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Imba - First Encounter (Suntrip Records)

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On 12/24/2018 at 3:27 PM, Aspartic said:

I can confirm that Imba's tracks set the trancefloor on fire! Without mercy, Imba, amongst others, pushed the limits of our dancing endurance.
His set at Dreamwaves II (Belgium) on 22/12/18 was amazing. I think the whole album was presented to us. The beats and rollercoasters took us to another world. His b2b with Ephedra was the cherry on the cake.
Well done, Imba! And nice talking to you and Ephedra outside. :D


I am glad you enjoyed and that we finally met!

Not really whole album but half at least, and I played unreleased music from my upcoming EP and some more older stuff. There were no plans, I choosed tracks and transitions in very last moments, it was interesting :D And I was softer than usual :P

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Wow, you chose some transitions at the last moment?! Well done then. Your set was indeed not that hard, but after slayer Proxeeus this was a welcome treat.
I really enjoyed the melodies and lush trance breaks. A party for the books. :)

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