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  1. Hahaha... your new signature doesn't represent this post at all then!
  2. Here you go you nitwits! Just sharing some of the nostalgic stuff HAH! Dave Wallace - Waves ^ click ^ Let me know me what you think..
  3. what are you talking about bitch?! hehe... hm.. so many spacy dnb songs on this one... Dave Wallace pure nostalgia
  4. Classic! The 2nd drum n bass album i ever bought... still brings alot of nostalgic feelings... *chills(*
  5. NT

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    Do you think i'm tit obsessed?
  6. Sure beats 90% of so called 'complex' music! + + + =
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    Thanks again Insejn!
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    Off-topic question (don't know where else to post this, as there ain't no support/tech subforum) Can anyone change my nick into NT... as i am tired of this n00b sounding nick Thanks in advance..
  9. Laurent Garnier - Basic By Elegia (Wake Up Lab Remix)
  10. Sandman - Flight or fight ah, almost forgot how great this was.. i'll just *think* that the Sandman of today is just dead... or that the guy who made this is a totally different guy
  11. Ah! Great song man!.... have to listen that someday again. classic dark/nighttime 'psy'... np: Jamiroquai - Stillness in time
  12. Maybe you can be the replacement of "Ingmar Veeck" (AKA Lastertrancer AKA Avi Missim AKA Multi Freeman AKA L'ange Gabriella AKA Aminate FX, AKA Psychedelic Tranceforce AKA Alysium... etc etc.. Maybe they'd want you on that label that releases an overkill of tracks also made by just one guy, and it sounds just like the music you are creating. label website: http://www.ramshorn.nl/ They released CULT classics such as: GO-A-HEAD 016503 (CD) € 16.95 (DJ DE MOOR mixed his 18 most populair live at the...) THE PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE PARTY 016418 (CD) € 16.95 (Very psy and progressive! A big party megamix of t...) GOA TRANCE The Best Of vol. 6 013575 (3-CD) € 19.95 (The succes story continue with volume 6. Includes:...) THE LOVE PARTY 2002 013568 (3-CD) € 19.95 (13th of JULY is D-Day, ones again a registration o...) THE BEST OF GOA TRANCE vol. 5 013542 (3-CD) € 19.95 (feat: PSYCHEDELIC TRANSFORCE, L'ANGE GABRIELLA, RO...) THE LOVE PARTY 2001 013523 (3-CD) € 19.95 (1 Bonus CD plus 2 Live CD Mixes recorded during th...) THE BEST OF GOA TRANCE vol. 4 013514 (3-CD) € 19.95 (On many request we made another The Best of the Go...) THE BEST OF GOA TRANCE vol. 3 013500 (3-CD) € 19.95 (The 33 biggest and most succesfull songs of the GO...) DANCE TO GOATRANCE vol. 3 013493 (3-CD) € 19.95 (33 tracks, Incl. hot stuff from COLOR DOX, INGMAR...) THIS IS 100 % GOA 013490 (3-CD) € 19.95 € 17.96 (33 tracks with a selection the best GOA TRANCE ava...) THE BEST OF GOA TRANCE vol. 2 013483 (3-CD) € 19.95 (The 33 biggest and most succesfull songs of the GO...) GOA TRANCE: THE LOVE PARTY 013480 (3-CD) € 19.95 (1 CD mixed LIVE during the LOVE PARADE 2000 in Ber...) DANCE TO GOA TRANCE vol. 2 013478 (3-CD) € 19.95 (33 tracks including the BEST GOA TRANCE artist/DJ'...) DANCE TO GOA TRANCE 013464 (3-CD) € 19.95 (33 tracks, incl. PASCAL HAGEN, GLASSWHISPER, TIM M...) GOA TRANCE the best of 013456 (3-CD) € 19.95 (33 tracks featuring the very best of the succesful...) GOA TRANCE vol. 7 The Millennium Box 013440 (3-CD) € 19.95 (56 tracks of the very best of The Goa Trance serie...) GOA TRANCE vol. 1 013354 (3-CD) € 19.95 (The Roots of the best Goa series ever. Featuring:...) GOA TRANCE vol. 17 012586 (2-CD) € 18.95 (Once again 22 brand new GOA TRANCE tracks. Incl ne...) GOA TRANCE vol. 16 012551 (2-CD) € 18.95 (Woooh the new GOA TRANCE vol. 16 is out, includes...) PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE PARTY vol. 2 012524 (2-CD) € 18.95 (The follow-up of the succesful Part 1. Incl. more...) GOA TRANCE vol. 15 012519 (2-CD) € 18.95 (All brand new material from: DJ DE MOOR, AMINATE F...) GOA TRANCE vol. 14 012506 (2-CD) € 18.95 (22 tracks, great stuff from: DJ DE MOOR, LÁNGE GAB...) GOA TRANCE vol. 13 012497 (2-CD) € 18.95 (22 tracks, incl. SYNCHRON, ENFUSIA, LASERTRANCER,...) GOA TRANCE vol. 12 012486 (2-CD) € 18.95 (22 tracks, Incl. PASCAL HAGEN, LASERTRANCER, ROBER...) GOA TRANCE vol. 11 012474 (2-CD) € 18.95 (22 tracks, incl. MULTI FREEMAN, SPHINX & JOKING, P...) GOA TRANCE vol. 10 012466 (2-CD) € 18.95 (22 tracks, incl. LASERTRANCER, COLOR DOX, DJ DE MO...) I LOVE GOA TRANCE vol. 2 012461 (2-CD) € 18.95 (22 tracks, selected by the biggest GOA TRANCE fans...) GOA TRANCE vol. 9 012454 (2-CD) € 18.95 (22 tracks.Featuring new tracks from: MULTI FREEMAN...) I LOVE GOA TRANCE 012449 (2-CD) € 44.95 (A compilation with the best and most wanted Goa Tr...) GOA TRANCE vol. 8 012447 (2-CD) € 18.95 (The story continues with only new material of: MUL...) GOA TRANCE vol. 6 012431 (2-CD) € 18.95 (Including 22 brand new tracks. featuring new mater...) GOA TRANCE vol. 5 012423 (2-CD) € 18.95 (22 brand new tracks with the best GOA from artists...) GOA TRANCE vol. 4 012412 (2-CD) € 18.95 (featuring new Goa songs of: SPINX & JOKING, JIGSAW...) GOA TRANCE vol. 3 012401 (2-CD) € 18.95 (We are proud to present 21 brand new and GOA songs...) GOA TRANCE vol. 2 012377 (2-CD) € 18.95 (20 brand new Goa songs. Featuring new material fro...)
  13. yeah reger, thanks... doesn't care about old fans obviously...
  14. Hm anyway judging by the compilation releases by Xenomorph he's still on the right path, but well... on the same path as most of the other darkpsy artists lately, which is sure more positive than turning into cheesy/pop/full-on trance though... but anyway, i still can't imagine it's the same Sandman which created such intelligent and atmospheric songs doing this utterly SHITTY pop trance nowadays... is it the money?.. Oh yeah and a classic comment by Sandman himself on his own new stuff: "IEF YUO DON'T LIEK IT, DOESN'T LISTEN TO IT!11EINS" well, i fucked it up.. but it was something like that (said somewhere in a different 'sandmans new material' topic)
  15. Wow! Amazing! Even better than the track that goes like ".."
  16. Ah Blu Mar Ten is nice indeed, love this tune called 'The Fountain' (pretty old one though...)
  17. Venetian Snares - Vache oh my, this is such intelligent and hyperfast music...
  18. for a moment i forgot that he is GOD yes... KIIILLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH Only S. Posford will never make shitty music! NEVARGH!11EINS
  19. Sandman is dead But Witchcraft is a brilliant album nonetheless..
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