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  1. You must check out the early works of Sandman for sure!, now that's dark and mean...! and not only stupid empty bassline based tracks with some random horror movie samples, but dark / evil melodies and stuff like that i reccomend his "Witchcraft" album and these 3 killer tracsk: End of the world, Natural born killer, Starfinder
  2. NT

    best ambient?

    older Aphex Twin stuff and dark ambient such as Nordvargr <- evil!
  3. so... what is it then? you forgot to mention!
  4. hm i only know about a DUB mix of As a child i could walk on the ceiling... never heard of a remix
  5. I prefer part 3 in those series (it are 2 TIP colour albums in one though) , but Tantrance 6 is my personal best compil ever favourite... Tracklist: CD 1 1. 10'15" Sandman : End Of The World 2. 08'58" Orion : Nezca Spider 3. 08'19" Astrological : Moonraker 4. 09'45" Cosmosis : Moonshine 5. 09'14" Elysium : Trancelestial Psychobabas 6. 09'52" Elixir : Spiral 3 Remix 7. 09'38" Oforia : Why Not On Mars 8. 09'18" Astral Projection : Dancing Galaxy CD 2 1. 09'39" Psychopod : Universal Mind 2. 07'27" Green Nuns Of The Revolution : Octofunk 3. 07'56" Prometheus Process : Clarity From Deep 4. 06'52" Space Tribe : Circle Of Life 5. 10'36" Lotus Omega : Lighthouse 6. 08'16" Four Carry Nuts : Total Recall 7. 09'03" Quirk : Ping 8. 08'29" Slinky Wizard : Sacred Fist 9. 08'48" Hallucinogen : Spiritual Antiseptic
  6. 97 / 98 , when i started listening to the genre... nothing can top the good ol' stuff
  7. psykovsky! *drools* hehe...
  8. Old: Sandman Xenomorph Everything old from "Psychopod" Orichalcum New: Psykovsky Seroxat Azax Syndrom Kindzadza
  9. none, really.... not a big fan, never really been...
  10. i only know most of his 'classics' .... and who doesn't love "Teleport" ? , oldschool... great
  11. Never really liked Miranda ( i have a lot of compilations on which she also makes an appereance...) the only songs i like are Gnocchi & Space Baby (and a bit of Labyrinth), but i'm glad to see she's still alive.... *nostalgic feelings*
  12. in my bed with headphones on and lights out....
  13. i like the 'indie (rock)' influences on this album, but other than that it isn't really good or special and i also prefer their previous albums.... too bad
  14. Hi Dave, i'm new here as well... (if anyone wants some intro about me, just ask) are you the same hybridx chap who hangs around on #trax on irc net by any chance? I'm called 'junkfood' there so i might already *know* you a bit, but welcome
  15. Very nice release here, compiled by the 3 ladys from M.O.S. who are into dark trance alot. Great track by Para Halu on this one, really gives me the shivers and it's pitch black / dark. (that moment after the little opera sample really IS dark and a little bit scary, the 'melody' then is hrm.. just reminds me of a pitch black apocalyptic world hehe) i DO enjoy the 2nd song because it contains a very nice dark sounding synth riff + the sounds are pretty insane at times, and i don't mind psy stuff being less fast paced. Mubali's track on this one is more dancefloor stuff, not really dark... average track, Xenomorph's is once again amazing and you can recognise instantly it's him, the lead synth is a bit cheesy though but the way the melody of the lead synth is is awesome, so i don't mind it to be a 'commercial trance type synth' , Fractal Cowboys track is weirdness all the way (it could be compared to some of the funny/weird tunes on the "Schizm" compilation) , Crazy! Ghreg on earth's tune is a little bit 'flat' but has some nice crazy effects and some excellent dark soundscapes in the background. Amanda's track i don't like, it makes use of the "amen" breakbeat, which is so old and we have heard it thousands of times before, + there are some really annoying sounds in this song, and nothing really special happens, more dancefloor oriented stuff i guess. The Nommos, pretty standard track 'average' darkness but excellent crazy sounds, but lacks atmosphere imo. And last Penta's song, one of the worst penta songs i know of.. haven't got much to say about this one. .. Overall a good compilation but i expected it to be a bit darker then it is, it is one of my favourite compilations from this year though, (just for the great Para Halu and Xenomorph songs ) if you like this compilation be sure to check out "There is no tomorrow" and maybe combine the best (or darkest / evilest songs) tracks of both compils into one trip to hell
  16. Excellent album!, original samples, original bassdrums and sounds... and dark/evil melodies instead of just dark sounds to create a dark atmosphere. Too bad 'Psychotoons' is half about what this album is about, i'd love to hear plenty more of this stuff..... one of my favourite psytrance albums ever, goodluck finding it... maybe they'll re-release it somewhere soon with new packaging, would be great! In the meantime also check out these Sandman songs: - End of the world - Natural Born Killer - Starfinder
  17. Oh, totally forgot about that one! Best song of the year must be osom's - over game then too hehe , but is Zen 2 really from 2004?
  18. lhiannon sidhe & There is no tomorrow Dark stuff... First post btw Edit: Oh! And i forgot to mention about the great compilatoin called "Schizm" , complete weird alien funk!!
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