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  1. What year? Would've fit right in on the 90's Acid Flash compilations stylewise.
  2. Good point, that's how I fell in love with this genre. It just felt alien, and truly captured the essence of the LSD-experience. Albeit in audio for most part, and sometimes with nice complementary artwork. It should be a free artform like that with seemingly endless creative possibilites. It must've felt so liberating for the early pioneers of this genre to not feel the need to be restrained by the more restrictive style boundaries within other, at the time well-defined genres. Certainly if we compare the more colorful expression of early Goa Trance, to the mostly black and white spectrum of
  3. Yes you're probably right It's a bit vague, then again it's in the general psy section. @Tsotsi would you mind explain a bit more what you mean specifically with this freestyle genre-less stuff? I think I interpreted it a bit too literally lol. And went overboard with it. Do you mean like stuff that was featured on for example psy/goa compilations that felt out of place? Or albums/EP's and so on that was marketed as psy but felt like something else entirely?
  4. I see your point, but for me atleast it's melodic Psy-Trance with a pinch of darkness. Just because it doesn't fit neatly into the sub-genres you mentioned, doesn't mean it's genre-less? The same could be said of Infected Mushroom, experimental Psy-Trance sure. But for example the two first albums are certainly on the darker side at times, and most would agree that they made Psy-Trance. And those albums are certainly some of Talpa's points of inspiration. So whatever category people like to put early Infected Mushroom into, Talpa can be put too. It's all Psy-Trance, maybe not as generic as mo
  5. A fun album with a nice concept, I really like the album artwork Although I would definitely not have a problem defining its style. It's on the border of darker melodic psy but also has some slight humour and also some melancholy. Stylewise it harkens back to some of Infected Mushrooms albums, B.P Empire perhaps and some small inspirations from The Gathering, Classical Mushroom and Converting Vegetarians. It has a funky element too, and I'm sure it has inspirations from other contemporary styles/artists as well that I don't know about. But it's certainly Psytrance through and through. A very
  6. Wow great news! Best wishes and very curious to hear the final result with mastering.
  7. I got the chills when I first heard the Mobb Deep album Hell On Earth at a friends place in the 90's. Those cold dark beats are still amazing! I love how they often sampled vinyl noise and added to their tracks, so you get those cozy vinyl vibes even on CD I also like how the Mobb Deep music fits very well for autumn/winter listening.
  8. Listening through the 3 Dimension 5 albums on Suntrip + Ra - To Sirius and Ra - 9th. They just fit together so well if one starts with the D5 stuff and then jumps to To Sirius and finish with 9th. Anybody know why Dimension 5 haven't made any new Goa? They play live occassionally it seems?
  9. This is the stuff right here. If you haven't heard it yet, well what are you waiting for? It will send cosmic shivers through your melting brain. Tune in, turn on your fluoro neuro SpongeBob synthesizzlers and re-adjust your brain-waves to the incoming stream of alien disco music. It's beyound comprehension how two Dimension 5 albums could be released in 2013, what are the odds for that to even happen? Well I don't know, let's just be thankful that they were, and appreciate that we now have a juggernaut trilogy that is the Goa Trance equivalent to The Lord of the Rings trilogy. And with that s
  10. This is the type of album that takes you on some very enjoyable cosmic journeys through space and time. And I don't think there are too many of those. I love the type of flying sensation the D5-style manage to evoke in the mind of the listener. It's also the type of album which makes me wanna review music again! So I will try to review this and the other Dimension 5 albums released on Suntrip Records. They are nothing but stellar, or perhaps TransStellar. Moreover what's so phenomenal about the music of D5, is that it might be the closest thing to a trip that you can get, without actually tak
  11. Black Mirror Bandersnatch, so cool/trippy/weird stuff. The LSD scene in particular was very realistic. Gonna have to rewatch it a couple of times to see all the endings (10 in total) and different scenes/scenarios.
  12. This tutorial is fucking epic so far, It should be pinned at the top of this forum section. Really detailed and well made.
  13. Nice 90's studio gear list on the inside of the CD tray or what it's called I like the combo of 90's Goa remastered by Tim Schuldt, it has proven to work very well before.
  14. Oh dat sux then. Suxoscope lol Too bad because it had a really nice and clear interface.
  15. I will post my goa thingy as soon as I've applied the phase align tutorials on it, atm I can't get exoscope to work. Any other comparably good oscilloscope available out there you guys could recommend? I've gotten exoscope to work before, so I'm not sure what's up. Could probably be due they having updated it to work with the latest mac OS which I'm skipping. Gonna see if I can find an older version of exoscope.
  16. Interesting point, I think the Techno genre is comparable to the Psytrance one in that regard, it contains various different styles. Goa however is perhaps a somewhat more strictly defined style? But yeah broadly speaking, Techno has evolved of course, but we can maybe agree that we know more or less what's meant by the term Techno nowadays. If that genre is played at a venue, I got a hum of what's waiting, and the same goes for Goa and Psy, even more so if I know specifically what artists will be playing if I know about their works. Here in Sweden they even write stuff like "DJ whatever - D
  17. If you post this in the Lost Tracks forum section, I'm sure you'll get a positive track ID https://www.psynews.org/forums/forum/4-lost-tracks/
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