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just some shit im trying to work on, havent made music in well over 1 year so im rusty ;O

and obv aint got no gear except motherboard soundcard and in-ear headphones.


anyway, i also wanted to take the oportunity to tell everyone i hope ull welcome me back, im a different guy now, last few years have been hell so thankfully starting to get in a good place again, and its looking up.


keeping it brief for now, hoping to start posting random goa stuff agian soon

special shoutout to padi, and rotwang. 




link to the sample



(Neurogen vs Padmapani (??? we havent decided)  - Liquid Soul - Global Illumination Remix (some temporary 303 madness mix)

its a very early alpha version, "my" version as far as production go. (teaser clip) 

still waiting to hear his version ;) then we will merge to a hopefully nice track :)


i have no idea how it sounds in proper monitors problably lots of errors, but in headphones it should sound ok.

no need for praises/crituque unless u feel like it, this was also my first post here in a good while excluding ONE post so more a "hello again" type post than to "promote" the music. two birds.




cya around guys <3


added mp3




edit: audio updated to last session ^^ 

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^thank you.


yeah thats a shame. psynews has always been a bit slow at least the past 10 years..

the occasional ramblings of lunatics from time to time to lighten it up (myself included) - not much activity.


i guess theres only so many times you can acknowlidge that, hey, goa trance is good ass music.

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