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  1. hm I never had a feeling of aliens nor space while listening to this track, probably because it has tons of those nice 3D ping-pong sounds in it, which is a sport right here, down on earth!
  2. Heh, funny qoute... gotta love "Lofi Scifi" !
  3. The CD arrived today! Thanks alot again!
  4. Velvet Cacoon - 1 Black metal / Dark ambient hybrid
  5. haha, looking forward to it.. sorry man it was just a lame joke...
  6. what if we all get bomb packages instead hehe, just kidding!
  7. Is that a new album? np: Metropolitan Jazz Affair - Drifting hm I wish it was summer already
  8. NT


    wow, this track is great... but the mastering ain't good enough yet imo (not enough volume on the beats imo, at least not with my headphones, might be different with a sub... hmm) you should continue creating fucked up shit like this though
  9. NT

    Aphex Twin - Classics

    Hm I prefer "Selected Ambient Works Vol.1" instead of this one... It's a really nice release though, but get Sel. Amb. Works 1 instead
  10. Tom Wax & Boris Alexander - Distodisco Great techo tune! *feels like partying on a tech/elec party* darn, not until next year... hm
  11. Bob Dylan - The Man in Me (Big Lebowski OST) But oooohooo what a wonderful feeling! love this song and the scene's with this song in the movie.
  12. NT


    Wait 'til they find out about CD-ROT
  13. Thanks, Ive heard it before yeah... loved the Ka-Sol track Even though I almost stopped listening to psy, this might get me into it again hehe
  14. wow! Congratulations all! First of all, great great thanks to Faze! Never thought i'd win anything hehe! Really surprised me! And I'm very happy with it, made my day... it's been years since I won anything! Thanks again!
  15. Volume 1 of the GOA-TRANCE series is actually quite nice! Haven't heard it in years though, a long lost friend had it
  16. This idiot ofcourse: Ingmar Veeck Not sure it it are more though, too lazy to count.
  17. Dave Morton - Machinery Ah, oldschool industrial gabber... great track! Wish I was 15 again
  18. Ah that explains! BTW, do you happen to have a copy of VA - Pulse 4 or 6 left? Though I'm completely broke now haha
  19. Why are you selling this? It's a great compilation, a real keeper... not the best in the series though (disc 1 is kinda boring...), but if you collected the other parts from the series you certainly must keep this one! BTW; Part 6 and 3 are still the best imo.. (argh, 2 and 4 as well... and 1 for pure nostalgic feelings) I love having them in my collection! (damn almost for ten years already)
  20. 80 AUM - Kaos and after that: 80 AUM - Trauma gabber/hardtrance/whatever oldschool classics!
  21. Pending on VA - Sanatonic Audio Just gotta love the ka-sol track on that one! but hm I'm from overseas..
  22. I don't listen to psytrance anymore... been OD'd with it (well mostly been OD'd by stuff that use same darn bassdrum/bassline/drum/VST/Effect kits over and over and over and over again, almost everything that is produced nowadays is focused on drugged ppl on the dancefloor, dull and boring repetive stuff... a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy (or maybe even replace 'copy' with 'remix'), still 'refuse' to listen to it and almost dislike anything new I hear nowadays, so; 0.5/5
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