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I'm in Tokyo


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Tokyo is amazing. I spent a month there and feel like I only scratched the surface.

On the 27th you have this psytrance party at Koenji Cave: https://www.djsbarcave.tokyo/single-post/2018/04/03/427-dual-airspace

There's also something happening in Chiba on the 28th with Overdream: http://trancelife.net/event-3244/

Also Psychedelic Garden in Shinjuku has a nice selection of CDs and fluoro clothing. http://www.psychedelicgarden.com/

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2 hours ago, AiKyO said:

Thanks you guys, I will check those out! Go or not to go I won't regret it, Japan is an amazing experience.

What are you doing online!? Get over to Koenji Cave, they're having their psytrance night right now!

Tomorrow night (saturday) G.M.S is playing at Unit in Daikanyama. I don't know how you feel about their brand of Full On but they're veterans and will definitely know how to get a party started. Daikanyama is definitely a hipper area than Koenji, so even if it's not as psychedelic a venue, there will be more hot chicks a better crowd. Fineplay Records is hosting the event, they have a decent following from their annual beach parties.


truth be told, when the weather is warmed up Saturday Night in Tokyo is a magical feeling and unless you're really gung ho about the artists at a psy event there are much better parties in Shibuya and Roppongi. the music might not be as good but the girl/guy ratio will be much more pleasant and you can get a feel for the actual Japanese club culture rather than the psytrance culture which is more on the fringes. Saturday in Shibuya, John Digweed will be at Contact and Uto Karem will be at the legendary Womb. Roppongi/Azabu Juban always has stuff going on but the cheap bars/1000 yen entry clubs are terrible, expect to pay 3000-5000 yen entry for the good places around there. A strategy I've used is to find some attractive girls obviously dressed up for a club and ask where the good clubs are and where they are going. They might invite you along if you're cool.

 The dark psy event in Chiba recommended a couple posts up is in buttfuck nowhere.


Monday is a national holiday in Japan, so there will be more parties on Sunday for sure!!!

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Yesterday wasn't possible. I had to sleep. Today is good because I leave tomorrow and can get beyond sleep to the plane.

I'm up for anything that's showing the club culture indeed. I don't know those artits, goodkicking mental techno would be a blast!


Yuta plays at Contact so I'll go there!

Thanks for the advice gfp1 and everyone. I'll try and find my way there (to the attractive girls of course) ...


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2 hours ago, AiKyO said:

Yuta plays at Contact so I'll go there!

Good find but I expect Yuta will be playing a more techno oriented set to fit in with the theme of the night. It would be awesome if he busted out the old school goa but I wouldn't anticipate it.

if you're heading to Contact, make sure you register to be a member...


you can click for English registration but let me know if you have any trouble signing up...


if I was going out tonight, I'd be heading to Daikanyama Unit for sure cause I'm an on the fringes kind of guy (and if you promise not to tell anyone, i love GMS/1200 Mics!) ... but it's my wedding anniversary today and I'm not sure what it says about my marriage if the night was spent rubbing up against strangers...


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