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  1. Yes, I certainly do. It's psychedelic music, after all. I usually combine Cannabis and amphetamines while listening to psytrance. Sometimes cannabis and psychedelic hallucinogens. Sometimes a combination of all three! There's nothing like it. Still enjoy it sober, although not nearly as much. I'm currently on a high dose of Cannabis and Gabapentin. ( A Gabaergic drug, vaguely similar to Xanax) To relieve my amphetamine withdrawal. My Adderall script is being refilled in two days. (Adderall is mixed amphetamine salts.) I'm also receiving a large amount of Psilocybin Mushrooms in 2 days, from a very close friend of mine. Will be listening to Psychedelic trance while I trip! Currently listening to Twisted by Hallucinogen, classic album.
  2. Well, I personally see it like this. It was originally termed Goa trance around 1988-1994, and then renamed psychedelic trance around 1995-1996. So there both basically the same thing. Although, some fans distinguish the two like this: Goa trance is the more arabic/hindu-themed genre with arabian melodies and synths. While psychedelic trance is the more synthetic stuff. I personally don't see enough of a difference between two to classify them as two separate sub-genres of Trance. A lot of psychedelic trance/goa trance artists seem to agree with this perspective too. There are even more sub-sub-genres such as darkpsy or progressive that some fans believe should exist. I personally consider artists like Xenomorph or Dark Soho to simply be darker sounding psytrance, but not another genre. And Astrix etc. to simply be a little progressive sounding, but still the parent genre. How do you define a difference, or perhaps no difference between the two?
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