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GoaD - Hypnotic Mirage [Neogoa Records]

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Artist: GoaD
Title: Hypnotic Mirage
Label: Neogoa Records
Release: Dec 2019 (digital), Jan 2020 (CDR)


Part 1 - Hypnotic Mirage

1. Flight Prelude 03:01
2. Two Bright Lights 06:57
3. Intoxicant Engine 06:18
4. Astrodiver 06:19
5. Mission Out Of Control 06:12
6. Unwanted Passenger 06:12
7. Hostile Contact 07:27
8. Aerial Anomaly 05:37
9. Hypnotic Mirage 06:38
10. Extraction 07:35
11. The Little Blue Dot 04:03

Part 2 - Galactic Aviator Remastered

12. Submerged On Ganymede 07:51
13. Outer Passage 06:32
14. Intergalactic Gates 07:13
15. Other Species 06:57
16. Tripping Astronaut 06:13
17. Galactic Aviator 06:33
18. Alien Pursuit 08:09
19. Goa Delerium 08:52
20. Mystic Presence 06:00
21. Lost In Time 06:26
22. Temple Monkeys 07:51


What can I say? By the end of 2019 we have had a huge amount of quality goa releases.
Suntrip, Goa Madness, Global Sect, ... they all delivered big time. I'm still in the process of listening and eh well... processing what the talented
goa artists gave us this year. Reviews will be added to the threads shortly.
Yet an unexpected appearance in 2019's goa catalog made me write a (short) review so you are sure not to miss it. And buy it!

Neogoa records sometimes shoots a limited CD release to us and this time its GoaD's Hypnotic Mirage.
Immediately when I heard the samples I felt this was an outsider amidst all the goa violence we got this year.

Danish Anders Munk manages to melt old school sounds with a warm and thick hypnotic spectrum of sounds. And "hypnotic" is the key word here.
Every track is submerged in hypnotic acid bubbles that go on and on until your brain is addicted to it. So beautiful. The mastering is super so your
ears can have a break while listening to this masterpiece.
Modern goa that doesn't follow any formula, but sticks to a warm hypnotizing feeling.
There is not one single filler track.
The second part of the release is a remastered version of his previous album Galactic Aviator. Reviews can be found HERE. The progress between the two albums is very noticeable. Hypnotic Mirage sounds much more modern and full to me. GoaD is steadily improving his sounds and production skills. This album is a topper already and I'm sure he will deliver much more in the future.

What a surprise! Just ordered the limited CDR. What other choice do I have?


Buy link


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Not really a man of words when a subjective topic such as music comes up, but I've been waiting for this release (and Galactic Aviator's remaster) for quite some time now, and I can say that the wait was absolutely worth it.

Galactic Aviator was a release where I felt utterly frustrated not having access to any audio stems or mixdown to re-EQ / tweak, even though I absolutely adored the album (I usually don't ever listen to Goa anymore but that one is a regular I go back to), so the remaster is truly a gift, and a very efficient / clean one at that.

Regarding Hypnotic Mirage in itself, the sound progression is very noticeable, the groove is more punchy and the kicks sharper, but GoaD's style is left pretty much untouched, and I am glad for that (I won't lie when I say that Ander's style is what I originally aimed for, and failed at spectacularly :lol:, when I started producing), this is the kind of stuff that I dig: hypnotic / tunnel vision-like / melodic-free / cheese-free sonic shenanigans.

Hats off to him & Neogoa Recs !

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Thank you guys for your reviews, since Bandcamp got limitation regarding the streaming, now music from both CD's Hypnotic Mirage and Galactic Aviator Remastered can be streamed at our YouTube channel in full lenght track-by-track. Playlist file here: https://bit.ly/GoaD-YouTube



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