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  1. for your sake i hope simon posford will also make a cheesy full-on album in the near future, that would be a damn good laugh for me... but i know you will defend him.. hey maybe he's gay... that will make you throw his albums away won't it?
  2. My only hope left... so it better be good or i'll stop listening to psy for a couple of years again...
  3. http://www.guerrilla.pl/stef/Slepcy_Centrala_Live-hvbr.mp3 Slepcy live set (breakcore/idm/mashup etc)
  4. SPEKTR - The near death experience dark ambient/jazz/black metal hybrid
  5. just imagine "Xenomorph" is going to do the same thing
  6. this is SHIT... it sounds like TV trance... even worse than full-on , wtf...
  7. Spektr - Whatever The Case May Be... Dark ambient / Jazz black metal... alot more psychedelic than psytrance.. and tons darker than any 'darkpsy' hehe
  8. No, not drunk but still frustrated. but well this was highly predictable ofcourse... but still BAH!
  10. Another "Formula one chick terrorist" on the cover?
  11. ah! my all-time favourite drum n bass compilation! also the first dnb ive ever heard in my life... so smooth and jazzy great stuff... "music... is the basis, of all life.."
  12. ULVER - In the red nice avant garde rock/jazz crossover... from their latest album
  13. Nobody sounds like Psyko Disko MUHAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEHE.... tune used to excite me alot in the past... it was damn crazy hehe
  14. Here you go; Neuwerk - Sugandhalaya Taken from: Terrordrome VIII And what about "UBX" ?... UBX - Sub Mind Another 'trancy' side of the Terrordrome series... but a bit less goa, and alot faster Enjoy!
  15. well some of the Neuwerk tracks on the Terrordrome compilations were already pretty chilled... some sort of 'hardtrance' with a couple of goa/psy influences...
  16. NT

    I am angry

    he used smilies at his 2nd post though, maybe it's a universal statement that he also posted elsewhere or mailed to certain people?
  17. NT

    I am angry

    oh hmm.. haven't read that post, but it's a strange world anyway... maybe something went wrong with this new album?
  18. well "Neuwerk" actually released a couple of real psytrance songs a couple of years later on psytrance compilations... http://www.discogs.com/artist/Neuwerk
  19. probably some hard/gabber/psytrance by NEUWERK on the Terrrordrome compilations...
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