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Electric Universe - Journeys Into Outer Space

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Artist: Electric Universe

Album: Journeys Into Outer Space

Label: Dacru Records

Released: 2014


"Journeys Into Outer Space" contains some of the best full-on productions that Electric Universe has ever produced.


That said, and I'm sure many on this forum would agree, some of the best psychedelic music Boris Blenn or Electric Universe has ever produced has never come from his full-on period.


Inside "Journeys Into Outer Space" you will not find a 20-minute Boris Blenn down tempo masterpiece, nor will you find any Electric Universe gems like the psychedelic wonderland of "Journey Into The Subconscious" or the transcendental beauty of "The Prayer" or the goa madness of "Online Information." What you'll find instead is some pretty raucous, loud and fierce, well-produced full-on madness - in short, one very good party album.


If not looked at too critically, "Journeys Into Outer Space" is a very good album, in fact, for the energy blasts it so potently serves up, it's almost a great one. However, if you go in looking for flaws it's not very hard to spot them. The same sort of techniques, tricks and effects used in many other full-on releases are utilized here (that dramatic silence in the middle of a track then the bass rising, beating like a drum, it works well on a live crowd but I swear the last time I saw Zen Mechanics he had that same effect in every goddamn track he played!)


That's the point, I suppose, this is not an artistic endeavor even if you can look at this album and admire how well it is produced and composed. It is not made for you the at-home listener, these are 2am tracks where the party crowd is already 2 or 3 artists deep into the event, the energy is already primed up and everyone is high as a kite and ecstatic that there are so many familiar faces in the same place - at that point in the night, so long as it's loud and good it will sound majestic.


"Active Galaxy" would my pick for the best of this bunch. Other tracks definitely have their moments but I find myself judging Mr. Blenn a bit harshly throughout most of these tracks. On one hand, on a gloomy day, "Journeys Into Outer Space" could be an awesome energetic boost to break through any funk, on the other hand, even if it is very well-produced and composed, after 20 years in the psytrance and goa game, I don't think it's unfair to expect a little bit more from Electric Universe.


My final verdict is that Boris Blenn is saying the same things that a lot of other full-on producers are saying these days by making analbum that conforms to the party crowd. However, even if Electric Universe is saying the same things as all those other guys, I can't help but feel that he says it just a little bit better.

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I actually wrecked on my scooter while listening to this one. I guess it inspires one to drive fast!

That said it sounds allot like the previous 3 or 4 albums.

I'm kinda missing the "online information" type sound from EU.

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