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Making a dream come true


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Let him be off radar for 2 more years, if we are getting a new album.


Can you guide me to the source of the info about this new album under his name. Please don't tell me that even he moved out of Ultimae.

According to Olivier:



I will release my next tracks under my actual name "Olivier Orand", certainly in "self-production"

So there you have it

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:) The idea is for each digipack to be a true testament of the artist's psyche and individuality. That means choosing the mastering engineer (or doing the mastering themselves), cover artist etc etc.

That's in theory of course, we'll see how it works out soon enough. ^_^

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It seems that the dream will come true :D:D:D

Soon I'll have some official announcements.

For now all I can say is that the first release will be massive.

Calm down rookie. First time is always the best.




However, get serious - not too serious and hope for the best. Don't sweat the small stuff and trust your instincts. I also want to add as a friendly reminder, great job here. If you ever want something big done, let me know. Until then stay happy :)

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I am actually afraid of replying to you in case this starts a cascade of irrelevant posts and replies :P

Thanx for your comment. Easy does it :)


Step by step and we'll see where it will go ^_^


Oh no. I have more money than most will have combined, However, I'm not an idiot and can run something like it was militant. There might be some hurt feelings but everything from the beginning to end will be executed absolutely flawlessly.


To avoid further silly posts I want to end off by saying we should celebrate with women and drugs :)

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