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Material Music ‎– Love & Magic [Master XXPSY Systems]

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Manuser    292

Material Music ‎– Love & Magic [Master XXPSY Systems]
Label: Kali Earth Records
Country: Norway
Released: 20 Apr 2018

1 - L&M 100s (Original Mix) 15:12
Written-By, Producer – Erland Yildiz

2 - L&M 100s (LIVE love&magic 2015) 17:43
Performer, Written-By – Material Music

3 - L&M 100s (Radio edit) 5:54
Producer, Written-By, Edited By – Erland Yildiz


According to Discogs, Material Music was materialized in 1992 by Erland Yildiz, a pure live performance musician. A analog musical prodigy with his ethnicity from Turkey, Denmark & Norway. 

I was asked if I could write a short review of this music, I happily accepted since I remembered listening to the original track and commented that this sound was similar in structure to some E-Mantra tracks, not the sound in itself (E-Mantra is pure goa while Material Music is IMO pure modern psytrance, some would say progressive goa) but storytelling wise I thought it shared some similarities.
As you could expect from a very long track, there are some repetitive parts in the first half, until the 8th minute when comes out a hypnotic melody, and the final part which starts at the 12th minute with pure goa synths. The track is actually not too complex, melodies abound but you have to be patient and hear how they develop one after the other. The bassline is in the same spirit as what I remember from Ovnimoon (even though I am not too familiar with his music). 

Track 2 is a live version of almost 18 minutes, you can hear the crowd and all :) it was performed at MoonWeeD's Voice of Jupiter (Anjuna Records) album release party in Oslo, arranged by Love&Magic @ Vanguard on the 7th to the 8th of March in 2015.
The intro is spectacular, more interesting and psychedelic that the original version. At the 3rd minute already it becomes much more goa and melodic with what I would call a "snake" synth playing around. All in all we get a more creative sound here with more experiments. The second half is pretty much the same as the original but a little more twisted and with that same hypnotic E-Mantra sound in the last part. Obviously the sound quality is less good but that's how it goes with a live version. The outro unleashes a scary synth (pad) similar to what you can hear in some Ubar tmar albums :)

I won't comment much on track 3 since it is basically a short version of 6th minute. As always great job by Colin Bennun when it comes to mastering.   
All in all, the sounds in this EP hook your brain, and just when you get into the groove of one sequence, in comes another one, the tracks progress toward this quite restrained but energetic psytrance.
I enjoyed it and will recommend you to have a listen on the following link and make your own opinion. You can support the artist here > https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/love-magic-master-xxpsy-systems


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RTP    103

I too had the pleasure of giving this a spin already.

Here is what's going to be the cover art:


This (in my opinion fabulous!) cover painting sums up the release pretty well for me, because what we get here is something rather organic or "natural" in its way of entrancing the listener - I mean this in contrast to much of the other stuff that is released today which is "engineered to death" sound-wise and having all computer-generated covers... Anyway, my first impression:

All that the release is actually about is practically one "theme", the tracks carry the same theme and melody elements, they're only different versions of it.
The original mix is a really, really long track, over 15 minutes. I can see there's a lot of work that has gone into it. I percieve it as a nice and uncomplicated piece with good progression in "older style" (not to be confused with old school, that's different!) as I would say. Bassline and kick remind me of the "past" ... well, it's certainly a few years ago as I last heard such sounds. Also the track length is something from the past ... nowadays the pieces are usually shorter. The melody starting after 8 minutes is pleasant. Entrancing is what comes to mind, yes. And although it gets stronger there are no bad surprises. It kinda evolves naturally. Yes, I probably would dance to this if it was played at a party, because it's very pleasant to just go sway to it. This is what psytrance has always given me: this "autopilot" mode. In today's music you hardly find it, because there's more unpredictable things happening. This track is something that I happily leave the steering wheel to because I'm confident it won't let me go into a tree. And I needed multiple listens to grab more details ... and I am still not fully through. Provides a good listen for several sessions. And in this sense it's a really good track!
There may be little impurities audible to the perfectionist, in the sound or mastering, they are there a bit ... however, I don't care at all about them, it's a sign of honesty for me, that this was not constructed with whole track pieces "out of the can" or anything. I prefer "not 100% polished but had fun while creating" all the way compared to sounds out of the can ... they got no soul ... which this piece has :) 

The Radio Edit falls a bit short, but it's still a good move to make a shorter song. Only the ending might come quite abruptly if you are used to the long version, In the long one this doesn't matter ... I mean, if you skip to the end, you hear it's done in the same way, but when you "took the trip" through the song before, you don't care.

The live version is interesting, if you make the effort to listen to it despite the really not perfect sound (at least on the release I got). I can see where this is going and agree it's a little bit better arranged than the original, but the sound is not doing it justice ... however, it's enough to make me say I will be looking forward to catch this liveact if they come to Vienna at any day :)  ... but for listening at home I prefer the original version.
PS on this: unusual ending by the way

Cheers for the release

I can only second the link ... and don't mind the cover, it should be changed to the pic above sooner or later: https://kaliearth.bandcamp.com/album/love-magic-master-xxpsy-systems

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Colin OOOD    84

This was a very challenging project to master, particularly the live version which was in a heck of a state when it came to me.  I'm glad it came out well enough to get some good reviews, personally I like this EP :)

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recursion loop    542

Well, this is definitely an interesting release, different enough from modern psy and goa standards and quite good on its own. First the track length (I mean the original mix). At first I was like "who on Earth would make a 15 minutes long psy track" but after I had listened trough the whole thing I understood that the length is just fine for the whole track to evolve as it should. All parts the slowly unfold, each of them tells its own story and they flawlessly transform into each other. The track has three "chapters". The first 8 minutes don't have a prominent musical theme, what we have here is a very strong, dark and mysterious atmosphere created by various echoing synths and sounds contrasted by steady beat. The second "chapter" is built aroung a beautiful hypnotic melody which eventually fades away into some dark sonic landscape slowly evolving into the closing chapter where he have another melodic line, this time more dark and furious. All it all the track creates a very strong "journey" feeling, I'd say it requires close listening. The "autopilot mode", as RTP said, is a good description of the mood the track  puts me in.


Production-wise it's not perfect, I wouldn't call it an example of clean mixing and tight production but probably this is not really needed in this case. Maybe ultra-clean modern production would actually kill some of the atmosphere.


The "radio edit' is for those who have short attention span. It has all the main themes but they don't work in the same way as they do in the long version. I'd say this short version just goes to show that some tracks may not be made short.


The live version is the hardest bit, it has some extra synth lines which could be interesting but this time the mix is really bad and sorry to say I think even the Colin's mastering didn't manage to fully compensate for this. Anyway, I guess it may give that "underground party" feeling to some, so I wouldn't call it useless.


I like the cover RTP posted, it really fits the music and in some sense it gives you an impression of what you are going to hear - something not perfectly produced but trippy and soulful.


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