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Artist: Triquetra
Title: Human Control
Label: Suntrip Records
Release: August 14, 2020


1. Caveman Season
2. Impact
3. Forget About The Earth
4. Concentrated Dark Matter
5. Eternal Crusader
6. Dream (Interlude)
7. Rotary Reality
8. First Contact
9. Space Slugs
10. Future.exe
11. Incinerate (Live)
12. Captain Is Dead
13. Solar Searcher
14. Anomaly
15. Out Of Reach
16. Digital Heaven
17. Mind Virus
18. The Vacuum Catastophe
19. Coronal Mass Ejection




I've heard plenty of people say and they are all right. - A current and a future classic.


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Triquetra's second album Human Control begs the question of human control, or lack thereof, with its title. Personally I think that the very notion is deluded hubris; humans have never been in control, even of their bodies, not to mention their "minds". Thank goodness! Leaving big philosophical questions aside, can Human Control get me out of control? The answer is a resounding YES! 

Firstly, I really like the cover and its almost military minimalism that is pleasingly unusual for the genre and suggests the Alien movie franchise. However, the packaging of this album really leaves something to be desired. The too tight cardboard scratched the second cd badly; looks like it was just stuffed in there. Luckily, it plays ok, but still. The paper inserts were also mangled. This is a careless production job with inadequate packaging.

Secondly, I'm not sure how much Triquetra evolved beyond their acid-drenched first album. The limited sonic palette they tend to use starts showing on this album, even though their basslines are just fantastic and it seems that our brothers in music have put work into their melodies, which are often squiggly, tweaky, and hence alien in flavour. The live album is inevitably a little rough now and then, but has that spontaneous feel that is hard to describe. However, whilst the sound of Triquetra has not evolved and remains mostly quite simple acid Goa, this is a huge advantage. Ignoring the manic layerism, stop-start peakism, and 16th note bass of most contemporary Goa and psy, Triquetra go for an old school sound that is full of dust. This is authentic to how the parties were in Goa; you had to drive your motorbike through the night, stumble through the bush in the dark, following the sound of the beat, all you had to eat and drink for hours was a chai from the chai mama tending her coals by the side of the dancefloor, you get the idea. This is not the sound of manicured hipsters grooming their fashion statement outfit in clean hotel rooms as they check whether they booked for the vip area on their smartphones. It is the sound of nature and the desire to transcend. I fucking love it! 

If you are a fan it is a lot of Triquetra music for you to enjoy. These dudes learnt much from the dusty, dog-eared tome of ancient, crusty Goa trance, and by staying true to the basic ingredients and spirit of this music, they've made 2 good albums now. This second one does feel a bit like they were treading water, but it is still a shining light of authenticity in the scene. ~*~

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