressing' like louden... oh well.. just dive into the world of acoustic guitar players and i think you'll come across some tunes that sound like louden.. and please don't think like: "OMG!11 POSFORD TOUCHED A GUITAR SO NOW IT'S GOLD!!1, DUN CARE 'BOUT THA REST!11" Btw another one: http://video.google.nl/videoplay?docid=6397119668609726180&q
  17. Bow for the mighty Emperor! Great artwork and great atmoshpheric album, prefer to listen this when it's winter though
  18. http://video.google.nl/videoplay?docid=-85...9144203707953&q http://video.google.nl/videoplay?docid=8091362329262101898&q
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