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Go_A instead of GOA ... will be the new hype?

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So YouTube now thinks I might be Ukrainian, because I get a lot of ukrainian music recommendations.

Latest: Go_A ... I found the name funny because of the reference here to this forum - but dang, they're good, seriously ... have a listen:

Some people say (in some reaction videos) that this is gonna be the songcontest winner?
Go_A may be the new hype? Well, we've always been quite close, without the underscore, haven't we?

Your opinion on this one?

I find it absolutely great :wub:


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Facinating. I was expecting it to take a different direction when that one heavy guitar riff entered, though.

Is she saying, "say you're gay"? If it's a Eurosong cotenst, it makes totally sense.




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20 hours ago, psytones said:

Is she saying, "say you're gay"? If it's a Eurosong cotenst, it makes totally sense.

I think it's full of plays of words, I'd expect it to be ... and if you translate the lyrics, they pretty openly seem to refer homosexuality, at least if you enter it  in Google. So, you are right (in my opinion), but they don't do it as plainly as you might think if you refer to the chorus ... there she's saying these words:

Сію вію, Сію вію конопелечки
Сію вію, Сію вію зеленесенькі

which should translate to:

these eyelashes, these eyelashes hemp plants,
these eyelashes, these eyelashes greenish

... at least with all translating power available to me :P

Altogether it might seem that she's saying something about "making noise" and plays of words to be homosexual ... so it's quite plain actually.

Keep in mind though that I don't speak a single word Ukrainian or Russian (I can't even swear right according to feedback) ... so I could be super wrong. Anyone can crosscheck it? Mind you, there's two versions of the song out there, I like this one more that I posted here...

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