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Global Goa Party 5: 1997 - April 18th 2015 - online (streaming)


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The Goat Ranch once again teams up with the Digitally Imported Goa-Psy Trance Channel to bring you another Global Goa Party!


GGP5 @ Goat Ranch

GGP5 @ Facebook


Global Goa Party 5: 1997 with Shakta

Saturday, 18 April 2015

20:00 UK | 15:00 US EDT | 19:00 UTC/GMT


Party in your pajamas--or even nothing at all--because this one happens in your living room! We'll be streaming 15 hours of old-school Goa trance on the Digitally Imported Goa-Psy Trance channel and this time around we're focusing on tracks up to and including 1997.


No repeats! Guaranteed!


Hang your fluoro alien banners and your black lights, invite some friends over, and sweat to the oldies. This might just be the last one, kids, so let's make it count!


Shoom (Digitally Imported / Suntrip Records, USA) [20:00-21:30]

DJ Nonsense (Spain) [21:30-23:00]

DenisB (Norway) [23:00-00:30]

Shakta (Kaya Project / Hibernation, UK) [00:30-01:30] - Live recorded retro set!

DJ Basilisk (Ektoplazm, Canada) [01:30-03:30]

Infra (DVSM Records, Sweden) [03:30-05:00]

Twinpa (Goat Ranch, Germany) [05:00-06:30]

Draeke (DAT Records, Italy) [06:30-08:00]

DJ Solitare (DAT Records / Matsuri Digital, Canada) [08:00-09:30]

Spork (Norway) [09:30-11:00]


This is a free, online-only "virtual" party: tune in and drop out! Get regular party updates and more information on Facebook:


GGP5 @ Facebook


...and don't forget to "Like" the Goat Ranch to stay up to date on all future happenings! :)


Goat Ranch @ Facebook



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Yup, no worries, all of the DJ mixes will be available for download on http://goatranch.comin the days following the party. I can't guarantee that Shakta's set will be downloadable, however, so perhaps you'll want to tune in just for that hour if you want to be sure to catch his set. :)

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i will be tearing the roof off in Reading then! :D




let's say...95% probability :)


Your statement is only 5% incorrect. :P


Hope to see you both in IRC for this one!

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So, here are the times for PDT (California, Nevada, most of Oregon, Washington, some Idaho;
most of British Columbia, Yukon; Baja California Norte):

Start: 12:00pm (April 18, 2015)

12p-1:30p - SHOOM (Digitally Imported / Suntrip Records, USA)
1:30p-3:00p - DJ NONSENSE (Spain)
3:00p-4:30p - DENISB (Norway)
4:30p-5:30p - SHAKTA (Kaya Project / Hibernation, UK) - Live recorded retro set!
5:30p-7:30p - DJ BASILISK (Ektoplazm, Canada) - YAY!
7:30p-9:00p - INFRA (DVSM Records, Sweden)
9:00p-10:30p - TWINPA (Goat Ranch, Germany)
10:30p-12:00a - DRAEKE (DAT Records, Italy)
12:00a-1:30a - DJ SOLITARE (DAT Records / Matsuri Digital, Canada)
11:30a-3:00a - SPORK (Norway)


End: 3:00am (April 19, 2015)

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One week left! Mark your calendars...


That's right - this happens THIS SATURDAY 4/18!


Part of the fun of these parties is chatting with your fellow Goa-heads as the tunes jam. Here's a little blurb I wrote up last year for the info on the party chat... JOIN US.


Please join us in the #goa room on irc.di.fm for the party chat! We get super geeky with all the trainspotting and music talk, and as the night progresses things can also get kinda weird. Just the way we like it. If you are familiar with IRC, just use your favorite client and join:

  • server: irc.di.fm
  • room: #goa

If you haven’t used IRC before, it’s quite easy, especially if you use one of the following links to join the room:

NOTE: Sometimes when using the web-based clients you’ll get an error about exceeding connection limits. If you get this, try one of the other links, or better yet, install a “real” IRC client on your favorite device. There are a bunch of free clients out there (I use mIRC on Windoze and AndroIRC on the phone) so you should be able to join no problem. It’s recommended that you get your client setup now before the party starts – the room is always up and running and isn’t just for the party, so you can test at any time.

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