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Noma - Navigator

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Guest Goa Spirit

Noma - Navigator


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Artist: Noma

Title: Navigator

Label: Spiral Trax

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 08'31" Broetekoelserud

02. 08'43" Trouble

03. 09'32" No More

04. 09'00" Navigator

05. 09'08" Dooda

06. 09'28" Why?

07. 09'02" Boese

08. 09'06" Add X




First album from quite a popular name in psy trance.. this release comes

from scandinavia.. on dj anti's spiral trax label. Noma have been a

popular group in recent times and their tracks appear on a lot of big

name dj sets (and compilations).. if you like noma, then you will really

like this album..


this album is typical noma, minimalistic kind of trance but still

intelligent goa.. tracks that really got me going were 1,2,3,5 and 8..

in addition i fell that there are no bad tracks on this album.. i really

liked track 3.. fast and good for the dancefloor..


a good release overall and i would rate this a 7.5/10.. but like i said

earlier if you don't like the minimalistic style then don't buy it..

don't expect it to be very melodious.. in my case it is perfect dance

floor music..

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I'm into minimalistic stuff but this is a little TOO boring... Not that the

tracks are BAD.. but an whole album with same type of soundpicture and


I love some of the tracks made by Noma (Gothenburg)... but do not listen to the

whole cd at once..

The production is very good though... if it wasnt for that i would give this cd

a 4/10... but 6/10 for the nice sound... not original enough to reach my mind.

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Guest [Anonymous]

I am a huge Noma fan, and im disppointed and very pleased at the same time

about this release. Im pleased, because every track is very good, well

produced, yes it is minimal, and every tack in itself is definitely not

boring. But I was expecting Noma to try something new stylewise, like most

artists do on Albums, like a chillout track and slower tracks or just try

something different on one track. I really loved Noma's soon on the Vibration

2, and i was expecting tracks like that. Un fortunately Noma has stuck to his

well-known formula which works well and he has perfected it, but like cnt97

said, its always the same soundpictures and sounds. Every two of these tracks

released as an EP would have made a bomb-ass EP, but 8 of these tracks don't

make a bomb-ass album.

So, every DJ should get get it, and every listener too, just don't listen to

the whole thing at once.

Still 8/10 for the production.

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Guest Ktaadn

"One man's trash is another man's treasure." As manic as the reviews on this

record are, there's clearly some truth to the old phrase. From my end, this

record gushes with quality -- inventive arrangements, ultra-hypnotic songs and

incredibly slick production. Opinions vary on the Scando-sound (PLEASE don't

call it minimalist; there's so much happening). I've given up on trying to

convince naysayers of the merits of the progressive style. Either it gets you

there or it doesn't -- and Noma gets me there via express! Attention to detail

are a needed quality to appreciate this album. If you're looking for obvious

stompers with punishing squelches, you'll find Growling Mad Scientists filed

under "G." If you're after music for both the brain and body, this is a must.


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Guest yoyogi.com

One of my favorite trance album! His style is just right

for me. What are the other trance artist who have the

same style as NOMA? I wanna dig into this area.


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Jeto -- why bother calling it anything? It's music, it's Noma's unique style,

and in my opinion it's brilliant. No need to name it, just listen to it! Our

scene's obsession with categorization is a shame. Each record should be judged

on its own merits, not on its sub-genre.

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Guest Isra-Alien

I like minimalism but this one is a big yawn! Each track is identifying exactly

to the other. Listening to the whole album is impossible, unless you?ve


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Guest f r e d

Let me start by saying, to all you people who think this album sucks, get some

music taste, god dammit. This album from Swedish Noma is like a gift from god,

excellent, fast, hard, perfect. B U Y this album NOW! 11/10

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Guest Epic Automata

Wow. Bi-polar reviews for this one - convices me even more that Goa and

Psychedelic are officially parting ways. My opinion: One of the best albums of

2000. Each song, despite their "minimalistic" qualities, are fully realized

and each have their own personality and nature. The progressions are intense,

the ideas are super-intelligent and well-developed, the rhythmic stylings are

ultra-mature, complex and hard-hitting, the sampling is subtle and

interesting, and the melodies are concise and targeted. Not Goa. Astral

Projectors, run away. Future Buddhas step up for a closer look.

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each track is very good, but the album is quite boring as a whole. needs some

variety between tracks. i like the style, good for the morning: smooth,

progressive, relaxing, soothing, yet driving. but at peak hour of the night

this wouldn't fly, it's just not crazy enough. good work, and good quality,

but next time hopefully more variety. 7/10

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Guest pumpehus

Fucking great...why is everybody complaining about the

minimalistic....progressive trance sounds like this..I like PSYCHEDELIC

(twisted) and PROGRESSIVE trance not melodic trance...sounds like club....

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Guest Acidhive

Indeed, this is fucking great... Dark, hard, and pounding till the last track.

And all tracks are great! If Spiral Trax keeps releasing stuff like this,

they're gonna become the best label in the bizz! Noma's cd never stops for a

moment. It goes on and on with that great dark (and somewhat)minimal style. If

dark is not your cup of tea, steer well clear of this one. If you're into dark

psytrance and looking for a great album, this one has to be it!! One of the

best examples is the track Boese. (German for: Angry) this one has such great

bass, I thought I was going to flip!! A solid 9/10 again!! Buy or die! (not to

be taken literally)

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Guest damoneves[at]hotmail[dot]com

NOMA have delivered the goods with this stylishly kicking, dare i say

progressive album. If you like the atmos sound you will love this album. At

times i could have sworn it was atmos...but heavier. The whole album is good,

no, great.

The greatest way i can describe it without trying to label it would be

this...Heavy Atmos...if you like melodic trance, don't get it, go and buy the

latest AP album and cry yourself to sleep each night

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Guest Tequila

this release rules.Yes, it's minimalistic trance, but what's important here is

that everything always changes, you never have the impression to hear twice

the same sounds, it's always a new one.This album is beatiful journey where

you explore the complexity of minimal trance.trax 1,4 and seven are

particularly brilliant, so get it, you won't be disappointed.8/10

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Guest [Anonymous]

Better to be hated for who you are than be loved for who you are not....Noma

kicks ass...this album has all the contents in the music for going

beserk.....ouch! Im still dancing....my feet hurts.....

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