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    i wouldn't pay extra and it doesn't make any audible difference. the way music is mastered we are miles away from coming close to using the headroom we get with 16bit. not even 320 mp3 can be distinguished in double blind tests by professionals in their studios, so how could 24bit make any difference? there's so much placebo in audio quality. if you've ever been in a hifi shop and witnessed what they sell to people you will have been surprised. and if you've ever eq'd a channel that wasn't even playing you know why it works
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    mp3 320 is perfectly great and save a lot of space on your hard disk
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    There's definitely something wrong if you can hear a difference between 2 lossless formats. The audio data in a FLAC is bitwise 100% identical to the WAV it was encoded from.
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    Okay guys, time for news. Our plan: 1) Median Project - In the Depths of Space (debut album) 2) Omneon - Ascension (debut album) 3) Special project (experiment): Psy-H Project & Zirrex & Centavra Project & Nostromosis & Median Project & Alienapia & Omneon & DJ Adept - Intergalactic Cult (digital single) Epic long track by Global Sect Team. Crazy experiment 4) Atlantis - Psychoactive (debut album) 5) Slow Reflections - Natural Vibrations (downtempo side by Psy-H Project) 6) VA by DJ Masala 7) Katedra - Nagual (debut album) 8) Centavra Project - Alone in Space (debut album) 9) Artifact303 - new album If you have any questions and ideas about our label, you can post it here ॐ
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    It doesn't sound like it but the intro sound and main acid lines in this are all TB303. It's amazing what that thing can do if you feed it voltages it wasn't designed to accept.
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