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  1. This is happening in about 45 minutes, friends! Please join us!!! listen http://di.fm/goapsy chat server: irc.di.fm channel: #goa party info http://goatranch.com/2015/03/19/global-goa-party-5-1997
  2. That's right - this happens THIS SATURDAY 4/18! Part of the fun of these parties is chatting with your fellow Goa-heads as the tunes jam. Here's a little blurb I wrote up last year for the info on the party chat... JOIN US. Please join us in the #goa room on irc.di.fm for the party chat! We get super geeky with all the trainspotting and music talk, and as the night progresses things can also get kinda weird. Just the way we like it. If you are familiar with IRC, just use your favorite client and join: server: irc.di.fm room: #goa If you haven’t used IRC before, it’s quite easy, espe
  3. Really dug this one, Ake! That Montauk P track is just the perfect opener.
  4. Woohoo! Your statement is only 5% incorrect. Hope to see you both in IRC for this one!
  5. Yup, no worries, all of the DJ mixes will be available for download on http://goatranch.comin the days following the party. I can't guarantee that Shakta's set will be downloadable, however, so perhaps you'll want to tune in just for that hour if you want to be sure to catch his set.
  6. The Goat Ranch once again teams up with the Digitally Imported Goa-Psy Trance Channel to bring you another Global Goa Party! GGP5 @ Goat Ranch GGP5 @ Facebook Global Goa Party 5: 1997 with Shakta Saturday, 18 April 2015 20:00 UK | 15:00 US EDT | 19:00 UTC/GMT Party in your pajamas--or even nothing at all--because this one happens in your living room! We'll be streaming 15 hours of old-school Goa trance on the Digitally Imported Goa-Psy Trance channel and this time around we're focusing on tracks up to and including 1997. No repeats! Guaranteed! Hang your fluoro a
  7. HOTwired and Seattle Psytrance Collective are proud to host the return of LOUD and EITAN REITER with friend PERFECT STRANGER [digital structures, iboga records] [EDIT: Domestic unable to attend, has been replaced on the lineup by Perfect Stranger.] When: January 2nd 2015 @ 9:00pm - 2:30am Where: Re-bar Seattle @ 1114 Howell St, Seattle, Washington, USA, 98101 Tickets: Brown Paper Tickets [ music ] LOUD [nano records] PERFECT STRANGER [digital structures, iboga records] EITAN REITER [digital structures, aleph zero] OSIRIS & ENOCH [future nurses] LARA vs. CORAL [ immersive live visu
  8. The Goat Ranch once again teams up with the Digitally Imported Goa-Psy Trance Channel to bring you another Global Goa Party! GGP4 @ Goat Ranch GGP4 @ DI.fm It's 1995: the black lights are blazing but the sand is still warm, the moon is full, and the music is amazing. Except this isn't a beach in Goa - this party is in your living room! Join us for the 4th event in the Global Goa Party series with 10 DJs and 15 hours of old-school Goa trance streamed right to you. With music entirely from 1995 and before, take a trip back with us to the time of a burgeoning scene when everything was explorati
  9. Yay! "Class of '97" is one of my all-time favorites. Downloading this and Shamanic Influences immediately.
  10. Hello, Psnoozers! Just a reminder about this little virtual party happening tomorrow on your local internets. The party will be streaming on DI.fm's Goa/Psy channel starting at 4PM EST/8PM UK, and I'll also be posting all of the mixes up on the Goat Ranch for download sometime tomorrow morning(ish) in case you'd rather download and play in your own audio player. Thanks everyone, hope to "see" you all there.
  11. Hello my Psynews friends! I would like to formally announce Global Goa Party 2, the second in a series of virtual parties showcasing 15 hours of mixes from 10 DJs from around the world; this time we're going back to 1996. We'll be taking you back once again to a time men were men, women were women, and mice were mice, and they all shook booty to some of the best electronic psychedelic dance music ever created (in the mices' opinion, that is). The cool cats over at the DI.fm Goa/Psy channel will once again be streaming the full party, and you'll be able to download each of the mixes o
  12. And thanks back to you, ponce! It's always good to receive positive feedback on the Ranch. It's a labour of love for me and I'd probably still do it even if no one liked it, but I'm glad folks are enjoying it as much as I am.
  13. Thanks Penzoline, though it looks like the title of the post is still incorrect. Is no biggy, really, I'll just be more careful next time (maybe less bourbon while I post?). heheh @Djuna: Yes, all the mixes stay online at the Goat Ranch as long as I can continue to afford to renew the hosting cost each year. Would love to have another one from ya!
  14. Oopsies! Forgot to add the mix name to the title of the post - dang it! If a mod can fix, I'll bake you cookies. It should say: Goat Ranch Mix: kompressorkanonen - Lost Beaches Thanks!
  15. Got another one for you guys, this one's a little different... Sixteen tracks of proto-Goa spanning 1989-1995. History lesson for some, nostalgia for others, and just great music for the rest. Details and download: http://goatranch.com/2012/01/07/kk-lost-beaches/ DJ: kompressorkanonen Title: Lost Beaches Format: MP3 (320kbps CBR) Size: 171MB Duration: 74:43 Tracklist 01 Abfahrt – Alone (It’s Me) [ZYX 6140-12] 02 Konzept – Hypnautic Beats (Ambient 1990 Mix) [NEZ11] 03 Phantasia – Violet Skies (Instrumental) [MR005] 04 ASF – Inferno (Oscar Madness Mix) [MFF
  16. Hello, everyone! The Goat Ranch has been quiet for a few months, but we're back and ready to provide y'all with a steady supply of old-school Goa in the new year. The first mix posted after coming back online is Secret Society by Psynews' own Hallucinary. With almost 2 hours of 1995-1998 Goa trance on vinyl, this makes for a tasty winter treat. Check it out, comment, and enjoy! Find it here: Hallucinary - Secret Society (goatranch.com) DJ: Hallucinary Title: Secret Society Format: MP3 (320kbps CBR) Size: 260MB Duration: 1hr 53min Tracklist 01 Technoss
  17. Hey all, the tracklist for Mark's mix is now available on the Ranch. More than a simple tracklist, it contains lots of historical tidbits and personal reflections on each of the 30 tracks. Check it out here: DJ Solitare - The Future Was Now: The Tracks
  18. That Sibilant track is just ridiculous, I've got to get my hands on Proper Filth. This is the second mix I've heard recently with a Sibilant track in it, and both times I shit my dick off when I heard it. Never picked it up "back then", but must do so now. Metal Spark has always been a favorite of mine and I never realized how much Lorenzo Zoeter's influence would be heard in Sibilant...apparently a ton. Must find - and thanks for the reminder! EDIT: Actually, what I meant was that I didn't know Lorenzo Zoeter's influence was so much of Metal Spark...heheh.
  19. Really digging this one so far, nice and crunchy. Techy, breaky, yummy. Thanks for the treat!
  20. Happy Monday, kids! Just posted a new mix for all you old-school lovers out there. This one is 3.5hrs of Goa trance goodness mixed in-key by Mark Ainley and contains some hits as well as a few harder-to-spot tracks. Please check it out and comment if you're so inclined! DJ Solitare - The Future Was Now Oh, and you may notice the GR has had a facelift, hopefully easing navigation and allowing y'all to find the mix you need, when you need it. Enjoy!
  21. Glad you dig it! Yeah, Jim's the real deal for sure - all vinyl and CD with smooth transitions expertly timed. If I was nearly as good as he, I'd probably still spin physical media!
  22. Just posted another new old-school psytrance mix at the Goat Ranch, folks, this one from Jim'll Mixit featuring a 1998 feel that's sure to bring you right back to the golden age of electrically charged psychedelic tweakitude in proper fashion. Get it here: Jim'll Mixit - Neurogenesis Thanks for listening, y'all!
  23. Agreed, I'm lovin' this one, TTT. So classy, so chewy...me likey!
  24. Hey all, I've just posted a new old-school Goa mix at the 'ranch, would love for you to download and enjoy, if you wish. Music For Space Elevators
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