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Remixes you would like to hear of


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In this thread I want to aks you which tracks you would love to hear remixes of. In my opinion there are many goa trance tracks out there that have been produced in the golden days without any remixes while other tracks have several of them. Soem tracks are so great that I am wondering why there aren´t remixes of them. One example of that is SFX - Butterfly Trip. This is one of the best tracks ever produced. It sounds so hypnotical and floating that it truly sounds out of this world. In my opinion this track sounds as if it wasn´t produced by humans, but really produced by gods. When I listen to goa trance, there are many great tracks, but I can hear the ideas behind the tracks and the emotion behind them. Other tracks however like Butterfly Trip ruly sound like they were produced by gods or beings upper than humans. I don´t know what the people from SFX where thinking when they produced that track. Butterfly Trip is really a trip and a track that can wash my brain like a washing mashine with maximum rotation, just unbelievable.


Another track I woud like to hear a remix of is Celestial Groove by SFX. It is also a great track and it could sound even more interesting with more synths and sounds so it would be great to hear a remix of that track.


MFG - Journey beyond the planet is also a very intresting track that I would love to hear a remix of. It can sound even more magical an have better production quality.


I will list more tracks when they come into my mind later, but i would also like to hear the opinion of other psynews members. What track would you love to hear a remix of?

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Hard to say.

So many remixes are terrible and so many tracks seem too perfect


Although, every now and then you come across a perfect track, say "Mono Klang" by Process and it strangely gets turned into a completely different, yet totally awesome, remix by Terrafractyl.


I don't know if I would want a remix, or if a simple remaster would work, but I'd like to hear a more freshened up "Intellect" by Psychaos


Maybe "The Wizard Demo" by Deedrah (I could hear Nervasystem doing something interesting with that one)

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