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  2. seratonin sunrise is not punk (the only thing about it that's not just goa trance is the horrible vocal that ruins the track), and thankfully i don't know any other punk-psy either.
  3. Enslaved is a good band, maybe you’ll like it regardless!
  4. I dont think this has been asked about before but if so Moderate it.. Can you suggest Psy- or GoaTrance with Punk? I can at least recommend one track .. Be my guest and discuss it not being punk. - https://m.imdb.com/title/tt9419282/
  5. Entry #42 Oh boy, am I going to regret this. I'm talking about Altar Records and their extensive catalogue. Some months ago I was able to purchase a big chunk of their releases for a pound each. Thankfully I didn't pay more. When Altar Records was starting I saw it (and probably more) as a substitute for Ultimae Records which was quite clearly changing musical direction. And it was alright at first, but then it became too much to handle. Don't get me wrong, the releases are not that bad, but they are so formulaic and derivative that you think you have one disc on infinite repeat. There are some exceptions here and there, but they are lot in the sheer number of releases. If they could focus their creative power and energy to only the best of the released tracks we would be talking about a worthy successor of Ultimae by now. So let's start and get over it. Not even the mighty Asura can save the day. At least put a frikin tracklist so we don't have to check Discogs every time.
  6. They are coming to Greece in Autumn so I want to know too. Have to check how they are performing nowadays before buying tickets. Electric Wizard was as filthy and rotten can be. Amazing atmoshpere and performance. Sleep on the other hand was boring, didn't enjoy it all. Good sound and good technique but couldn't get into it. Also added in this summer's concerts: Sick of it all and Lamb of God. Might have to skip Clutch. It's all in June, I have only limited resources (money and time) and there are many other dance events that I want to go to.
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  8. KUNI - Coalesce Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds062L Format: Album Released: April 2019 After his strong EP "Silhouettes", Digital Diamonds presents KUNI's debut album! 13 unique tracks, each constituting their own narrative. In a world driven by perpetual change and a yearning for freedom, KUNI represents a sonic reality that is not restricted by any rules. This is reflected in the album title 'Coalesce' meaning 'come together to form one mass or whole'... which is what this versatile artist embodies. Immerse yourselves in the journey. Get it: https://www.digital-diamonds.com/index.php?id=digitaldiamonds062l
  9. Entry #41 1994 A year that seemed every Jungle track coming out was at the very least, good. And the next compilation series is proof of that. A bargain bin series, with cheap cover but not cheap music. Including some well known tracks and some not so well, but no bad tracks whatsoever. I'm always in for a bargain
  10. Well I suppose he may be right considering it looks like he kinda co-wrote it
  11. Is it possible to post pictures of the editions with bubbles?
  12. i received my copy today, and you have had some bad luck, as mine is perfect in every way, nothing as you described and sounds amazing, not worried at all that it aint 180g, as couldn't be better i think there has been a mix up in the warehouse, and you received some of the first batch that were rejected (which is why their was a delay, as their were faults with the artwork) am sure twisted will sort it out, have some faith, they all not like that
  13. On the low end, i.e. below say 400Hz? I doubt it... It was either going through multiband splitter and the FX was at the upper part, or Side (as in M/S) was high-passed.
  14. ^ The movie it's inspired by is also very cool holmes! :)) A memory stick like this is nice and is a no brainer with tip (value). http://the-cure.bandcamp.com/merch/32gb-wooden-usb-leaf-shaped-memory-stick-with-the-cure-logo-engraving I dont really understand yet why one would have to havr both sound quality versions, care to enlighten me anyone? Like with the new Entheogenic albums, I actually didn't buy his Full Discography on Bandcamp as a gift to someone because it includes doubleups.. Like with all the Ultimae Records Bandcamp releases, 24bit and normal < Normal costs less to buy. Why have both? Anyway, I like The Cure's memorystick (not recieved yet, ordered 2) because first of all the The Cure label is a good one, especially since I know the owner and where his heart and head is at. The stick includes All the labels releases to date (in both sound qualities..), profits goes to good cause. Music is of quality. It also includes the newest VA to Download and stream.
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  16. Well that Higher Levels album by Microcosm on Ektoplazm is mostly made between 1995 and 1998 with some minor edits after,, Don't take this as Fact but its not far from. This should become clearer soon. There exists also unreleased material on this SC, https://soundcloud.com/aztronaut/microcosm-a-taste-of-paradise and obs. it looks (master with this track came in a few days ago) like a 1995 track made by Phreak By Nature will also be on the mentioned NOR-GOA VA. Phreak By Nature is Georg, half of Microcosm .. Aztronaut is an old friend of them.
  17. Strangepork will release a new track with the same equipment this year on Kali Earth Records www.kaliearthrecords.com -- His new artist name is Drum Pets btw. @Manuser Some more info about the 2019 release, its a 3CD VA with Norwegian made Goatrance.. "Drum Pets - Melt the Walls [Strangepork remix]" is one of the tracks.
  18. Yes I Ambient mixes, and right now at this very moment halfways in, DJ Ambient Mann (KER) is DJing LIVE @ Radio Q37 - I'm listening, and I'm loving it so I post it here, https://radioq37.com/
  19. This isn't a bad album, and it does have that early Prodigy-rave kind of style in many tracks. My favorites are Raga, Kinesis, and The Watcher, which is the best track on the album IMO. The rest are ok and totally listenable tracks, if you can tolerate a somewhat outdated style of production.
  20. Entry #40 Time to move to some old school electronic music and probably the most diverse genre coming out from this era. Jungle :) I loved Jungle (second to Goa Trance), unfortunately I missed it's peak year (1994) by that much. However in this compilation series you can find what it was all about. Not a single bad track with the 3rd volume noticing some future sounds that would later develop to drum&bass. Gem
  21. +1 One exception for me is the first track "Rusalka". I like the melody@4:35min. And ok "Rise of the Dacians" has @4:44min this dreamy feeling, I really like. The positive thing here for me is the cool sounddesign (exception: Terp Muronivid Aivlsa): I like the smooth and soft Baselines and Kick. The one note rolling bassline of "Rusalka" works very good. And of course E-Mantra has his own style, and this is good. But I think his style works better in his downtempo/ambient side. 6/10
  22. Listen to the first cd actually and remember how cool this cd is. In contrast to most of nowadays (Neo-)Goatrance every track has his own story and signature. No medicore stuff here. 9/10
  23. VA - Clear Form - FTO003 Title: Clear Form Artist: Various Artists Label: Future Tribe Office Catalogue No: FTO003 Release date: 25. February. 2019 This is our 3rd release of new and old talents of the new age Trance sceen. We tried to do a variety of melodic projects right into your ears, the menu is an international show up of this persons. We planed this scenario to the year 2019 spring. Compiled by Dj Dolphin (Hungary-Budapest) 1. Provision - Before Minutes 8:09 2. Crypto - Theory 7:06 3. Cortex - Medical Marijuana (Remix) 7:07 4. Echoes of Space - Evolution 8:03 5. Provision – Ribanio 7:54 6. Suria - Anomalous Lepton Production 9:24 7. Morphon - Cheese Dreams 7:21 8. Digital Paradox - See You In Orbit 8:00 9. Crypto – Shalva 6:32 10. Captured Cage - Raised by Wolves 7:17 11. Space Tourist - Never Far 6:20 Link: https://futuretribeoffice.bandcamp.com/album/va-clear-form http://psy-music.ru/news/va_clear_form_2019/2019-03-21-16925 http://forum.isratrance.com/free-download-compilation-clear-form-from-future-tribe-recordings/
  24. 6 more months have passed Neither the Indiegogo campaign nor the FB link were updated, as the campaign just tuened 6 years old...
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