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JaraLuca - The Source EP (Timewarp Records)


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01. The Source (09:52)
02. Artifact303 - In Your Mind (JaraLuca Remix) (09:49)
03. Energy From The Sun (08:33)
04. Andromeda (2016 mix) (07:40)


In 2016 Timewarp Records published few EP's and one that I was really looking forward was the new release by Polish producer Lukasz Zajac who made his debut in 2015 with Perpetuum Mobile album. The style of JaraLuca is quite simple, it's energetic modern Goa trance with a pinch of acid-driven melodies and really great use of basslines. Similar to his debut, this release is natural continuation of his vision of Goa trance, so there is no big difference in terms of style. The Source, an opening track got really great grooves and the remix for Artifact's 303 'In Your Mind' might do the work if you're not a die-hard Artifact303 fan. In conclusion, this release will probably fit the taste of every person who likes modern Goa trance, but not too-melodic, overlayered, but more depending on the groove itself. Don't expect anything revolutionary because it's not trying to be. I need to say that among PsySutra and Artha who are already established Polisha acts, JaraLuca is slowly becoming a third guy from that part of Europe who deserves some attention.


Stream it on YouTube:


Buy/support it on Bandcamp:


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