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"V/A - Scandi90's: The Vikings Return"


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Artist: Various

Title: Scandi90's: The Vikings Return

Label: Zion604

Date: December, 2014


1. The Mato Project - Prehistoric Exploration

2. Subcouds - Theme From Cloud

3. Electronic Dreamplanet - State of Mind

4. Atmos - Anaterra

5. Miranda - Little Trix

6. Atmos Vs. Bus - Butmosfear

7. Noma - Twisted Community

8. Subcouds - Tsunamis (Fripic Bounce Remix)

9. Sarolta Monspart - Northern Lights


As much fun as it is to see the good folks from Zion604 and Ivan quibble over horns on a helmet it's not very funny. Needs more alcohol and yo mama jokes.


That's where I come in. Yo momma's so fat she needs cheat codes for Wii Fit. You're welcome.


Back in 2012 a new label not named DAT Records which specializes in reviving goa trance from back in the day came out with a compilation that delivered past tracks from Scandinavian artists. There is a certain sound associated with those projects and they have a loyal following. My knowledge of Scandinavia is rather limited. Here is my review of the first installment, but we know about the midnight sun and how f*cking cold it is. They get a few weeks of warm weather and that's when they trot the Swedish bikini team. Then before you know it





*Prime Minister above*



The prime minister jumps out and warns the population to get into their hobbit holes before the snows come. These are facts and can't be disputed. So that's Sweden. Norway seems like their little brother that can't keep up and if you can tell me that Finland is more than reindeer and Absolut I'm listening.




Denmark is part of Scandinavia too? F*ck there should be a map or something. Fine.






Ok history lesson over. We all know Scandinavia really means Vikings. Long beards, ships with many oars, cavernous mead halls and How to Train Your Dragon. Did they have horns? I don't know. My comics said Thor did and they've never steered me wrong yet. But I'm too lazy to actually do my homework so I'll leave that up to you guys.


The cool guys at Zion are out with the second volume of Scandinavian sounds and I'll tell you right up front it's not my cup of tea really. Some of it sounds rather minimal like tracks from that nebulous period in psytrance when we were moving away from the goa sounds and heading towards darker experimentation. I recall someone mentioned that the first CD was like b-sides that were never released. I can see where that thought comes from. I received an un-mastered digital copy and one thing I can report is that the Miranda track Little Trix is significantly louder than the rest. Will that be remedied with the CD release? Probably. And I'll tell you that I plan to bump the CD and see if my opinion changes. The compilation isn't bad at all and I'm sure there is going to be a strong audience for this. However I feel an opportunity was missed. What about Psygone, Color Box, and Bypass Unit? Those Scandinavian projects don't have some gems in the vault? It's like not asking the hot chick to dance because you think she's just gonna say no. Maybe they asked them and they didn't. Can't say I wasn't there. I'm of the opinion that Flight 604 Chapter II is the pinnacle of their catalog right now. But that's just me. That said, I'm on about...the 15th listening and this is an album I would call a grower.


The more unreleased goa trance that sees the light of day the better. I applaud the Zion604 crew for doing what they do. Even though I didn't love this I love what they do so I'm still going to buy it and support the label. I strongly suggest you do the same.


Looking forward to getting my copy.


P.S. Tracks 2,3, and holy sh*t 4 are really starting to grow on me. Damn you Zion604 and your beguiling ways!





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Give #7 another try, that one is gold!!!! Unfortunately, Discogs seems to be down and I can't turn to my usual resource for more info. Anyone have any background info on Noma? Any recommends on more of his(?)/her(?) productions?

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Give #7 another try, that one is gold!!!! Unfortunately, Discogs seems to be down and I can't turn to my usual resource for more info. Anyone have any background info on Noma? Any recommends on more of his(?)/her(?) productions?

Noma - Navigator, precious album :) it's minimal psytrance https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/35302-noma-navigator/
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First listen, I wasn't overly impressed with the more progressive nature of some of these tunes when compared to Vol. 1, but after a few plays: Wow!

It's an excellent album. More of a slow-burner, but often I find the less-direct, in-your-face albums last longer before you tire of them.

Good one Zion604!

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