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The Maniac -Into Madness


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Artist: The Maniac
Title: Into Madness
Label: Neogoa Records
Release: Nov 6, 2021

1. In Unlighted Chambers
2. Cult
3. Effluvium Of K'thun
4. Awakening Rhan Tegoth
5. Blessings Of Chaugnar Faugn
6. In The Court Of Hastur
7. Daemon Sultan
8. Temple Of Nephren-Ka
9. Originator Of Madness
10. Sacrifice To Tsathoggua

One of the crazier pieces from Mr Deepak and one of the crazier albums out there in general. 3 Hoorahs.






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I miss a lot of things.

Like being able to eat whatever I want whenever I want. Sure I can still do it, but now it comes with fat a*ss consequences. I miss being able to stay up past 11 at night. It's not like any part of my day is strenuous, but like clockwork there I am on the couch wondering how the hell I fell asleep at 8:30. I closed my eyes for like, 5 minutes!

But, I also miss the Neogoa label. Ivan and co. busted their a** to produce and deliver so many quality releases and oftentimes for nothing. This was the final offering from the label and it puts a nice bow on their catalog. The Maniac is Deepak B (or B. Deepak?) and he created  Intense, pounding beats with machine gun spray 303 aggression. There is not a lot of room to catch your breath with such a high tempo barrage of barely controlled chaos. One of the things I liked is the seamless transition into new arpeggio lines. Like a lot of neogoa the most prominent gripe is that this album could be one long track as the sounds aren't that varied. And I don't know where you guys are on the chronology scale, but at my age this many tracks at that high speed can be exhausting. But like a gimp with a red ball in his mouth bent over a chair receiving his umpteenth spanking from a non-verbal dwarf with a prosthetic leg...I end up wanting more. This album is 4 on the floor madness set at a blistering pace with great production. Super clear.

Like I said, I was sorry to see them go, but I implore all the new neophytes looking to explore the genre to give this once dominant netlabel a look because there is a f*ckton of great music to be found here.


Neogoa Bandcamp

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