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All my life was what you would call an anti-anxiety person. I never cared much about things, I definitely didn't care about my health, I even had OCD as a child and beat it all by myself.

However something has changed the last 3 years. I think I'm suffering from anxiety disorder. Pretty much every month I discover something new about myself either it's a health issue or an appearance one and it makes me very nervous. This lasts from 2 weeks to a month. Then I chill for a while until I discover something new.

Basically I go to the mirror and suddenly I see something that I swear it wasn't there before.


This is a list of some of the things that gave me serious anxiety the last 3 years:

-I'm suddenly getting bald

-My hairline is weird all of a sudden

-My eyes are crossed

-My eyes hurt

-My contact lenses hurt me

-I see many floaters all of a sudden

-There's a ridge in my skull

-I have two bumps behind my ears

-Hearing loss

-My nose tip has a ridge all of a sudden

-My teeth are getting crooked more and more

-My balls hurt

-There's a strange vein over my eye

-My this

-My that

-I even discover a hole in my eyebrow ffs



What the fuck is happening? Since I know I'm getting paranoid I avoid going to the doctors. I did go to some of them and find me perfectly normal. Usually this makes me relax, but sooner or later something else comes at play.

Needless to say that thinking about an imaginary problem makes it almost real.

I really don't know why this happens to me. This is the exact opposite of what I was and it drives me mad. Anyone else having similar problem and how you cope with this?

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I have experienced something similar to what you're describing (I've had two bad health scares and also noticed loads of weird body issues that may or may not be real over the past few years). I've seen doctors about a few things and that helped put my mind at rest, and since then I've learned to not overreact when something starts bothering me; I just think back to the other times I was worried and how it turned out fine.


I don't know if it works specifically for hypochondria, but for anxiety generally cognitive behavioural therapy is great. You should definitely look into whether that's an option (apologies if that's unrealistic, I'm afraid I know nothing about the health service in Greece).

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I know this very well and have been through such times aswell. What I can recommend is, go to the doctor every few months and have a full check-up with ultrasound and blood test so the doctors can confirm you are fine. I did that aswell. What i can also recommend, eat and drink healthy foods and drinks so you know you are caring about your health state. In Greece there are many popular egetables like Olives that you can eat regurarely in order to keep your body healthy. Also you should buy pomegranade juice once a wekk and drink one cup a day or one cup between two days since pmegranade is one of the healthiest fruits that exist. You should also eat blueberries and other kinds of berries from time to time and some nuts like almonds. They are very healthy and contain a high amount of vitamin E and other healthy substances. In addition to that, drink black and green tea on a regular basis. I don´t know if you have weight problems, but if you do, black tea can reduce your weight if you drink 2 or more cups a day without too much sugar. Another healthy vegetable is the grape. Red grapes are very healthy since they contain rospharatol, a very healthy antioxidative substance that imakes red wine so healthy. If you eat wine grapes, you take all the healthy substances of wine without the unhealthy alcohol.


In order to live healthy, I can also recommend you to stop eating all kinds of red meet like pork, rind or lamb. some scientists say that low amounts of those meat aren´t unhealthy, but others recommend against the consumption of such meat. a vegetarian diet is according to many studies about health the best diet you can have.


Besides a healthy diet it is important that you go out and walk every day. For example go out in tne noon or the afternoon or the night and walk about two kilometers. That way you stimulate your muscles and metabolism which is important to control your weight. It is also healthy for the heart and other parts of the body.


I can tell you, not a long time ago I was acting hohondric and was very afraid, but now it settled. That´s why i can recommend you, consume healthy fruits and vegetables, go out regurarely and do enjoyable things. Sports can also help. And in case you are smoking, get cigarettes with coal filter. When I smoke a cigarette, I smoke a cigarette with coal filter and it feels less unhealthy as a cigarette with normal filter. Of course smoking is not healthy, but for example I don´t feel cold or weak after smoking a coal cigarette while I do feel cold and exhausted after smoking a normal cigarette. The coal filter is a very strong filter and filters a lot of the toxic substances of cigaretttes. I discused this issue with my cousin aswell and he agrees that coal filters are very strong which is why they are not only used in cigarettes, but everyhwere where a strong filter is neccesary.

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relax ..its global

ive learn something..when u have many things to do or u re involved in many activities

your mind will be busy with these

also ..you can put on the same paper things u realized in life and things that are you 're not satisfied with /

from there u get the ideea ...

usually when i have a fucked up vibe/ i browse all my cd's with my name on it and ...snap ..i smile again/ or on very rare

occasions smoke a joint:P / play some drone music / drink cofee / eat nuts / go outside and watch girls on the street lol/

make a sport/watch beavis and butthead =)) ..there are more shits/need to think on

stay positive

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It seems, Ormion, that your body is sending you a message.


Though being quite young myself (22 yo), I'm thinking in 2 things.


The first one is that you might be a transitionning age (if you're in your 40's, or approahing) that is hard for you to go through. There are many men who, at the age of 40-50, go through depressions or disorders because they endure metaphysical thoughts (what have I achieved through my life ? how will I end it ?). Also, some psychoanalysts suggest that this period unleash secret ressources of the mind.


Second thought : mental/spiritual disbalance. You're not healthy, but your body show signs of weakening. That must be due to your mind. Maybe that you're going through a lot of stress, and that makes you sick. Or maybe your mind is suffering in some other way.


In any case, have you ever thought of checking your "mental" health (e.g. see a psychologist) or to begin some kind of therapy (for well-being ?). Some techniques such as yoga or sophrology might prove useful.


But I'm no doctor.

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The problem is not that I'm not healthy.

It's that I have the illusion that I'm not even though I know I am. It's a freaking paradox.

Yes but with those fruits and vegetables you can improve your health status even more.

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Sorry to hear that Ormion.

It usually happens if one's mind is relatively idle and starts contemplating on useless things. (Also maybe what Scandinasia said in his first point. But if you ask me, age is relative)

Cheer up! Get involved in a new hobby, read, travel and as Emmanuel said, think of them positive things.


Social service is the best way to get rid of such thoughts if you ask me. It will kick the whole 'I' thing in the buttocks and you'll be part of something big :) that'll put an end to all your bodily nuances.

Yoga, Meditation - this may sound too slow for a psycore lover like you. But just like how every fast processor needs a good cooling system to work best. Same applies to our brain as well.

You will be knowing all these , already. Hope something in there or something else helps you.



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Hi Ormion,

I've always perceived myself a little bit similar to you, concerning the nervous personality type. But I don't really have this health paranoia concerning my body.

There are some variations of it, for example electro smog, weird noises ... but the fear's rather concerning factors that come from outside.

Only one thing I have from inside -- high blood pressure, but the doc found this only recently.


I have meanwhile come to the conclusion that the fear is the worst sickness...

It comes in waves -- sometimes all is ok, then every few weeks there is some form of peak.

Too much stress is the main factor for feeling uneasy I believe.


I read this in an article (the first useful one I encountered) just a few days ago which basically picked me off the dirt (I was in bad condition recently) ... maybe it helps anything?

Get the thoughts out of your head on a piece of paper or draw a picture or anything that helps to visualize the battle, then solutions might appear where none were before. And maybe some things are linked which you don't expect. And get more time for yourself. If people stress you with requests or appointments, say no to them (in a polite way: "sorry I have another appointment but we can meet in <insert when you like>" or "yes, tomorrow you get <10%> the rest at <insert when you like>").

Advice worked for me already. That shouldn't mean it always works and it shouldn't mean I'm so very okay to give you "happy tips". But at least it's a step further.


What troubles me: if you are likely to fall off a cliff and you know it's gonna happen, does it make any sense to go further up and fall even deeper?

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