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01-N - Acid Experiment


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Artist: 01-N

Title: Acid Experiments

Label: Timewarp Records

Date: August, 2015


1. Acid Experiment

2. Implant


4. Groans

5. Hippocampus Control

6. Incubus

7. Proliferation

8. Vishuddi Chakra





Believe it or not this is the 5th album from Japanese producer Takashi Oikawa. I know right? Never heard of this guy. Anyone know the significance of the artist's name? If I read the promo right on the Timewarp Bandcamp page, these tracks were made in the early 2000's. Suppose he was just waiting for the right climate with which to release this.


This digital only release is frenetic and full of bombast. And loud. This doesn't float into space it straps you to the back of a rocket and propels you there. Screeching melodies that pack a lot of punch and have a distinct Japanese flavor to them. All the tracks are fairly long which means plenty of time for development. Each production has a raw quality to it and it's the type of goa where you are pummeled with sound in the hopes that it will force you into that state of trance. Powerful surely, I just can't decide if I like it or I love it.


I do know this...I :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: Implant and Incubus. Especially Incubus. That f*cking thing is an inferno of acidic porn.



Timewarp Records Bandcamp

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Believe it or not this is the 5th album from Japanese producer Takashi Oikawa. I know right? Never heard of this guy.

Well same here, as far as I am concerned. Discovered 01-N a few months ago, earlier this year when a 4 tracks EP was released.

Anyway I am surprised not many talk about this album. Mastering may not be the very best (a bit loud at times) but music wise I like this a lot, I think track #3 "Tri-sight" might be one of the strongest tracks released in 2015. Orgasmic stuff.

Indeed "Incubus" is one hell of a track, same goes for "Proliferation" (strong acid drive in this one).

Impressive release overall, definitely deserves more attention on this forum.

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