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Favorite Filteria album?


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interesting, if i look on the top 10 tracks of Filteria in spotify:


1. Dog Days Bliss

2. Cloud Kingdom (Solar Fields Remix)

3. Rotate to Vibrate

4. Wormhole

5. The Big Blue

6. Life Never Sleeps

7. Filteroid (Day @ 2 AM)

8. Unfiltered

9. Lost in the Wild

10. Food Demons


There is no track from 'Sky Input'. :o But cool, there is 'Rotate to Vibrate'... One of my alltime favorits. Hmm and no 'Lunar Civilitation'... 'The Big Blue' is only on the fifth place. In my circle of acquaintances everyone loves 'The Big Blue' and is the favorite track of Filteria. The album 'Lost in the Wild' dominates the list, then 'Heliopolis' and 'Daze of our Lives'... But where is 'Filteraces'? For me it is the better intro as 'Filteroid'. ;-) The second place is also a suprise with 'Cloud Kingdom'...

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Wow this is actually a tough one.. As everyone said they are all great for their own reasons..
I've personally loved hearing the progression and maturation of his sound over time since Sky Input first blew my mind all those years ago.
Its been refreshing to hear an artist evolve in a positive way and am so grateful his trajectory has gone as it has and hopefully continues to!

In saying that, as much as i love the mayhem of SI and the exposition in Heliopolis, for me its a tie between Daze and LITW.
Both of these for me are two of very few goa albums that reach perfection in their balance of melody/sound design/atmosphere/progression/storytelling.
They are everything i ever wanted goa trance and psychedelic music in general to be... I know at any time i can put either of them on and just be

sent on some futuristic/retro journey into inner/outer space... Like i said, perfect.

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I think Daze is the album that I have listened to the most. "In the Heaven's Eye" I always associated with an acid trip. The build-up and anticipation of the acid kicking in goes well with the longer intro, which gets more weirder as you start noticing the first effects of the acid, colors seem more vibrant, things seem to pulse, you notice the small things around you and then the kick beats in and you know you are in for a ride and there is no turning back. Around the middle of the track the going is full-on and you are peaking and starting to re-orient yourself to your new state of being and start experimenting with your thinking as the track continues and then it winds down.

Listening to Filteria from Sky Input and all the following records was really refreshing and the whole corpus is top banana.

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It's remarkable how differently we perceive. I listened to the Lost in the wild album yesterday and while it is good, it isn't as amazing to me as Sky input or Daze. I feel like Sky input has more guts with the in yo face melodies. Lost in the wild, it feels more cautious, it doesn't attack me :/ (or if it does, I can't feel the rush)

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