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    Wwaaoooouuu !!! Another megablast !!! DAT Records, you rocks !!! Special mention to "Asian Code 7" !!!! A huge track !!!
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    I think good full-on is something like this. 142-147 bpm, intense and energetic, with good catchy melodies. Unfortunately stuff like that is hard to find, most full-on released now hardly contains anything resembling a melody. Dacru was focused on full-on in late 00's now they release both full-on and prog.
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    Fixing my headphones. The pads are attached with goddamn flimsy plastic pegs, which have broken several times for various reasons. Two-part epoxy works for a while, but the pegs are so small that some random knock will eventually break them again. Now I drilled metal pins through them. Seems to work. It took a while to get this done. Definitely an improvement over constant fear of something falling off. Makes listening to ambient more relaxing...
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    I have one premise: A release needs to sink in for some years after first hearing it before I can consider it a "favorite". That said, these are my picks, each of them means a lot to me in different ways (alphabetical order, because ranking them would be too much asked): Art of Trance - Wildlife on One Biot - Synthetic Organic Color Box - Train to Chroma City Electric Universe - One Love Jaïa - Blue Energy KhetzaL - Corolle Miraculix - The Arrival Ra - To Sirius X-Dream - We Created Our Own Happiness Zirrex - Lost in Time
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