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Do you do drugs while listening to psytrance?


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NHJO-sans words of wisdom still rings true to this day:

"Remember, it's not you who do the drugs, it's the drugs who do you."

Recited from chapter 7, page 43 in NHJO's great illuminated scriptures, The Encyclopedia of Infinite Knowledge.


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Yes, I certainly do. It's psychedelic music, after all. I usually combine Cannabis and amphetamines while listening to psytrance. Sometimes cannabis and psychedelic hallucinogens. Sometimes a combination of all three! There's nothing like it. Still enjoy it sober, although not nearly as much.


I'm currently on a high dose of Cannabis and Gabapentin. ( A Gabaergic drug, vaguely similar to Xanax) To relieve my amphetamine withdrawal. My Adderall script is being refilled in two days. (Adderall is mixed amphetamine salts.) I'm also receiving a large amount of Psilocybin Mushrooms in 2 days, from a very close friend of mine. Will be listening to Psychedelic trance while I trip! Currently listening to Twisted by Hallucinogen, classic album.

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I've definitely had my share of times listening to psytrance and doing drugs.  I'd probably do them a lot more, still, if I didn't have a job, and if they didn't kick my old ass so hard when I do do them, these days...  Nowadays I don't even drink alcohol.  Just cannabis and coffee for me these days.

I first got into electronic music, and psytrance, when I was living in a small town in Nevada where there was barely any smokeable weed, let alone a variety of psychedelics, so I've always loved the music no matter what state my neural chemistry may be in.  

Back when I was first learning to DJ, I liked to test how well I could do under various states of intoxication, with varied results.  One of my best mixes ever was recorded after being awake all night on cough medicine, then drinking like a 12 pack of beer.  Don't try that at home, kids.

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